[101] Planet Sandbox: Basic Features (Pt.2)

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In the previous article, GameAZ reviewed the content related to the term “Sandbox”, Features of Categories, Attributes, Parts, Item Rarity and Game Modes. In the 2nd Series of Planet Sandbox basic features, GameAZ will continue to analyze in detail about the NFT Ecosystem including: Real Estate Land, Property Weapons, Vehicles, Mystery Box, Champions system, Skins NFTs, D-app & Marketplace feature of the game to give you more information to make money from this game.

I’m Harry — let’s learn the next features of Planet Sandbox from A — Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Planet Sandbox’s NFT ecosystem includes: Real Estate Land, Stores, Property Weapons, Vehicles, Mystery Box, Champions system, and Skins NFTs with many benefits of players owning NFT in the game.
  • Planet Sandbox has 5 outstanding weapons: Eagle Eye Neon, Frontier Dawn, The Lady’s Handkerchief, Viper’s Kiss, The Crusher of Darkness.
  • The character system for the player is Champions with up to 9 Champions. Each Champion will have different looks, fashion styles and rarity.

1. NFT Ecosystem

Planet Sandbox’s ecosystem will have many different types of players, but all will have their own mechanics to profit from the game.

For individuals with limited initial investment, you can join the game as a fighter, participate in PvE/PVP game modes and defeat other opponents for rewards! You can also get the game’s offers through the quest system, leaderboards, daily logins and loot boxes.

Overview of features and NFT of Planet Sandbox, you can watch the clip [GameAZ Tutorial] Features and NFT of Game Planet Sandbox to easily absorb knowledge faster when reading the article below.

The main categories of Planet Sandbox’s NFT system include:

1.1 Real Estate Land and Stores

Players can purchase these NFTs and become Land Owners and Store Owners will earn a large and steady income — two powerful roles in Planet Sandbox’s metaverse universe.

Land owners have the ultimate freedom in building and designing their own territory. Besides, you also have the ability to define maps and game modes on your land. This is an opportunity for creativity to come into play and create battlefields that attract a lot of players. The bigger your number of participants, the more income you generate!

If you are a Shop Owner, you can sell in-game consumables such as ammunition (for player’s guns), gasoline (for player’s cars) and earn a large profit from sales.

1.2 Weapons, Vehicles Assets and Mystery Boxes.

To participate in the exciting and rewarding game modes in Planet Sandbox, you’ll need to get yourself deadly weapons and vehicles to transport across the lands.

Don’t miss out on the Mystery Boxes — try your luck to get some rare NFT items that can’t be purchased directly on the Marketplace!

Information on certain high rarity weapons that can only be obtained through opening the Mystery Box.

Eagle Eye Neon

💎 Rarity: SUPER rarity ️

  • Base Damage: 90
  • Number of projectiles hit the target: 1
  • Range of deviation from the heart after firing: 0.01
  • Base rate of fire: 3
  • Effective Damage Distance: 1000

The weapon designed for USF 4 Special Forces is a long-range weapon that can detect and track its target through thick, toxic fog on the battlefield.

Frontier dawn

💎 Rarity: RARE

  • Base Damage: 9
  • Number of projectiles hit the target: 7
  • Range of deviation from the heart after firing: 0.03
  • Base rate of fire: 0.8
  • Effective Damage Distance: 200

The weapon is a prototype pistol designed to pierce any armor in close combat. It can shred vehicles in a few explosions.

The lady’s handkerchief

  • Base Damage: 24
  • Number of projectiles hit the target: 1
  • Range of deviation from the heart after firing: 0.02
  • Base rate of fire: 0.5
  • Effective Damage Distance: 250

It was first created as a general self-defense tool. Due to the reliability of the weapon, it was later upgraded to a powerful antimatter weapon for Lady Aurelia, one of the first pioneers to explore the outer solar system.

Viper’s kiss

  • Base Damage: 12
  • Number of projectiles hit the target: 1
  • Range of deviation from the heart after firing: 0.2
  • Base rate of fire: 0.1
  • Effective Damage Distance: 500

The downside of Paragon mining is the toxic waste it produces. The Salvo II factory was able to use such deadly chemicals in this weapon.

The crusher of darkness

  • Base Damage: 8
  • Number of projectiles hit the target: 1
  • Range of deviation from the center of the eye after firing: 0.3
  • Base rate of fire: 0.08
  • Effective Damage Distance: 600

Originally, it was a standard general-purpose machine gun for the Space crusaders. Its barrel is fortified with local rare metals, making it nearly impossible for this weapon to overheat.

1.3 Champions System

Champions is the special name of Planet Sandbox dedicated to the player’s characters for the purpose of encouraging the fighting spirit of the warriors when ready to participate in the battlefield. Each person is already a Champion of their own selves.

According to information from the game publisher, the Champions System has up to 9 Champions with different stylish looks and rarity.

It is possible to briefly point out the outstanding Champions names of the project:

Champions: Chiyo

Chiyo comes from a Japanese Shinobi village in Bedouin, which is famous for producing talented warriors.

A skillful warrior and cunning general, Chiyo will lead the bravest adventures to fight for the glory of the Bedouin.

Champions: Scorpion

A young warrior with a mission to protect his clan from evils

Scorpion comes from Africa, where paragon fuel is dense on the ground. His community — formerly known as Bedouin, where brave men play an essential role as mighty warriors in ensuring the safety of the inhabitants and their surroundings.

Similar to the animal that symbolizes death in Egypt — Scorpio, the young warrior had mastered fighting in the desert. His demeanor resembles that of a courageous and responsible being.

Champions: Henry

He’s a space cowboy known as the Bounty Hunter. He must not only master fighting skills but also courage.

A leader of the most influential Space Pirates from Solheim, Henry’s most notable feature is his well-structured plans to gain more influence in the Solheim Star System. His ambition does not stop at the fact that he is already like that, he wants to conquer and command an entire Empire.

Champions: Mia

She is a Former USF Agent, living in her retirement years after all the feats she accomplished during her time with the United Space Force. She travels across many planets in the galaxy, finding her new home and purpose. During her time inside the Teratransformed dome of the planet Vulcanis, she meets Justin Van and is drawn into a wild and dangerous adventure through the uncharted regions of the Zephyr.

1.4 NFT Skins

Benefits of owning Character Skins

🌟 Equip characters to play

🌟 Increase your chances of getting better profit in the official version of P2E

🌟 Get NFT Character Skins as in-game rewards

🌟 Unique Character Skin: Santa Scorpion

1.5 Benefits of Owning Planet Sandbox NFTs

  • Earning profit through NFT trading on Planet Sandbox Marketplace
  • Opportunity to participate in important events (Testnet, Mainnet, Esport Tournament…)
  • Possession of NFT Champions and Weapons is a condition to participate in the game.
  • Staking NFT and tokens with APR and attractive rewards
  • Join Planet Sandbox and Planet Sandbox Metaverse game with different perks
  • Opportunity to become a member of the DAO Council to vote on essential project decisions such as game design, monetization mechanics, etc.

2. D-app & Marketplace Features

Visit https://app.planetsandbox.io to start trading on Marketplace and experience features like Guide, Account Management, Exclusive Staking V2, Inventory…

Here’s everything you need to know about the D-app & Marketplace feature

2.1 Buy/Sell NFTs with $PSB or $PULV

Players can now directly buy or sell their boxes on the Market.

  • To buy NFT from Marketplace, you need to own $PSB (currently listed on Gate.io and Pancakeswap) or $PULV.
  • You can sell NFT for $PSB, $PULV.

2.2 Deposit / Withdrawal of NFT.

To be displayed in the Inventory section on Marketplace, NFTs need to be purchased/loaded from Marketplace.

Conversely, when players want to sell NFT on Marketplace, they need to withdraw NFT from the game to Marketplace.

2.3 Buy Mystery Boxes

There are three different levels of Mystery Boxes (Normal Box, Epic Box and Premium Box). Players will buy Mystery Boxes directly on the Marketplace as the process is done on the blockchain platform.

  • Normal Box, Epic Box will be purchased with $PULV. When opening the Normal Box and Epic Box, players will have the opportunity to receive Uncommon Items and Epic Items such as: The Lady’s Handkerchief, Frontier Dawn, Viper’s Kiss and Champions Uncommon, Champions Common.
  • Premium Box will be purchased with $PSB, giving players the opportunity to own Legendary Items such as Eagle Eye Neon, Chiyo Champions.

Note: The higher the rarity of the Mystery Box is, the more chance of owning rare Champions and Weapons the players have. As a result, the player will increase the “Earn” ability (the “Earn” ability depends on the strength of each NFT item that Champions equip).

3. General model on how each feature works

4. Summary

Based on information about the basic features in Planet Sandbox provided by GameAZ through 2 articles, we can see that this is a third-person shooter role-playing game that players can experience. Exciting features from building your own “Sandbox” world and battling other players in PvP mode to collect in-game rewards. Hopefully, through this article, you have fully understood the features of Planet Sandbox.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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