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At a time when the NFT game market is developing like a storm, game companies are also constantly innovating and creating more creative and unique game products to satisfy users. One of them is the idea of ​​creating a game collection that includes games related to each other and on the same ecosystem.

One of the hottest game collections right now is Taureum, and the first game in the “Album” about this game is Orbitau. In today’s article GameAZ will guide Ways to earn money in Orbitau, and much more.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z how to make money Orbitau!

Key Takeaways:

  • Players can earn $TAUM tokens through 2 main game modes: Idle-to-Earn and Story Mode.
  • Other activities in the game that can be “Earn”: Daily/Weekly Missions; PvP; Join the event Event; Infinity Tower; Staking; NFT trading exchange; Invite other players to join the game.

1. Idle to earn

idle to earn

As the name implies, this mode allows you to not play, just stake your hero and wait for the $ORI Token:

  • The more Hero stakes, the more $ORI you earn.
  • Claiming $ORI will cost a fee, the fee will vary depending on the time of the game. Players should consider claim time to optimize profits.

claim ori fee

2. Ways to Earn Money Orbitau in Story Mode in Orbitau

make money with story mode

One of the ways to make money in Orbitau, gamers need to know is by participating in Story Modes.

This is a mode where the player will participate in missions, fight monsters, and pass the chapter to receive rewards. When completing each level, players will receive rewards, including an amount of $ORI tokens.

reward in story mode

Players can get:



ORI token

20-50 (depending on the difficulty of the level)


10-30 (diamonds are used to upgrade hero equipment)

*Note: The number given is only average for beginners. The higher the number, the more. There are also other rewards when leveling up.

The game has turn-base gameplay, so it’s quite easy to play. As long as the Hero has enough stats, you can pass the chapter and receive rewards! However, playing Story mode requires you to consume energy. After running out of energy, you need to wait for a while to recharge.

mana regeneration time in story mode

3. Daily/Weekly Tasks.

As with other games, daily/weekly quests reward players with tokens and items for completing them.

Daily weekly quests

You can get:


ORI token 








Daily and weekly missions will be reset when time runs out, so claim rewards before time runs out!

4. How to make money in Orbitau Event activities (Event)

Joining events is a way for players to earn valuable rewards like tokens, NFTs, etc., not only in-game but real physical rewards. The game will have rewards from events such as testing Beta version, Testnet 1, Testnet 2, special events, ….

The game once had an event in association with the famous luxury watch brand Hublot to award players in the event: $TAUM Staking Event.

how to make money at event

  • The winner will receive 50 NFT eggs and a Hublot watch worth over $7000. There is also a reward for those in the Top 10, 20,… Readers can find out more event details via LINK
  • The game has many other interesting events that will take place in the future, please look forward to the updates from GameAZ to catch the earliest information!

5. Earn money in Orbitau infinity tower mode

It is quite the same mode as Story mode, except that there is no story and much more challenging, but the rewards are also much more than Story mode! Infinity Tower is not for beginners.

Players can play a level over and over to pass the level, but replaying a past level does not help the player get more rewards.

make money with infinity low mode

6. Implement Token Staking

One of the other ways to earn money in Orbitau is to participate in the Staking activity in the game.

This is a function that allows players to staking $TAUM tokens to receive an APR = 1000% .

Participants need to stake at least 200 $TAUM and can unstake in the first 3 days. The longer you stake, the more staking points you will get and more profit.

staking token

7. Trade NFT items on the market

Players can combine their Heroes together to create a higher level Hero, which can be sold on the Marketplace for the difference.

Trade nft items on the market

8. Invite other players

You can get rewards by inviting other players (Referral Link).

invite others to play games

When the person you invite passes level 5, you will receive a reward in the inventory.

Rewards for inviting you to play games

Above are the ways to make money in Orbitau that gamers need to grasp when learning to play this game. Orbitau is a promising game, with very thoughtful additions and improvements from the development team. In a growing gaming community, the game will most likely be a bright spot of the GameFi market now and in the future.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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