From A – Z synthesize Skyweaver Cards you should not ignore

Skyweaver is a game built with turn-based Card-Battle style gameplay, so to be able to win the match, players need to understand their deck. Here is information about Skyweaver cards for you to know to help increase your winning rate.

Main focus:

  • Skyweaver is designed with 5 different 8 clans to help players diversify their deck building strategies.
  • The cards are divided into 2 types, Unit Card and Spell Card with special effects feature in the game

1. Types of Heroes in Skyweaver

In skyweaver, there are 5 main character systems for you to choose from

1.1 Strength

This is the first system and also the simplest for beginners, after 10 battles, the win rate of this system is up to 70%. With the basic cards used in the tutorial, simple and effective.

1.2 Agility

The next basic system is Agility, the hero uses speed to attack others along with the cards that also favor the speed of finishing the opponent in the fastest way. This Hero’s win rate is at 50% (10 games)

1.3 Wisdom

The Wisdom system gives Sky an understanding of the Unit types as well as the dexterity of Spell cards to bring you victory. Win rate in this Hero is at 60% (10 games)

1.4 Heart

With the power of life and death and the difficulty of using this hero’s cards is quite high, so you should practice playing for a while before intending to use this Hero. This hero’s win rate is at 40% (10 games)

1.5 Intellect

This is one of the easiest heroes to play after Strength and the stats of the cards are quite good, but players will have to arrange their tactics in the most reasonable way to be able to win. This Hero’s win rate is at a high 70% (10 games)

2. Card clans in Skyweaver

As you know in the previous Skyweaver, there are 2 types of Spell and Unit cards, and each system has different Spell and Unit cards. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about them.

2.1 Air

The Air cards are recognizable by the cyan frame. Many Air Units have keywords like Stealth, and/or Charms like Shroud, making them difficult to target and destroy. Air spells typically focus on reducing costs, drawing cards, or wiping out enemy Units by returning them to the hand or deck.

2.2 Dark

The Shadow cards are recognizable by the dark purple frame. Many Shadow Units have the effect of Death, or Keywords such as Wither and Lifesteal, that allow them to weaken opponents while healing themselves. Dark spells can bring the dead back to life, destroy enemy Units, or provide benefits like healing or drawing cards by killing your own Units. Dark’s spells are Hex and Fate.

2.3 Earth

The Earth tab can be identified by the green frame. Many Earth Units have high health and defense like Guard and Lifesteal, making them excellent at protecting you. Earth spells often grant extra Mana, power up Units, or utilize Roots to hinder and slow enemies. The Earth Charms are Roots and Ent Mask.

2.4 Fire

The Fire tag is recognizable by the red frame. Many Fire Units are very aggressive, using keywords like Banner to control the board and overwhelm enemies. Fire spells are generally great at dealing damage to opponent Units and Heroes, powering up Units, or spreading Fire Spells. The Charms of Fire are Flames and Quests.

2.5 Light

Light cards are identifiable by the yellow frame. Many Light Units have the ability to heal, strengthen allies, defensive keywords like Armor and Lifesteal, or can carry a Spell Shield. Light spells are often about drawing cards, restoring health, or increasing defense power for allies. Light’s charms are Spell Shield and Blind.

2.6 Metal

Metal cards are recognizable by the gray frame. Many Metal Units have Armor, making them very difficult to take down and can possess effects that can help shield other Units or even Heroes. Metal spells often focus on donating Armor or other Defensive Keywords, or using Chains Charms to remove those same keywords. Metal’s charms are Chains and Lead.

2.7 Mind

The Mind cards are recognizable by the purple frame. Many Mind Units have cunning effects that allow them to combine or synergize with Spells. Many Mind spells focus on drawing more Spells, converting cards into new cards, or stunning and stunning enemies. Mind’s charm is Dazed.

2.8 Water

Water cards are recognizable by the blue frame. Water Units have a wide range of abilities, making them pretty good against all Units. Water spells often draw more Water cards, or cast Frozen spells on enemies, causing them to take extra damage. Some Water cards also have a bonus effect that only activates if you’ve spent all of your Mana. Water’s spells are Frozen, and also have a special relationship with Mana Potion and Big Mana Potion.

3. Details about the cards in Skyweaver

In addition to cards related to generals and clans, this game is also divided into 2 types of cards, which are Magic Cards and Unit Cards. Each type of card will have different features from which players need to grasp to create a deck that suits their strategy.

3.1. Unit Cards

These are cards that represent the generals, creatures that are allies of the player to join the battle. These are champions that are able to attack the player’s other cards.

  • Mana (Mana) : The amount of Mana required to play this Unit.
  • Magic Card Attached: Some units will have magic attached and will have to use their own Mana to use to increase the effects of the unit card. This card can be activated during your turn at any time if you have enough Mana
  • Abilities: Each Unit card has a special ability related to the clan designed by the publisher.
  • Attack/Ability/Attack Power (Attack): Unit’s attack power. This is the amount of damage it will deal when attacking/being attacked by other Units and/or the opponent’s Hero.
  • Health: This is the amount of damage the Unit can take before being defeated and removed to the discard pile. Damage inflicted on Units is permanent. For example, if a Unit with 3 health takes 2 damage, it will only have 1 health left until it leaves the game or heals.

3.2. Magic Cards

These are cards with effects that can provide strength or reduce damage and remove Units that you can stack continuously for a turn.

(Cost): The amount of Mana required to play the Magic card in your hand or from the Unit it is attached to.

Abilities: Magic’s effects are applied immediately when cast. For example, the Rosewater Charm in the image above will give your Hero +6 Health as soon as it is played. And, this card will also apply Mana +1 to your next turn.

Above, GameAZ has shared with you information about clans, and generals in Skyweaver to help you understand how to build a deck that suits your strategy.

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