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Tap Fantasy is an RPG game developed on blockchain with a diverse and quite complex Token system. To understand how to earn money in Tap Fantasy, players need to understand the Token system as well as the items in this game.

I’m Drake, here I will share with you the details of the token mechanism in Tap Fantasy in the most detail from A to Z!

tap fantasy token mechanism

Tap Fantasy has a fairly massive and diverse item system, suitable for many players with their own playstyles.

Tokens in the game are divided into 3 different types, including Gold, Magic Crystal (MC), and TAP.

tokens are divided into 3 different types in tap fantasy

Below is information about the mechanism of 3 Token types.

1. In-game token: $Gold

1.1.  $GOLD currency

$Gold is the main currency in Tap Fantasy. Players can use $Gold to buy physical strength and tickets to participate in activities included in the game.

gold currency

An example for using Gold in the game is as follows: Players need $Gold to buy fishing rods to participate in fishing events. From the amount of fish that can be sold to earn $Gold and the difference will be considered a profit.

Gold can be swapped for stablecoin BUSD at the rate of 1 BUSD = 10 Gold. This is also how players earn money mainly from the game.

Currency swapping can be done through the UserCenter function of the game via this Link.

gold currency converter

1.2. How to get $GOLD

In addition to exchanging and trading items in Tap Fantasy, players can also earn $Gold by selling items that they have won during the game to earn a certain amount of $Gold.

How to get $GOLD

Besides, $Gold can be used to convert into other currencies such as silver coin and copper coin with the ratio: 1 Gold coin = 100 Silver coin = 10000 Copper coin.

Note: Only Gold can be swapped to BUSD, silver, and copper. If you want to swap for BUSD, you will need to swap for $Gold first (there will be a fee).

Players can withdraw Gold to their personal wallet through the Claim function, withdrawal fee for each time is 10 $Gold.

fee for withdrawing gold to wallet

2.Magic Crystal ($MC)

currency mc

MC tokens are used for NFT upgrading. MC tokens are obtained through P2E play in The Rifts Zone.

Although it cannot be swapped for other tokens, MC tokens can be used to increase the value of NFT, thereby helping players earn greater profits.

3. $TAP token

$TAP TOKEN is the currency for the TAP FANTASY community and is used to level up NFT skins.

$TAP tokens can be traded and bought and sold directly on the website, or at a third party market like the Pancake Swap exchange (current exchange rate at the time of writing is: 1 Busd = 92.2 TAP)

tap token

4. How to get $TAP

Through the weekly leaderboard, players will receive a weekly $TAP as ranking rewards based on the number of trophies they have acquired.

Players in the top 1-10 will also receive a certain amount of $TAP ranging from 200 to 1200 tokens.

how to own tapguide to own tap

Through Seasonal rewards, similar to weekly rewards, the season will be calculated based on the number of trophies the player has in a 90-day period.

In the season ranking, the rewards earned by the top 10 players will range from 2600 to 12000 tokens.

Seasonal fluctuating rewards

5. NFT Skins 

Each hero will have their own NFT Skins with different features. Skins are classified by rarity as follows: R, SR, SSR, and SP.

A NFT skin will add 1 skill for the hero to use and will make the hero completely different from other heroes.

A NFT skin is not only beneficial in terms of adding skills and strength to the character, but also allows the player to gain more Stamina to play the game more, thereby earning more tokens and trophies than other players. other.

And certainly, you can completely sell NFT Skin on Marketplace to make a profit easily.

skin nft

Above is the mechanism of making money as well as details about 2 tokens $GOLD and $TAP in Tap Fantasy. Hopefully this article will help you in your investment process and don’t forget to follow the next article on how to earn money in Tap Fantasy to update more activities to help players earn profits from this game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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