[Updates] Metagear Updates – Game updates from 1/5/2022

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The Metagear team has just announced the sale of the NFT avatar pilot collection collection on opensea and updated the information on the whitepaper.

I’m Steven – join me in finding out detailed information from A to Z about this update.

1. Metagear launches a collection of NFT avatar pilots on Opensea


Metagear has just released 10,000 NFT works on Opensea.

Quality works are waiting for users to buy and own it. 50% of profits from the NFT sale will be burned by Metagear to avoid inflation.

2. Update Whitepaper information

Metagear has added informative content to the whitepaper. In this information update, the additional information is:

  • More explanations about the machine parts in the game (body, weapons, wheels, auxiliary tools)
  • Provides more detailed information on the rarity of machine parts, machine durability, and part bonuses.
  • Add new information about Fusion and Recycle features.
  • Update more information about Pilot NFT. Introducing information about the Aces of Nation.
  • Update information about Quick fight and Campaign modes. Added to that is the latest update to Tournament mode.
  • Roadmap update, dividing Q2 into 3 small months.
  • NFTs can transfer between wallets at no charge but will be locked for 2 days.

About Metagear:

MetaGear is a Play-to-Earn fighting game model developed on the BSC platform by Rocket Studio – a member of the famous OneSoft Studio Game in Vietnam with more than 50 Game products launched and more than 300 million times. download on App Store and Google Play.

With MetaGear, players unleash their creativity and assemble the metagear robot to fight. Because it is a fighting game that requires high thinking, players need to have flexible strategies through choosing components that not only have high attribute stats but also need to match Metagear’s design to increase billions. of winning the battle in the Game.

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