[Update] Farm Me: Enjoy the atmosphere with Beta Test New Year

by Quyet Truong
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The New Year Beta Test has just been released with new features along with fixing bugs noted by players contributed in the previous Beta Test. I’m Steven – let’s discover new things from A to Z in this version!

1. Reset everything

Items that return to zero include:

  • Number of trees being planted
  • $ME earned
  • Cannon received and recalculated from the beginning

2. Improve Graphics

This adjustment contributes to the meticulousness in each movement, the objects in the game become more vivid along with the atmosphere to welcome the New Year.

3. Make more tools

With each action such as hoeing, breaking rocks, cutting trees will correspond to a different farming tool.

  • Hoe, dig, till the ground
  • Water
  • Chop down trees for wood
  • Pickaxe to break rocks

Farm Me: Enjoy the atmosphere with Beta Test New Year

For convenient use of flexible tools, you should install shortcuts according to the video I guide:

Video: keyboard shortcuts

4. Have a lucky wheel

The condition of being able to shoot is to need Fireworks. Like the Alpha Xmas Ver, the Fireworks rule is the same as getting the Christmas Socks like:

  • Log in everyday
  • Touch the milestones of seeding times
  • Touch the milestones of watering times
  • Touch the amount of $ME received

In addition, there is a rare chance of receiving fireworks when plowing the seed.

Farm Me: Enjoy the atmosphere with Beta Test New Year

5. Create new shop 

This version has unlocked more seeds by level:

  • Rice at level 10
  • Popcorn at level 45

Same as the previous mechanism, the higher the level unlocks more seeds to harvest for more $ME.

6. Events

6.1 Minigame: Crazy Rich Farm Me  

The road to finding people who both work hard and spend scientifically

From the same starting point with the same amount of $ME, the person who owns the most $ME at the end of the Minigame will be the winner. If the amount of $ME is equal, the person who earns it sooner will have a higher rank. Check out the rankings

Reward details:

  • Top 1: 01 Super rare Box
  • Top 2: 01 Rare Box
  • Top 3: 01 Common Box
  • Top 4 – 30: Ticket 50$

6.2 Minigame: Level on Top

Race for players to level up

Ranking will be based on the updated table on the Farm Me website. In the case of the same level, it will be calculated according to the experience points gained in the earliest time

Prize details:

  • Top 1: 3 Box NFT
  • Top 2: 2 Box NFT
  • Top 3: 1 Box NFT
  • Top 4 – 20: Ticket 100$

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