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Do you know what is Testnet? Testnet, also known as test network, is a familiar term in crypto and ICO projects

As crypto projects implement new technologies and features, in order to do this perfectly, they must first make sure these will not harm the operation of the Blockchain. For this to work, implementers need a testnet version for testing before they go live.

1. What is Testnet in crypto?

Testnet is a version of the blockchain, for project developers to test features without harming the operation of the blockchain. When developers want to introduce and implement new technologies and features, they have to make sure they are thorough before they go live, which is quite simple with the testnet.

Any new project needs a Testnet to test new features to ensure tight secure transaction execution.

2. How Testnet works

Blockchain is working normally, adding new technologies and features will cause unforeseen consequences. If a blockchain is updated with a faulty version, hundreds of millions of users can be affected within seconds.

Not only that, such things can damage the reputation and reputation of the project development team. In other cases, these vulnerabilities can create conditions for hackers to attack and can affect users’ assets.

Therefore, the developers created the testnet for the purpose of testing first without affecting the operation and performance of the mainnet.

what is testnet

To check if the updates or tests are working properly on the mainnet, they will first be put on the testnet for testing. The development teams will then conduct analysis and monitoring to detect software bugs or see how the new update affects the testnet. They can also incentivize users to use the testnet and detect bugs for rewards.

After potential bugs are identified and fixed, when the developers are sure that the beta updates are safe and will not cause any serious consequences on the testnet, these updates can be rolled out. declared on mainnet.

3. Importance of Testnet

3.1. For developers

The testnet is so important it gives developers peace of mind when deploying changes or launching functionality on the mainnet. In this way, the testnet acts as a beta and provides a testing environment for developers. Testnets usually have a separate wallet system to check transactions and faucets to transfer testnet tokens to new users, making it possible for them to use testnet benefits as if they were using real tokens on mainnet.

Developers interested in a particular blockchain often take full advantage of testnet availability to try out their ideas.

For example, on the Ethereum Testnet, developers may want to test their smart contracts and dApp implementations before running them on the mainnet. This way, developers will benefit from understanding the blockchain’s protocol before deciding to build apps for it.

3.2. For Miners

Miners also benefit from using a testnet as it allows them to test mining methods and configurations on the blockchain before implementing a potentially costly mining strategy on the mainnet. Nodes on the testnet can also receive rewards for testing new features for the network. The testnet is really important for miners who are working with new blockchains that have not launched the mainnet as the testnet will allow miners to prepare for the launch in advance.

3.3. For users

Testnet is not only a testing environment for engineers or programmers, it also caters to users who want to test. It will provide a valuable simulation tool that allows users to learn more about how the products and services work and are used. In addition, some testnets also give rewards to users who contribute to the development of the protocol through testing the testnet and detecting its errors or omissions.

4. Basic steps when doing Testnet

4.1. Prepare wallet and get faucet testnet

Users need to have a wallet connected to the testnet to receive the project’s test coin/token through the testnet faucet.

Depending on the main networks, each project will require different wallets, such as BEP20 wallet on BSC network, SPL wallet on SPL network, etc.

4.2. Experience the features

Each project will have different features for users to experience. Therefore, the testnet of the projects also has different ways of doing it depending on the field of that project

4.3. Feedback comments

This is a common task for users in all projects when testing net, users will give feedback on their experience during use, errors encountered or suggestions to build more features for the team.

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