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You may be familiar with the phrase “Play to Earn (P2E)” from GameFi projects, but have you ever wondered: “Will the players participating in these projects really have fun while playing the game?” I’m pretty sure the answer would be “No!” Most previous Play-to-Earn projects have mainly focused on the “Earn” rather than the “Play” dynamic.

The experience of these projects is like a “money game”; most of the participants are investors and seek to make a profit rather than enjoy the entertainment value of a game product. As for real gamers, the gameplay quality of these products is really not attractive enough to bring a sense of attraction to them.

So what is Play With Earn (PWE)? What are the outstanding features of PWE? In this article, GameAZ will decipher the advantages and improvements of Play With Earn (PWE) compared to the old model Play to Earn (P2E).

play with earn

1. What is Play With Earn (PWE)?

Suppose you are interested or have participated in games of the Play To Earn (P2E) genre. In that case, you will surely understand the inadequacies in this model, such as Lack of sustainability, an abusive economy, and gameplay are still quite sketchy. Since then, a new model has been born to overcome and improve these problems: Play With Earn (PWE).

Just like Play To Earn (P2E), the Play With Earn model is one in which a platform offers players the opportunity to earn any form of in-game asset that can be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource.

However, to be able to start playing and Earn in P2E, players will need to spend an initial investment; the more significant the initial investment will be proportional to the ability to Earn more. And games follow the P2E model, the publisher always has a “headache” to focus on keeping the economy stable to deflate the tokens being operated. This leads to the disadvantage that most P2E games own graphics that are not very “eye-catching”, players only care much about ROI, “ever payback and profit” but are not “salty” with the content of the game.

As for PWE, anyone can join the game experience easily. The game is free for all players and integrates making money in the game flexibly, not necessarily the initial investment to make a profit. Players who find the game exciting and interesting will enjoy investing to start Earn.

The purpose of the PWE model is to want gamers to bypass the barrier between traditional and blockchain games. Experience the top quality of the game, feel happy and see the benefits of playing, thereby looking forward to investing and earning long-term profits with the game.

2. Highlights of the Play With Earn (PWE) model:

  • Create conditions for newcomers to enter the market, and anyone can join the model. Specifically, anyone can approach the project to become an investor to help the project have a substantial spread.
  • Free for all players to experience and especially focus on gameplay. Players will be allowed to experience all the features in the game easily without having to spend any input costs when participating.
  • The player’s experience will be given top priority, making them love the game, thereby sticking with it for a long time and investing to earn profits.
  • Improving the old economic models with the motto: automatic control, consistently stable, and maintaining value. Limit governance token inflation. This makes it easy for publishers, players, and investors to control revenue – costs, and, ultimately, profits when participating in the PWE-modeled game world.
  • NFT items will be allowed to affect construction and development in the game directly. Thereby increasing the applicability and value of NFTs.

3. GaliXCity – The pioneering game project of the Play With Earn model:


GaliXCity is an RTS Online game project that combines the advantages of Blockchain and NFT. All valuable assets or lands in the game’s universe can be converted into NFTs. Land NFT is one of the unique elements of this game, they are stored on the blockchain network and represent the ownership and development rights of the Land owner in the game.

Players not only own the Lands in the game but can also collect resources and convert them into NFTs to trade with other players. All these digital assets are transparently, and reliably traded on a blockchain and decentralized system.

The game features various modes, from intense PvE campaigns with monsters out of nowhere to real-time “50 vs 50” PvP battles between Legions or Alliances, promising to… satisfy even the pickiest players. In the future, more game modes, events, quests, and tournaments will be added to the GaliX universe.

che do trong galixcity

GaliXCity’s team comes from a Game Studio with the desire and mission to create entertainment products that bring exciting, engaging, and engaging experiences to players. They wanted GaliXCity to combine both “Play” & “Earn” instead of leaning in only one direction.

Therefore, the term “Play With Earn” is the team’s guiding light in the development of GaliXCity. GaliXCity promises to bring an exciting tactical role-playing world that attracts players to explore and enjoy the game, in addition, this world can also generate income for investors through its economic system.

galixcity play with earn

The GaliXCity team has developed games that are accessible to everyone, spreading the game to everyone, even traditional players. Helping traditional players access GameFi in general and Crypto in particular easily.

With the pioneering PWE (PLAY WITH EARN) model that changes market trends, combining the real-time strategy RTS genre. GaliXCity promises to bring a lot of exciting things for Commanders to have the opportunity to explore and experience.

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