[101] Planet Sandbox: Basic Features (Pt.1)

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Planet Sandbox is a P2E Game built on Blockchain technology that allows players to monetize their experience through various features such as building and customizing their own unique Sandbox world with loads of NFT items built-in, as well as participate in many in-play missions such as fighting and racing in other lands owned by actual players.

I’m Harry — Let’s learn from A to Z about the basic features of Planet Sandbox!

Key Takeaways:

  • “Sandbox” is the product that is a combination of the Objects, the land and the set of rules set forth by the owner of that “Sandbox”. There are 2 types of “Sandbox” such as “Default Sandbox” and “Player Created Sandbox”
  • Items are divided into different categories. There are a total of 6 Items Categories in Planet Sandbox: Buildings, Furniture, Landscapes, Vehicles, Weapons and Armor
    • All Objects have a List of According Attributes that can be upgraded up to better Attributes.
    • Each Land Slot has its own unique attribute, depending on the attribute, there will be a different landscape. There are currently 5 Lands with 5 different Attributes.
  • There are 4 main game modes in Planet Sandbox: Building Mode; PvP Mode (Multiplayer Mode); PvE & Co-op Mode and E-Sport Mode (Coming Soon).
    • PvP Mode (Multiplayer Mode) has 2 game modes: Deathmatch and Battle Royale.
    • PvE & Co-op Mode has 3 game modes: Zombie, Red Light — Green Light, Prop Hunts.

1. What is the term “Sandbox” in Planet Sandbox?

“Sandbox” is the product that is a combination of the Objects, the land and the set of rules set forth by the owner of that “Sandbox”. It is tradable as an NFT item on the marketplace.

There are 2 types of “Sandboxes”:

  • “Default Sandbox”: provided by the game publisher and is the initial playground for players. Players have to pay a small amount of currency to join the “Sandbox” or a larger amount to buy a copy of it. All earnings in this “Default Sandbox” will go back to game publishers.
  • “Player Created Sandbox”: All Items and Facilities inside this “Sandbox” are created and provided by players. Players who are not owners of this “Sandbox” are required to pay a fee to join or purchase it. Fees are set by the owner and part of this fee (tax — in %) that will be sent to the issuers.

Each Sandbox has its own rules, using preset game modes such as: Deathmatch, Hunts Prop, Rescue Hostage, Capture the flag or Custom game mode created based on a list of preset rules.

1.1 Objects in “Sandbox”

Players can use many Items for different purposes in the “Sandbox”. Objects are divided into different categories. Each Object Category serves a different purpose in the game.

1.1.1 Building Categories Category

The Objects in the Building Category are all kinds of buildings. The player can get inside them through the door/entrance of the building.

By default, all buildings have empty space.

1.1.2 Objects Furniture Category

  • Objects in the Furniture Category are ones that can be placed inside/outside the building.
  • The utility of the Furniture is mainly for decoration or as obstacles, but some unique pieces of furniture can be interacted with and given special effects to the player inside the “Sandbox”.

1.1.3 Landscape Category

Objects in the Landscape Category are decorative items that can be placed in a sandbox, but not in a building.

1.1.4 Objects Vehicles

The Objects in the Vehicles Catalog include all types of vehicles that can be obtained by the player in the game.

They are used to transport players from one location to another.

Types of Vehicles can be Land Vehicles, Air Vehicles and Water Vehicles.

1.1.5 Objects Weapon Category

Objects in Weapons Category are tools players can use to fight in PVP mode.

1.1.6 Objects Armor Category

Objects in the Armor Category are protective equipment that the player can equip.

Armor Objects are equipped to protect the wearer in PVP mode and also act as makeup.

All Objects belonging to these categories can be customized to receive different attributes.

1.2 Objects Attributes

All Objects have a List of Attributes assigned to them and can be customized or changed for a better set of stats.

  • The HP stat is applied to Buildings, Furniture, Landscapes, Armor — only valid in Co-op mode. When an Object’s HP drops to 0, it is disabled during the co-op session but will be recovered after that session ends.
  • The Attack stat is applied to Weapon Items.
  • The Defend stat is applied to Building Objects, Furniture, Landscapes, and Armor.
  • The User stat is applied to Weapons, Furniture (only Interoperable Furniture), Vehicles — only valid in Co-op mode. When the turn of using reaches 0, person Players cannot use Weapons or interact with Furniture/Vehicles until the Co-op session is over.
  • The Usage stat of Vehicle Category will be counted as Fuel. It diminishes over time while it is used

Objects can be tradable or not. If an Object is tradable, it can be sold/loaned to other players.

If not tradable, it can only be used by players. After trading, the Object will be removed from the player’s Inventory.

1.3 Object Parts and Customization

When the player first obtains an Object from the Loot Box, it is called a Base Object.

A Basic Object has basic stats but can be customized by the player by adding/removing Parts to increase those base stats.

For example, a rifle has an attack stat of 27, but installing a special magazine can increase the attack stat to 60.

Players can purchase custom Parts from Loot Boxes or from other players.

  • Each Part having specification of the type of Object may be assigned to use. One Part can be used in multiple Categories.
  • Each Part has its own stats. Like in the example above, the magazine has an attack stat of +33, so attaching it to the assault rifle with a 27 attack stat will increase the rifle’s attack stat to 60.
  • A Part can have many stats. The more stats it is, the rarer it is.

1.4 Objects Rarity

The rarity of an Object is determined by the number of customized Parts and the rarity of those Parts.

Objetcs have levels depending on special abilities or Attributes in the game and are limited on the server (time bomb, iron man suit, gravity gun, helicopter, NPC… )

1.5 Land Slots

A land slot is a predefined space in which the player can arrange Objects.

By default, when a player creates a “Sandbox”, there will be only one playing field. Land Slots purchased can add more playing fields for players

Players can customize their “Sandbox” with Building, Furniture, Landscapes,and Vehicles Objects.

Each Land Slot has its own unique attribute. Depending on the attribute, there will be a different landscape. There are currently 5 Lands with 5 different Landscapes:

  • Toxic Waste Land — The Once Great Metropolis => also known as DEVASTATUM
  • Mountain Land — The Untouched Hideout => JANUS
  • Grass Land — The Ruled and Protected => ZEPHR
  • Desert Land — The Scattered Jungle => MIRAGE
  • Arctic Land — The Forbidden Diamond => VERGLAZ

2. Game Modes

2.1 Building Mode

This is one of the core features of the game. When players first enter the game, they are given the Builder Tool to customize basically every item in the player’s own inventory.

For example, the player can change the geographical features of the “Sandbox” such as landscape, weather, and gravity. Many more features such as Construction, Furniture and NPCs are available for players to unleash their maximum creative potential. Once created, Land Owners can set the rules for games such as fighting, Zombie mode or racing inside the “Sandbox” zone and invite other players to participate in these games. All published Lands can be traded or rented on the game’s marketplace for in-game currency.

2.2 PvP Mode (Multiplayer Mode)

Players can participate in PvP activities to earn Loot Boxes by joining the “Sandbox”. Pre-set game modes includes Deathmatch, Hunts Prop, Rescue Hostage, Capture the flag. Depending on whether the player participates in the “Default Sandbox” or the “Sandbox created by another player”, the reward will be different.

Enter the “Sandbox” world of your friends or other players to play various game modes. Each Land has its own set of rules set by the Player who owns that Land. Here are the PvP modes for players.

2.2.1 Deathmatch

Players will join the “Sandbox” of their friends to participate in this fighting game mode by gunfighting or using weapons of their choice.

Owners of that “Sandbox” can customize game modes and rules. The more attractive the map and rules, the more “Earn” you get.

Rewards: Players will be rewarded with tokens along with a chance to get more Loot-Box, NFT items after game sessions.

2.2.2 Battle Royale

Multiplayers will get into an extremely fierce battlefield where each player needs to adventure around the map in the fastest way to find weapons and show off their skills to survive, then fight for victory with the players in that battlefield map. The last player to survive will receive the most valuable rewards.

2.3 PvE & Co-op Mode

Co-op (Co-op) with other players to fight against bosses or participate in exciting game modes. There will be more exciting and monetizable game modes in the future.

Several PvE modes includes:

  • Zombie: Team up with other players to fight the invading zombie hordes.
  • Red Light — Green Light: This mode became popular in 2021 after the Squid Game movie made a splash and that inspired the Planet Sandbox team to create this exciting game mode. The mode allows players to Experience moments of thrill and vitality. This game mode will be released soon in the future.
  • Prop Hunt: Another exciting game mode in which players become hunters or props. The props are disguised as objects around the map and merge with the environment. The props will try to hide from the hunters and avoid death. The hunter will win if all the props are destroyed. Otherwise the props will win if the allotted time expires or all hunters are destroyed.

2.4 E-Sport Mode (Coming Soon)

Perhaps for gamers, Game Esport is not too unfamiliar. Esport’s full name is Electronic Sport, which means electronic sport. Esport is a competition between professional gamers through video games. Esport is the place where players show their talent skills to win.

E-Sport Mode in the upcoming Planet Sandbox is expected to attract a lot of traditional Gamers to compete in the PSB world.

Based on the information about the basic features in Planet Sandbox provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have an overview of this NFT game.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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