[101] Thetan Arena: Skills Sets for Beginners

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For those who are new to Thetan Arena, the information about the skill sets is the basic knowledge you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages to increase the winning rate. Below, GameAZ will share with you how the Thetan Arena skills system in this game works.

I’m Drake, let’s learn all from A to Z skills in Thetan Arena!

Take Aways:

  • Damage: A skill that will deal a large amount of damage to the opponent.

  • Effect: A skill that will cause the enemy to take damage and accompanying effects such as freezing, locking legs, knocking up, …

  • Support: This is a type of skill used to support, the spear will have functions such as creating shields for teammates, healing, …

1. Damage




Bullet Storm

Shoot bullets continuously at the enemy

Timber Bomb

Launch explosive bombs to deal damage to enemies in a large area

Deadly Beam

Fires a long-range laser, dealing damage to all enemies hit

Power Fan

There will be 3 laser energy balls that revolve around the champion and deal damage to nearby enemies

Explossive Mine

Place a hidden bomb underground and will explode dealing damage to an area when an enemy steps on it

Super Rocket

Launch a long-range missile, the first enemy hit will take a large amount of damage


Releases a laser beam that deals great damage in a short time, when using this skill the champion will not be able to move

Flame Thrower

Launches flames in a straight direction and deals massive damage to enemies

2. Effect (Hiệu ứng)


Tên skill

Chức năng

Ice Ball

Freezes enemies in a selected area for a short time

Crazy Charge

Dashes forward at lightning speed, stunning and damaging the first enemy it hits

Bubble Prison

Disables and wounds enemies while they are in the bubble

Droining Chain

Binds 2 enemies makes them unable to move for a short time


Becomes invisible and can only be detected if the enemy gets too close

Toxic Fluid

Creates a puddle of poison that causes enemies to lose health and slow down

Black Hole

Creates a black hole and sucks enemies into it making them unable to move

Rocket Plunger

Shoots arrows at enemies and disable them for a short time


Goes underground and knock up enemies when you get close

Meteor Slam

Flies high and deals a critical hit to the target area, dealing damage and knocking up enemies.

Ghost Fade

Swipes to another area, which can be reactivated to return to the original position.

Bullet Volley

Fires a volley of bullets in a wide cone, dealing damage and stunning enemies.

The skills cause effects, damage in the game.

3. Support





Unfolds shield to reduce damage from enemies for a short time

Healing Turret

Creates an area that gives the whole team an additional healing effect for a short time

Above are the general analysis of the skills of the generals in the game Thetan Arena that you should not ignore. If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

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