[101] Pegaxy: Basic Features (Pt.1)

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Pegaxy is an entertaining and money-making horse racing game, with a futuristic mythological style. In the game, players will raise the Pega to have the best health when going to battle, in addition to many attractive features. Here GameAZ will go with you to learn how to play Pegaxy and the basic features in the game.

I’m Steven – let’s learn the game features from A – Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pega rarity, Gear, Food, Racing, and Breeding are the salient features of the Pegaxy project to grasp.
    • Pega has 4 rarity levels: medium, mass, very rare, rare.
    • Gears will help Pegas increase stats such as speed, strength, etc.
    • Like Gear, feeding Pegas will also increase stats and decrease the other of Pega
    • Players can breed Pegas to create better quality Pegas to sell on the Marketplace.

1. Pega Rarity

rarity pega

From left to right:

Klin is a medium-rare bloodline

Zan is a mass bloodline.

Hoz is a very rare bloodline.

Campona is a rare bloodline.

Pega’s rarity will determine the strength and value of Pega.

2. Gear

This is a part which players can install on Pega when starting the race. These Gears will help Pega increase stats such as speed, strength, etc. Each Gear will increase one stat; each stat will be increased, there will be a stat decreased. This reduces the imbalance in the game.

Example: If the player installs a Gear that boosts the power, the Gear will immediately remove the speed or fire stats. Below is the opposite of the indicator:

Speed ​​<-> Strength <-> Fire <-> Water <-> Wind <-> Light <-> Speed


3. Food

Like Gear, feeding Pegas will also increase Pega’s stats and decrease other stats. Each feeding will work up to 7 days on Pega; after 7 days the food will automatically run out, and no food can be removed during that 7 days.

Speed ​​<-> Strength <-> Fire <-> Water <-> Wind <-> Light <-> Speed.

food of pega

4. Racing

Entering the racetrack with your NFT Pega, players will have to compete with 11 other players in a PVP-style racing mode. Top 3 winners will receive the game’s VIS Token reward.

The rewards are as follows: Top1 with 105 VIS, Top2 with 44 VIS, Top3 with 26 VIS.


5. Breeding

Players can breed Pegas to create better Pegas to sell on Marketplace. Breeding will cost a certain amount of $VIS and $PGX.

 breeding fee

5.1 Bloodline

Hoz (dark red) is the rarest bloodline and Zan (light pink) is the rarest bloodline.


5.2. Pega’s gender

Currently, Pegaxy regulates Pega’s gender level after birth is 50/50. There is no decisive factor to determine the gender as Pega wants.

Based on the information about the basic features in Pegaxy provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you have had a more general view of Pegaxy.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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