[For newbie] Metamask Guide: How to secure your wallet, avoid scams & wallet hacks

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Putting a large amount of money into the market makes investors take a long time to learn how to use it. However, a large number of investors underestimate the importance of Metamask wallet security, there have been cases of losing money when clicking on websites of unknown origin, hacked wifi, hacked chrome, hacked keywords, .. To protect your money carefully, let’s work with GameAZ to implement a way to secure Metamask wallets.

1. Do not involve strange Tokens

Anyone can send you strange tokens, over time in the user’s wallet will often appear some strange tokens. You only see it, but you don’t want to touch that strange token. So to secure Metamask Wallets, You should only trade with the tokens you have paid for, if you want to check the transactions, go to “https://bscscan.com/” and enter the address in the search box.

Secure Metamask wallets

In this interface you can check transactions, Token type, coin balance in the wallet. This website is similar to a bank statement, but anyone can check the information in the wallet address.

An example is that in your wallet suddenly some strange tokens appear out of nowhere, maybe this token is very valuable or not worth it. But if you manipulate this token, transfer, sell, or delete it, all the coins in the wallet will be lost. Please ignore these tokens.

2. Check regularly, disconnect wallet from strange websites

As soon as you want to connect the wallet, you should consider whether this connection is necessary or not. If you have already failed to connect the wallet, then please check again, and delete all connections that are not really needed. If you are stuck on a website that you do not trust, cannot disconnect, please create a new wallet to use.

2.1. Secure Metamask wallets by Check connected websites

Go to Metamask and select 3 dots on the right corner > Connected website

2.2. Remove connections from suspicious websites

Next, delete the strange, unnecessary and unremembered page, click on the trash can icon

3. Split the wallet according to the purpose of use

Create a metamask wallet fast and with no fees. Depending on the purpose of use, open multiple wallets or create multiple accounts in one wallet. Here are a few examples that GameAZ  wants to bring to readers:

3.1. Wallet for Airdrop

Here GG will create 3 accounts with the following purposes

  • Account 1: Airdrop transfer of projects of unknown origin
  • Account 2: Airdrop projects that seem reputable in my opinion
  • Account 3: Airdrop big projects, famous projects.

3.2. Wallet to store assets

Account 1. Asset storage, long-term nft hold, no staking, no farm

Account 2. The remaining wallets to stake and farm.

3.3. Gaming wallet

Should divide into multiple wallets if playing many games, each game is a different wallet

For example: I use 1 wallet to play metamon, trade on Radio Caca, this wallet is only used to connect metamon, radiocaca, radiocacamarket, another wallet I use to connect with pancakeswap.

4. Withdraw the right to use Token

During the transaction, the user usually grants access to a 3rd party to use the tokens in his wallet. For example when Swap BNB to RACA at Pancakeswap. If you leave it as default, Pancakeswap has the right to use an unlimited number of tokens in your wallet

4.1. Using BSC Token Approvals

Go to bscscan.com/tokenapprovalchecker . Enter the wallet address in the search bar.

Nhấn vào Connet to Web3

Choose metamask wallet

Grant permission for Bscscan to connect to Metamask > Next > Connect

Click Revoke to revoke the right to use third-party tokens.

After clicking Revoke, approve on Metamask and pay a small fee and you’re done.

4.2. Using Unrekt Revoke

Go to app.unrekt.net, connect the website to the Metamask wallet. Enter the wallet address and search bar, then find the third app you want to revoke the permission to use the token for and revoke it. Approve and pay fees on Metamask.

5. Secure Metamask wallets by prevent access to scam websites

5.1. Manipulation on the computer

Use and create a standard set of bookmarks on Chrome. Add all necessary Websites on it and use only bookmarks.

To add a Crypto website on your bookmarks, it is safest to go to coinmarketcap.com or coinecko.com to get the link.

5.2. App Metamask on the phone

The use of Metamask on the phone should go through coinmarketcap.com or coinecko.com to access the website

Click select browser

In the search box, type radiocaca coinmarketcap.

Click on the searched link.

Scroll down and select the link.

Click on the radiocaca website link.

Truy cập menu radiocaca

Choose game metamon

Using the phone using this method will never get involved with scam websites. Take the time to make your wallet more secure

6. Anti-hack chrome browser

Use a separate account to synchronize chrome’s functions, do not do other things in this account

2-layer security for google account

Periodically check your google account by: Account > Security > Check your device and third-party apps that have access to the account

  • Do not check strange mail, do not click on bad links in the mail
  • Update google chrome regularly to not be outdated
  • Divide folders and save reputable websites
  • Proficient use of bookmarks
  • Should not sync on the phone
  • Should not receive OTP code and register to receive OTP code, in case someone reads the message will see the password sms acc

7. Anti-hack wifi

Should use personal wifi, avoid using external wifi will be hacked wifi will reveal user information, turn off all other document sharing features of the phone.

So GameAZ has come up with optimal methods for users to secure Metamask wallets well, please follow to be safer when transacting.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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