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by GameAZ
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Knowing the money-making mechanism of Cyball, however, not all players understand the experience of investing and actual money-making in the Cyball game. In this article, GameAZ will share with you the experience of investing and breaking even after 3 weeks playing Cyball to help you gain more knowledge before deciding to invest in Cyball.

Key Takeaways:

  • The initial capital is $800 and the payback period is 3 weeks.

  • Optimizing profits with tips:: Use cards sensibly because this is the main factor determining the winner, play before the Beta to master skills as well as gaming experience.

  • Use cards and strong formations for key matches to avoid wasting resources for the following matches.

  • Investment journey: From $800 to $1200 after 1 month.

1. Investment journey

1.1. Starting point

Because I didn’t have enough money to buy CyBloc at first, I decided to rent it on the CyLoans market. Unlike other blockchain games, the rental mechanism on CyLoan will give a percentage of the profits directly to the tenant. Therefore, you need to choose wisely which CyBloc has a high profit percentage to optimize your playing time.

Every day you will be provided with 60 energy to play. With Exhibition mode 3v3, each match will cost 3 energy. Equivalent to 1 day can play 20 matches.

Steps to rent CyBloc on CyLoans

The effects of the cards in the game are described in English

1.2. Cases in the match

I divide 2 cases that occur in 1 match as follows, you can refer to my tactics to apply:

Case 1 : Your player has a higher or equal score than the opponent’s player.

  • Round 1 : About choosing a strategy before each round: if the opponent has a lower stat, I will choose a Balance, Attack or Super attack strategy to avoid being held by the opponent. If my opponent has the same stats as me, I will look at the 6 cards given to make a decision on that Round’s Strategy .

  • Round 2 : The choice of strategy depends on the score of the first half (if you are in the lead, you can change to the Attack/Balance strategy ,…).

Utility of cards:

  • Can’t Keep Up: For maximum effect, use this card at the beginning of each round to exhaust your opponent for the next 2 rounds.

  • Supercharge Fuel: To maximize the effect, use this card at the beginning of each Round to prevent players from being exhausted in the next 2 Rounds (can be used in Round 2 because this card takes effect immediately upon use).

  • Nutmeg: When at the Key Event, the player’s skill index is enough to score, I use this card to make sure that the opponent does not use defensive cards (Perfect Save, Improve) or attack cards (Comback, Adrenaline, Turbo Boots,…) for defense or counterattack.

  • Update: When cards don’t match your Strategy in that Round, this card can be used to leave all cards.

  • Back Up, Second Wind: I usually spend a round using mana cards to get enough mana for Round 2. If I don’t have a mana card, I’ll try to keep about 2 mana to avoid getting hit. The opponent destroys all energy.

  • Comms Jammer: Use this card when an opponent’s player has a lower Key Event stat than your own players.

  • Tactical Foul : Use this card when your opponent’s other Key Event stats are lower than your own player.

  • X-Ray Vision, Turbo Boots, … : When you want to use cards to double the skill’s stats, you need to pay attention to your energy or you can use energy-boosting cards like Back up, Steal, … keep your energy at a safe level (avoid your opponent from breaking/stealing energy => no energy for the next round).

Case 2: Your player has lower stats than the opponent’s player

In this case, you should try to defend and attack if there are stat increase cards in the appropriate Key Event.

1.3. Note

In the matches, you guys should try to handle it as best as you can, and winning or losing depends on the cards and the Key Event because there are opponents so strong that they can still win without using cards. ).

1.4. Evaluate

The game depends on the skill of using cards, player stats, Key Event and even luck. The game is quite good, both earn money and have an interesting experience when playing.

2. How to calculate ROI

You can see how to calculate profit according to the table below:

For example, your CyBloc is Bronze and has Skill stats: Tackling (36), Passing (29), Dribbling (26), Crossing (35), Shooting (30) and Physical (29)

→ Total skill points = 185 → Overall = 185/425 x 100 = 44 → Cybloc gets 2 CBT/ each win.

My ROI when playing

I rented 3 bronze cyblocs at level 1, so every time I win, I get about 6 CBT, because I only get 20% (1.2 CBT) of CBT. Since I play extensively, so the cyblocs reach level 100 in within 25 days so cbt each match when I win 15 CBT (3 CBT, my win rate is 15/20 when at the end of the month I get 1k2 cbt CBT price 0.3 at that time (I made 400 dollars)

3. Real combat experience

After more than 2 months of experience and trial play, I have drawn the following experiences you can refer to:

  • Use the Nutmeg card at the beginning of each round because the opponent will often use the cards most necessary to win the round as well as the game (Can’t Keep Up, Supercharge Fuel, Second Wind,…).

  • For each player, you should add stat points to 2 skills (3 players choose 3 different skill pairs). Regarding choosing skills to add points for players, you evaluate the player’s Trait to increase any skill stats and the player’s already high stats. However, the opponent can use the Tactical Foul card to defeat you because the remaining 4 stats are quite low.

  • In rounds where you are sure to lose stats, you should choose players with low stats (use the Perfect Save card if available) to play to keep high-stats players from getting exhausted and focus on kicking. in the next round, you can aim for a win or draw. For example: You have 1 Bronze player, 1 Silver player, 1 Gold player, 3 players of the same level => Bronze players will have low stats => choose Bronze players.

  • When your opponent has 2 mana left, if you guess your opponent will use 1 card (not mana cards) in the next round, you can use the Energy Leak card (if available). This will make the opponent no longer have the ability to recover mana.

  • During Round 3 of Set 1, do not use cards that work in the next Round (eg Update, Can’t Keep Up, Stun,…). Because it won’t work in Round 1 Round 2.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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