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At the moment, The SandBox has a great deal of fun features that let players show off their creativity and make money by buying and selling digital assets.

If you are new to the game The SandBox, it is very important to read and understand how it works because it has a direct effect on how much money you can make from it. Below, GameAZ will break down the features of The SandBox to help you learn more about it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Feature breakdown: VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker These are the most important aspects of the project that should be understood.
  • Land and Avatar are the two most important elements of the Game. Land is the property where you will live and do the primary acts in the game, while Avatar is the character’s representative image.

1. Basic Features

1.1 VoxEdit

Software to create ASSETS voxels (Standard ERC-1155), which can then become a Non-Fmutable Token (NFT) and put on the Marketplace.

VoxEdit to create NFTs on The Sandbox

1.2. Marketplace

A decentralized marketplace for in-game ASSETS trading is created in VoxEdit.

NFT Marketplace for trading NFTs created from VoxEdit

1.3. Game Maker

Allows users to create their own games to build their own virtual world (Metaverse), while they can also enjoy and share the experience of playing games. In the game, Players can play to earn money by collecting resources, rewards, and tokens.

Game Maker allows players to create games and PLAY To Earn

2. Items in Game

2.1. Land

ASSETS are items that you can create (vehicles, vehicles, dragons, …) and LAND is the land you will live on.

As explained by Sandbox, LAND (which is a token built on Ethereum, using NFT’s ERC-721 standard) is a physical space in the Metaverse owned by players to create and monetize games.

Metaverse is a virtual reality space in which users can interact with computer-generated environments and other users.

Each LAND comes with a set of pre-built terrains, but it can be formatted and modified by the PLayers that own it (or other players they invite to work). In the future, players will be able to combine LANDs together to form ESTATES, DISTRICT.

Application of LAND in The Sandbox

2.2. Avatar

Avatar is the representative image of the character in the Game, you can Build and let your character wear Equipment (ASSETS). SAND can be used to make the Avatar look more beautiful and cool.

Players can create and equip their character’s clothes – Avatar

3. Activities in game

Basically, The Sandbox is an ecosystem for creative gamers, consisting of three main components: the Voxel editing tool (named “VoxEdit”), “Marketplace”, and “the Game.” .

  • The Sandbox provides a unique way to create, assemble, and share 3D voxel models. They empower players with powerful, intuitive content creation tools. You can create your own 3D voxel objects, animate them and publish/sell them in their global marketplace.
  • VoxEdit: is their 3D tool that allows anyone to create or import their own voxel objects, working on VoxEdit is quite easy to be able to export them to Marketplace where users can turn them into Tokens The limit is called “ASSETS”.
  • Marketplace: a place to trade their assets, where they can be given away for free or sold to other PLAYERS.
  • The Game: is an overall game system where playable experiences can be enjoyed and shared. In The Game, not only creators can profit from their creations, players can play to earn money by collecting resources, rewards and tokens.

So, Steven has provided you with the latest information about Sandbox and SAND Token, I hope that through this article you will understand the functions and products of the game as well as how to connect and play. game.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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