The founder of Magic: The Gathering teamed up with Tyranno Studios to launch a new game project

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Blockchain Brawlers, a new PvP card game, has just been released, according to Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield. Tyranno Studios, a platform that specializes in publishing NFT titles, co-founded this project and is developing it on the Wax blockchain.

Garfield will be in charge of creating a game with appealing gameplay and content so that players can have a variety of interesting experiences, based on his accomplishments and experience in game development in the Web2 space. game’s best player. Additionally, he was in charge of creating many other card games as well as the game “Magic: The Gathering.”

To avoid the mistakes of other blockchain game projects, like the lack of fair competition, Garfield’s game-building criterion is to concentrate on the narrative and financial mechanism.

Blockchain Brawlers will feature a crafting component that will enable players who own NFT plots (referred to as Brawl-O-Seums) to create a variety of necessary in-game items.

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