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Star Sharks is a metaverse game project driven by the community and based on the ocean ecosystem that uses the SEA-SSS dual token economy model as the underlying asset. Star Sharks help diversify NFT’s applicability. Star Sharks creates an online NFT marketplace that allows players to experience the game with investment savings.

In this article we will learn the basic features of Star Shark including: Marketplace system; NFT rental system; Land ownership feature; Staking system and especially information about NFT Shark System in Star Sharks.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A-Z together!

Key Takeaways:

  • To be able to start playing the game, players need to own NFT Sharks through buying on Star Sharks Marketplace or buying Mystery Box.
  • Players can also rent NFT to save on investment while still being able to experience the features in Star Sharks.
  • Try to own a piece of land under the ocean to increase the amount of resources and attributes for Shark NFT. Besides, players can also auction land for profit. Don’t forget to protect your land from invaders stealing resources.
  • There are 6 races of Sharks (Tiger, Crocodile, Godzilla, Coryx, Rock, Whale), each Shark will have 4 basic stats (Health, Speed, Skill, Morale) and 6 body parts (Head is controlled by a set of dominant and recessive genes)
  • Sharks can be upgraded to increase stats and attributes through Hybrid Breeding, Bonus Buffs and using Skins.
  • Star Sharks offers a unique Staking system, different from many other games when the Stake token management $SSS will receive veSSS from which has the opportunity to share in the earnings of the game platform.

1. Marketplace System

star sharks Marketplace System

  • On the Star Sharks game platform, the marketplace is a place that allows players to trade and buy NFTs.
  • To play this game, players need to own their own shark, NFT marketplace is the place for players to find the Mystery Box (mysterious box containing sharks) to participate in the game, in addition to $SSS and $SEA tokens will be used to modify and upgrade its NFTs.

2. NFT rental system (Currently suspended)

In the platform of Star Sharks, players will be provided with a combined system of lessor and lessee. Regarding the liquidity and usage of NFT assets, players will be fully enabled by the feature in this Star Sharks.

In addition, the NFT rental system will help players bridge the gap between other players who are holding NFT but do not have time to enter the Game and members who often play but are not qualified and have not enough the initial financial ability to buy themselves NFT input.

At the rental system, the player lists the NFTs he has so that other players can rent and set the expected rental income and date. The rental period for a day is limited to 6 hours and if the rental NFTs generate less income than expected, the player can continue to list in the rental market.

In Star Sharks there will be some rules when renting:

  • The lessor is not allowed to use the shark listed on the rental market.
  • The maximum number of sharks allowed to hire at one time is three.
  • Players who rent out Sharks to whom the tenant does not use them in the game incurs a certain penalty, a measure designed to protect the interests of the lessor.
  • The distribution of income is regulated by a reward and punishment mechanism to protect the interests of both the lessor and the lessee.

3. Land ownership feature

One of the basic Star Sharks features that GameAZ wants to introduce to gamers is the land ownership feature.

  • Build and use land: Players can buy land under the ocean to build arenas or other structures on land they own. Players can interact with other players around their land, besides can increase resource output, increase attributes for their NFT Sharks.
  • Land Auction: Players can auction their own rare earths or plots on the marketplace as an NFT.
  • Team Battle: On their lands, players can team up with each other to defend invasions from other players; they can also launch attacks with other players to earn more resources. and prestigious awards.

4. NFT Shark System in Star Sharks

nft shark system in star sharks

The Shark is a digital NFT found in the Star Sharks universe that can be fought, raised, and bred in combination. Each shark has abilities that determine how they perform in battle.

  • Basic stats

Each shark is defined by four stats: Health (max health), Speed (affects attack order and critical hit resistance), Skill (affects bonus damage from combo attacks) and Morale (affects critical hit rate and ratio of activating near-death effects and the number of opponents with near-death effects activated).

  • Body parts

The shark in the game has 6 body parts, each equipped with a tool. The body parts are: Head, Mouth, Back, Tail, Abdomen and Neck.

  • Gen

Each body part is controlled by a set of genes, including one dominant gene (which affects the shark’s attributes) and two recessive genes (which can become dominant during the combined breeding of the sharks).

4.1. Shark Selection

If you want to join the fight to get $SEA, you need to have at least 3 Sharks first. Sharks can be obtained by opening Mystery Boxes, buying or renting Sharks in the market.

4.1.1. How to choose a squad?

First of all, we need to understand the main attributes and abilities of the Shark. There are 4 basic stats of a shark:

4 stats of sharks

Let’s take a look at the Shark’s race types, core abilities, and add-ons.


shark's stats

Based on the analysis of shark races and abilities, we can form a strategy to promote the advantages of each shark species:

  • First: The frontline role should have a high health value and ability to absorb damage. Tiger Shark and Whale Shark are good choices for this position.

Note: Remember to put Tiger Shark / Whale Shark on the front line.

  • Second: The other two positions are Godzilla Shark and Rock Shark because they have high damage potential. Crocodile Shark and Coryx Shark have speed and will give you the ability to take the lead in battle; They give the edge in battle, this is why these particular sharks are the most valuable.

The following lineups are suggested:

proposed lineup

4.1.2. Racial advantage

There is an advantage system for each different race of Sharks. Attacking with race advantage deals 15% more damage.

Tiger Shark/Whale Shark > Crocodile Shark/Coryx Shark > Godzilla Shark/Rock Shark > Tiger Shark/Whale Shark

4.1.3. How to choose a specific Shark

After determining the fighting position you want, it’s time to talk about choosing a shark.

The shark is a combination of 6 body parts. These 6 parts belong to the races, each of which will add different stats for the shark depending on the race of that part. Refer to the table “racial advantage” above.

For example, how can one know which Tiger Shark is stronger and has good HP? Of course Tiger Shark has a high HP with 6 parts of the Tiger Shark race to increase HP. These make the Tiger Shark indestructible. This rule also applies to other sharks; Try to choose a shark and parts belonging to its race.

There are many divisions that fall under the same race. Now, we will focus on skills. Four of the six parts of the shark that have skills are the head, mouth, dorsal fin, and caudal fin.

If all the sharks are of the same race, try to make sure that the shark on the front line has access to high shield and recovery skills. High morale back row sharks need high damage skills and high speed sharks need front strike skills.

Skills of parts of the same race as the body can deal 10% more damage and 10% more protection. You can see how helpful it is to choose a purebred shark.

4.2. Upgrade to make the Shark stronger

After warming up with a good squad, you will be able to dominate the game but of course, over time it will become more difficult to defeat opponents, getting stronger will be necessary action.

4.2.1. Shark Upgrade

You can use the “Upgrade your shark” function on the Star Sharks platform and consume an amount of $SEA and $SSS to breed and combine 2 sharks with the same Star Level to become a higher Star Level shark.

As Star Level increases, $SEA and $SSS consumption will also increase. The higher the Star Level, the higher the shark’s attributes, and the higher the damage and shield of the skill card.

4.2.2. Bonus Buff

This Bonus Buff increases the damage and shield for all your shark skill cards. The more sharks in your backpack and the higher the star rating, you can get an extra Bonus Buff up to 30%.

4.2.3. Skins

shark skins

Sharks of the same race can wear common Skins and wearing them will increase the attributes of those sharks.

In addition to the value brought by the skin, the skin provides high attributes and it is possible that the 1-Star shark also carries the attributes of the SSR.

The current season is limited to a maximum of 6 stars; if you can wear more skins than your opponent, your win rate will increase significantly, helping you to achieve higher ranks and have seasonal rewards in hand.

You can get 3 star sharks from the first Mystery Box Genesis sale on the Binance NFT platform, which will give you a high edge in the early days of the game.

4.2.4. Combination breeding rules

  • During synthesis, the shark has a 50% – 50% chance of inheriting the body from 2 parent sharks. The body has no recessive genes.
  • Each shark has 6 parts, and each part has 3 genes A, B, C.
    • A is the dominant gene, these are the parts that the player can see.
    • B and C are two recessive genes that are temporarily invisible to the Player.
  • The heritability of these 3 genes is 37.5%, 9.375% and 3.125%, respectively. Example: Suppose two sharks used by the player for synthesis have mouth parts carrying the ABC and DEF genes.
  • After new sharks were synthesized, where the mouth part could be one of A (37.5%) B (9.375%) C (3.125%) D (37.5%) E (9.375% ) F (3,125 %) by probability.
  • The newly synthesized shark will also have 2 recessive genes, this gene is also randomly taken from the 6 genes mentioned above.
  • Finally, there is a 5% chance that the gene in each synthesized shark part will be mutated and it will become any gene of that part.
  • The higher the Star Level, the higher the shark’s attributes, and the higher the damage and shield of the skill card. When the star level is high enough, you will be almost invincible.

It should be noted that after hybridization of the new shark (baby shark), both its body and 6 parts will be randomly obtained from its two parents with a small chance of mutation.

The highest Star Level that can be shown is 6 stars.

Aggregate costs based on Star Level of both parents in detail in the table below:

the cost of creating the aggregate

5. Staking system

Staking is a mechanism for locking governance tokens on a platform in exchange for rewards and other benefits. This allows investors to earn passive income from their tokens without having to sell them.

In Star Sharks, users will get veSSS issued by the platform after Staking $SSS.

5.1. Benefits of Staking

  • Share over 70% of the platform’s earnings.
  • Have the right to vote to decide the future of the project.
  • Endless empowering veSSS along the way.

5.2. Staking Time

There are 5 different lock periods available to the user. The lock time determines the amount of corresponding veSSS received. When users want to receive the same amount of veSSS for different Staking lock periods, the amount of $SSS they need to Staking will be different.

Refer to the following table for more details:

staking time

Staking users can lock their $SSS tokens in the DAO through the Official Staking Link on Star Sharks and share most of the platform’s earnings (Up to 70% of platform earnings), from various sources after:

  • NFT Aggregation – NFT Upgrade ($SSS)
  • Buy Mystery Box and Treasure Box ($SEA)
  • C2C Trading on the Market (BNB)

Staking users have the right to vote to determine the future of the platform and decisions in proportion to the amount of veSSS they hold.

5.3. Staking rewards distribution

  • Every day at 07:00 (UTC+7), rewards accumulated from the previous day will be distributed to stakingers and the allocated rewards will be released block by block over a period of approximately 7 days since users joined Staking (there may be some difference based on block time).
  • User can claim the issued reward at any time before completion

Based on the information about the 5 basic features of Star Sharks that GameAZ provides, hopefully through this article you will have the knowledge to understand the most about Star Sharks. Especially in the next article, GameAZ will bring you information about “Fighting system and game modes in Star Sharks”, stay tuned!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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