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PlaceWar is a turn-based artillery shooting game. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies in a game. Each round of artillery fire, you must align the angle of fire and the firepower of the cannon to maximize damage to the enemy and minimize the possibility of your tank being damaged by other players.

I’m Harry – let’s learn about PlaceWar features from A-Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Medieval Tank has 2 skills that deal great damage: Giant Bomb and Incendiary
  • Heavy Armor Tank has 2 skills: Shock Wave and Warframe
  • Rocket Launcher has 2 outstanding skills: Tri Volley & AP II
  • Mech Tank has 2 outstanding skills: Funnel & Portal
  • Amphibious Tank has 2 outstanding skills: Bubble Invasion & Blackout Bomb


To get started, players will have to have at least a team of 3 Tanks that can be purchased through the game’s marketplace for NFT Tanks. There are 5 types of tanks: Medieval Tank, Heavy Armor Tank, Rocket Launcher, Mech Tank and Amphibious Tank.

Each type of tank will have different combat characteristics and stats. Different stats and combat characteristics of each type of tank.

1. Medieval Tank

The type of tank has an old-fashioned appearance, but it does great damage. There are 2 skills that deal great damage: Giant Bomb and Incendiary

  • Giant Bomb: Increases damage by 100% for 1 turn.
  • Incendiary: Inflicts fire on the target area and deals damage to enemies in that location for 1 turn.

medieval tank

2. Heavy Armor Tank

The name of this tank speaks for itself that its strength is defense. With high defense, and relatively powerful artillery damage, it becomes the balanced tank of choice in the team.

Heavy armored tanks have 2 skills: Shock Wave and Warframe.

  • Shock Wave: Increases damage taken by 20%. Target is deactivated for 1 turn.
  • Warframe: Reduces damage taken by 70% for 1 turn.

Heavy Armor Tank

3. Rocket Launcher Tank

The type of tank has outstanding features like extremely long range, extremely wide angle of fire, firing many artillery shells at the same time, making all artillery tracks towards the target from the beginning of the map to the end of the map and cause continuous damage.

The rocket launcher has 2 outstanding skills: Tri Volley & AP II

  • Tri Volley: Fires 3 shells at the same time.
  • AP II: Shoots through the opponent’s shield.

Rocket Launcher Tank

4. Mech Tank

The tank’s distinctive feature is the use of unique technology in its artillery shells.

There are 2 outstanding skills: Funnel & Portal

  • Funnel: Fires a chimney-shaped warhead at the opponent.
  • Portal: Swaps positions with the opponent after the warhead hits the opponent’s position, turning your disadvantage into the opponent’s disadvantage.

Mech Tank

5. Amphibious Tank

The tank is mobile and has the ability to shoot well in all terrains; areas with water that makes it difficult to move is the advantage of this tank.

There are 2 outstanding skills: Bubble Invasion & Blackout Bomb

  • Bubble Invasion: Target hit cannot use skills and support tools for 1 turn
  • Blackout Bomb: Disappears 1 skill of the target hit.

Amphibious Tank

Equipment index

Each type of tank has its own characteristics, the advantages of one type of tank will be the disadvantages of another type of tank. However, you can overcome the disadvantages as well as upgrade the advantages of each type of tank by wearing equipment that increases the tank’s stats.

  • Turrel: equipment that increases the damage of the tank
  • Barrel: shows the range indicator, the range of the tank
  • Engine: shows the tank’s moveable stats for each shot. The higher the stat, the farther the tank can be moved.
  • Armor: determines your ability to limit/minimize/endure tank damage.
  • Tracks (as known as warhead detection radar): determines the rate of dodging an opponent’s damaging attack. The higher the stat, the greater the chance of successfully dodging the attack.

equipment index

Based on the information about the basic features in PlaceWar provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a more general view of the game.

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