[Pro] Gods Unchained: Investment experience and ROI optimization

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Key Takeaways:

  • Gods Unchained is a completely free to participate NFT game, but to “earn” effectively, you should invest a starting capital of about $ 50, which is enough to build a strong set of Cards to climb to the highest Rank.
  • Focus a lot of time on 2 Earnable Modes: Ranked Mode and Gauntlet of the Gods Mode
  • The tokenomics economy in the game has 3 tokens, $GODS, $FLUX, $Star, but only $GODS is a token that runs on the blockchain platform with the function of Withdrawing to a wallet or trading on Dex or Cex exchanges. $FLUX and $Star are two in-game currencies.

Some information about Card Pack rewards received when Upgrade Level.

1. Initial capital

Gods Unchained is a card game with a tokenomics economy of only 1 token, $GODS. When playing the game, you will “earn” NFT and Gods card packs according to the weekend event, and soon NPH will launch Daily Earn. You will sell the NFTs earned on the marketplace for profit, currently you can sell cards to $Gods, ETH, IMX, USDC.

With only an initial capital of about $ 50, you can build a squad of battle cards to achieve the highest Rank.

ROI is high or low depending on your own skills => is the ability to choose decisive in the game. The higher you rank, the more $GODS and NFT tokens you will receive when you win.

In the game there are 2 currencies (in-game currency) Star vs Flux which is only used in the game, there is no function of withdrawing to a wallet or trading on Dex or Cex exchanges. Star is used to buy Card Set Core + Welcome in the game shop. Flux + Gods is used to Mint 2 identical Cards into 1 NFT Card.

The game has also opened the Shine Forge function, i.e. minting 5 identical NFT cards of the same quality to upgrade to a higher quality level, the off chain card has an initial quality of Plain, mint 2 Plain cards into NFT onchain cards. quality is Meteorite, mint 5 Meteorite cards to Shadow, mint 5 Shadow cards to Gold, mint 5 Gold cards to Diamond).

2. Play-to-earn mode

The game has 4 Modes: Direct Challenge (Fight with friends), Ranked (Ranked), Gather Flux (try to fight against Gods), Solo (Fight against machine AI)

Below is information on the “Earn” possible Modes Ranked and Gather Flux. The modes that do not have the ability to “Earn” such as Direct Challenge, Solo I will not mention in this article, you can experience it yourself to feel the fun of the game.

2.1 Ranked Mode 

How Ranked Mode works: You will be automatically found by the system to find matches and fight with opponents with the same Rank as your rank.

Winning will fill the bar on your Ranked tab. Losing will damage the shield (the white vertical bar is located at ⅓ of the Ranked bar), when your shield takes too much damage you will lose part of your rank progress. If this saint is empty, you will be dropped to a lower Rank.

If you completely fill this bar, you will increase your Rank higher.

Event “Ranked Mode” Time

Every Friday evening from 19:00 (UTC +7) – to 19:00 Monday evening.

Winning Rewards

  • Get experience points.
  • Increase your Rank point, when your Rank bar increases to a level, it will level up to a higher rank => From there get more rewards $GODS than Low Rank (When you lose, the Rank bar will be reduced. Mythic is the highest Rank. When you go to Mythic Rank, you only add Rank points, not Rank anymore). The $GODS token prize table by number of wins and by rank you can see HERE
  • Get the amount of $GODS tokens according to the player’s Rank. The higher the rank, the minimum condition to receive the $GODS token is the less number of matches won.

Note: Ranked Mode’s reward mechanism

  • The number of matches you won in your first 18 games (changed, formerly 18) during a Ranked Mode event session that week.
  • The amount of $GODS tokens received corresponds to your current Rank.
  • Wallets that are not connected to an existing game account will not receive in-game rewards.
  • The Card Packs received can unlock all types of Cards from normal to rare.

2.2 Gauntlet of the Gods Mode


  • Each day the player can choose 1 God from 6 Gods to start – fight the first battle. When you win a match with that God, you will unlock the next 2 Gods next to it.
  • Winning 1 match in the next God will unlock the remaining God.
  • You must fight unlocked Gods to earn Flux.
  • There is no limit to the number of battles in 1 day, but only FLUX is awarded for the first 3 wins in each Gods.
  • It is not necessary to win all 3 matches in each Gods, win any match and earn flux.


  • Up to 1350 FLUX can be earned with the condition that 6 GODs are hit at the highest rank and each god gets 3 wins to maximize the daily FLUX gain.
  • Use FLUX mint Card to NFT and bring it to the marketplace to trade.

3. Upgrade Level

  • Hit in Ranked mode to gain experience to level up => every time you level up, you will receive Card Pack sets Core used to unlock cards for your collection.
  • When Leveling up to Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 21, 22,… will receive a Rare Card Pack
  • When Leveling up to even Levels: 10, 20, 30… will receive Epic rarity Card Packs.
  • When Leveling up to Level 25, 50, 75, 100, …. will receive the Leg Pack.

Above is the real combat experience from GameAZ to help you understand how to make money from the game Gods Unchained, which is attracting a large number of users recently.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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