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Gods of Wars is one of the card decks that mainly focuses on champions that only consume 1 to 2 Mana with the strategy of winning quickly. This is one of the pretty basic decks of cards for those who are new to the Gods Unchained game. Below GameAZ will guide you how to build a basic Gods of War card deck with a high win rate.

1. The outstanding power of God of War – Auros

  • Enrage: Gives you 1 creature card with 2 HP 2 Dame and a Burn effect of 2 attached. If the enemy’s creature card has 2 HP 2 Dame, it will apply Burn +2
  • Onslaught: +1 Dame for 1 card of your creature and Blitz effect until the end of the turn.
  • Intense Training: At the end of your turn, add 1 random 1 HP 2 Dame card to your hand.
  • Slayer: If you have Relic equipment, you will get +1 durability. If not, when equipped with a Hand Ax with a 2/1 rating, it will have a Godblitz effect.

2. Assess the strength of the card set overview

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this is the squad that can optimize the power of the God of War card set.

  • This God’s way of fighting quickly won’t drag the game to the end of the game, because at the end of the match, 1 turn will take up to 5-6 mana, this fighting style prioritizes choosing 1 mana card, with control-oriented gods will loss.
  • This way of fighting God, I will focus on exploiting the cards with the most 1 vs 2 mana, and also own about 1 to 2 cards with 5 mana to prevent when dragging towards the end of the game.
  • For the God of War squad, the strategy of fast winning is applied, so at first, it will not choose cards with mana > 7.

3. Hold to build God Of War

Here is information about the cards that you should choose to complete the God Of War card set:

3.1. 1 mana card

  • 2 Wild Hog cards: Because of the high Dame attack power, very few champions have 3 ATK but the card only has 1 mana.
  • Boil-blood Outlaw: When using this card to play any opponent’s card will + 1 more Dame damage to you.
  • Fury: When dealt, will immediately deal damage to your opponent and +1 Dame to your card.
  • Vicious Rend: Deal 3 damage to your opponent’s card that has lost health
  • Deuteria Manashard Mage: When you play this card, you will add a 1 mana card of 3/3 called Tetria to your hand, similar to when you have 3/3 Young. When playing a Tetria card, it will also +1 Mana and receive a Heptaria card with 5 HP 5 Dame. On your next turn, you play a Heptaria card that also +1 Mana and will receive an Octavia with 7 HP 7 Dame (the last card). (This is a series of strong leaves that can be bought, the rate of opening the Box is quite low, can be bought on the NFT marketplace)

3.2. 2 mana card

  • 2 cards Avalanche Strike: ATK 2, if you have Relic, ATK 4
  • Warmonger Smith: This card has a relatively high HP 4. Although its attack power is weak, it can exchange +1 Relic for your next attack.
  • 2 Bladecaster cards: This card gains +1 HP after attacking your opponent’s Creature.
  • Tavern Brawler: Has a Blitz ability to cast as soon as a card is issued. And has a voltage stabilizer Body indicator of 2 hp 2 dame.

3.3. 3 mana card

  • 2 Blades of Styx: has a Godblitz effect = when playing cards can instantly hit and even hit the opponent’s God
  • Raid Reveller: Armor protects all physical + magic damage. Enemies that attack no matter how tall the Dame is, only lose their armor protection.
  • Tartessian Skirmisher: Cards will play immediately and be played twice.

3.4. 4 mana card

  • Choose a card with a large amount of health and at least 5 HP or more because the weak 1 2 3 damage mana cards need to be hit 2 3 times to die
  • Tame Mammoth: Cards the player has received after receiving Dame from an enemy but not dying, this card will gain +1 Dame.

3.5. 5 mana card

The 5 Mana cards are one of the decisive factors to turn the situation around in the God Of War lineup

  • Carnage Sweep: Deals 2 damage to all Creature cards. If equipped with Relic, it will -3 durability and destroy all Creature cards on the enemy’s board.
  • Orcish ELite: has the effect of Blitz (casts immediately upon card), and casts the ability 2 times in a row. One more reason to choose this card because of its good stats (3 Dame 5 HP)
  • Redfume Serum: +5 Dame vs +5 HP for Creature cards, after each turn will be deducted -1 HP, -1 Dame (this is an Epic rarity card, if it is difficult to find it can be replaced =) another card with the same function).
  • Ogre Archer: has Roar feature => deals 3 damage to 1 enemy Creature card as soon as it is dealt.
  • Over- proof Brew: Deal 1 damage to enemies and +2 attack, +1 protection to all your cards.

3.6. 6 mana card

Select 1 card with a large HP of 8 or more and damage with Dame = 4

4. Tips to win

  1. Try to destroy all enemy cards lying on the table as quickly as possible, limit the enemy having 2 cards on the table.
  2. Try to defend and limit your cards being destroyed
  3. Do not prioritize hitting your opponent’s God first.
  4. If your God has just entered the battle and has lost blood by the opponent => Never mind, the final result is important.
  5. Always keep 1 mana to wait for your turn to gain +4 mana = Total of that turn will be 5 mana. Then use this 5 mana to summon Redfume Serum or Over-proof Brew cards
  6. Wait for the mana cards to destroy all the enemies, then it’s your chance to defeat the opponent’s God.
  7. The best time to be able to win is on Sunday because that is the last stage of the Event => the masters have spent most of their time fighting at the beginning of the Event, so it will be limited to meet the master at this time => win rate will be higher.

Above is a guide on how to build a set of God of War cards for those of you who are learning about the squad just now. Read and build on this strategy to win and earn money in this extremely interesting Gods Unchained game.

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