[Basic] beFITTER: How to earn money

by Quyet Truong
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Once familiar with the basic usage of the beFITTER, users will continue to learn how to earn & their earning mechanisms. Understanding that, GameAZ will help users learn how to earn money in beFITTER for Newbie.

I’m Harry, let’s learn from A-Z how to Earn from beFITTER app!

Key Takeaways:

  • Inform users about beFITTER-enabled devices, and available and upcoming monetization modes and activities.
  • Guide users to earn money through activities: receive rewards from solo mode and sell NFT, etc.

1. BeFITTER-enabled devices:

With the development of current technology, beFITTER has been designed to adapt to both phones and other wearable devices such as smart watches, etc.

Currently, the development team has launched the application on iOS or Android operating systems. Users can download and try the beFITTER experience. In the near future, the developer will also adapt beFITTER to many other smart devices to meet the needs of users.

cach kiem tien befitter 1

Support devices to earn money in beFITTER

2. Instructions on how to use beFITTER:

Users should install beFITTER on iOS or Android and then link the Metamask wallet to the app. To see the steps more clearly, everyone can see here.

After preparing an account as the article that GameAZ instructed earlier, users should access their account and start performing activities in the application.

Currently, beFITTER has launched the mainnet, in the application there are certain functions and will be updated continuously. However, GameAZ still shares it with users, so that users can clearly understand the future plans or updates of the project development team.

cach kiem tien befitter 2

Instructions how to use beFITTER

2.1. Solo mode

In this mode, users will perform activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming (will be updated), sleeping (will be updated), etc., to be able to earn money.

For walking, jogging, cycling, there will be a speed limit to help distinguish proper operations and prevent fraud during use.

Activities Speed Limit
Walking 1-6 km/h
Jogging 6-12 km/h
Cycling 10-20 km/h

In addition, the user needs to maintain the speed within the specified time limit. Whenever the user breaks this speed limit, the rate limit rate will gradually decrease.

2.2. Pet mode (coming soon)

Once a certain rating has been reached, people can adopt and care for cute pets with different “Activities” attributes.

Pets will be your companions during your workout. The more active it is, the more likely it is to get bonus tokens for doing activities with you.

In return, the user needs to take care of the Pet by feeding it or dressing it.

  • Food: Just like regular pets, people will need to feed it regularly. You can buy pet food from beFITTER marketplace using the $FIU token. Only when your pet is full will it be able to join you in activities.
  • Dress up: A highlight of this application is that users can design their own pet skins. Some skins can also increase a pet’s active attribute or its token-taking habit, thus enhancing the user’s income.

Taking care of a pet can be a tough job, but the rewards and pet ownership are sure to get the job done.

In addition, you can also pair two pets to create a new pet. Be aware, however, that it’s possible that the two pets weren’t compatible at the time, or simply were “not in the mood for love”.

2.3. Challenge mode (coming soon)

  • 1 vs 1: In this mode, the user can challenge a friend or any of his acquaintances to a high-low competition.
  • Tournaments: These tournaments will be held weekly, monthly, where users can compete against others, even those with higher ratings. Most especially, the highest ranked people and several winners will both receive prizes and the prize value will be selected at random.

3. Ways to make Money in beFitter

3.1. Get rewards from Solo mode

Currently, the development team has just launched Solo mode. Therefore, users will receive tokens through this mode.

As follows:

Initially, it is necessary to know about a number of factors affecting user income in solo mode including: Speed ​​limit compliance, NFT Shoe Condition, Support attribute.

In addition, users also need to know that the GPS from your device is not strong enough, which can lead to inaccurate records and affect your earnings.

Currently the formula for calculating everyone’s earnings in Solo mode is as follows:

“Solo Mode Earning = E * (S * System Value) * Sp * C * x”

In which:

  • E: Amount of energy consumed
  • S: Support attribute of the shoe
  • Sp: Permissible speed limit ratio
  • C: Condition penalty
  • x: a random number in the given interval (x∈R, x∈[a,b])

This is just the income from the only mode in beFITTER. In the future when the development team announces other functions such as tournaments or pets, there will definitely be more methods to help users increase their income much more.

3.2. Sell NFTs or rent NFTs to increase income

As I said above about how to own NFT shoes, one of the ways to increase user income is to trade on beFITTER’s Marketplace.

The beFITTER Marketplace creates a free environment for its users to freely trade and exchange in the market without restrictions. This makes it easier for users to increase their profits.

More specifically, for investors who do not want to experience the application but are still interested in earning income, they can completely buy NFTs and rent those NFTs at a negotiable price (This feature will be released in the near future).

The above are all the basic modes and the ways how to earn money in beFITTER that users may have to learn before making investment decisions with the beFITTER application. Surely there will be many more articles to update functions or other tips when experiencing beFITTER, so users should look forward to the next articles.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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