[$$$] Top 7 Ways To Earn Money Shouldn’t Be Ignored in Thetan Arena

by GameAZ

Thetan Arena is a famous name in the GameFi world and is booming in the Crypto world. In addition to the Play-to-earn element, players can Free-to-play or Free-to-earn. So what are the ways to earn money in Thetan Arena for extra income in your life? Let’s take a look at a few ways to earn money from this interesting game with GameAZ.

1. Earning in Thetan Arena from opening Box

As known as one of the games organized by E-Sport, players will control their own heroes to compete with others. In addition to the Free heroes provided in the game, Thetan also allows players to own other premium heroes to receive rewards through direct purchase in the Marketplace as a type of NFT.

There are currently 2 ways to own premium NFT heroes: buying Thetan Box and opening it randomly or buying heroes directly from the in-game store.

Buy Thetan Arena box

One of the first ways to earn money in Thetan Arena that GameAZ wants to introduce to you is buying Thetan Box and opening heroes to trade in Marketplace for the purpose of making a profit.

Sell heroes on Thetan Arena’s marketplace

In this first way, your profit will depend mainly on your luck of opening random boxes. If you are lucky to choose Common boxes to open and receive Epic or open Epic and receive Legendary heroes, it will help you earn a “quite large” profit.

The heroes rate when opening the Thetan Arena box

In addition to buying boxes available on Marketplace, you can also wait for promotional events organized by Thetan to buy Boxes at a better price. At these events, the Boxes’ price will be reduced by 50 – 70%. This helps you earn a lot of profit when the Thetan events are not frequent and few players know as well as buy preferential price boxes in those events.

2. Earning from buying and selling Thetan Arena heroes

Besides investing in Thetan Box, you also have another way to earn money from Thetan Arena game, which is to trade and exchange premium heroes sold on the game’s marketplace.

In other words, you consider when the hero price drops or whether there are gamers who liquidate the hero at a low price; then you will buy to resell at a higher price with the purpose of earning from the gap.

This is a pretty simple way, but it will take you a lot of time because you have to regularly search and select to buy heroes at a good price. Currently, Thetan’s Marketplace has a filter to help you easily find the right hero for your needs.

  • Filter heroes by rarity

  • Filter heroes by skin

  • Filter by high – low price Select heroes on Thetan Arena’s marketplace

3. Earning from investing in THC and THG

If you are both a player and an experienced investor in the Crypto market, you can choose a method that is to buy $THC and $THG at a good price range and earn profits with an appropriate price level depending on your taste. and risk tolerance.

However, for a fairly volatile market, newbies need to learn carefully and choose other ways to make money from Thetan Arena to minimize risk.

4. Earning from playing the game Thetan Arena

As one of the Play-to-earn games, this can be considered a basic and popular way to help you earn money. Currently Thetan allows Free-to-earn players to earn free money without spending any cost.

However, to generate more chances of earning profits, you will need to invest some money to buy premium NFT heroes to receive more Rewards.

Currently, Thetan Arena has 2 types of heroes: free heroes and premium heroes.

  • Free Heroes: You can earn only $THC (Token) in the game through tier rewards

  • Premium heroes: Depending on the level and rarity of the corresponding hero, you will earn a different amount of $THC.

Here is a reference table about the stats of heroes to help you consider choosing a suitable hero to start with this game:

The amount of THC earned in Team Mode in game Thetan Arena

This is the amount of THC you get when you win. You will get 2 THC/match in case of a tie, and get 1 THC/match if you lose.

The amount of THC earned in Solo/ Duo mode in game Thetan Arena

5. Earning in Thetan Arena through inviting friends (REF)

In addition to the earn-money ways of spending money to invest, you can earn $THC in Thetan Arena completely for free, which is to invite friends to join Thetan.

Details of the program are as follows:

Each player who invites a friend to “Download the game and play 5 games”, he will receive 3 $THC per invitation. And each Account will invite up to 300 friends. If you complete the maximum, then you will earn a reward corresponding to 900 $THC.

Here’s how you can invite your friends to play Thetan and get free $THC:

Step 1: Log in to Thetan Arena game on your phone/computer → Select “Friend”.

Select “Friend”

Step 2: In “Invite” (1) → Click “Invite” (2).

Select “Invite”

Step 3: The system will generate a link for you → You just need to share this link directly through the social networking applications you are using (1) or copy (2) and send it to anyone you want.

When they access the link you sent, download and play 5 matches in Thetan Arena game, you will receive your THC rewards.

Share link

6. Earning from rental Thetan Arena heroes

If you have a large idle capital and are willing to invest in the Thetan Arena game but don’t have too much time to play the game, then you can rent out your Thetan heroes to other players and share with them a portion of the profits.

This is a win-win method. However, this method will still be risky because gamers do not always win, or the investment may not be favorable.

Moreover, each NFT hero is limited in the number of matches to earn $TH, so investors should consider choosing players with good skills to optimize good profits for both.

7.  Earn from smurfing in Thetan Arena

Contrary to investing in gaming, if you are a player with good skills and can spend time playing the game but do not want to invest too much, the form of “smurfing” will be an effective solution that you can consider.

These above are 7 popular ways to earn money in Thetan Arena that you can refer to. Hopefully, this article will help you gain more knowledge about how to generate income from this Play-to-earn game.

Disclaimer: If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project please email: G[email protected]

The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAz encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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