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Taking the advantages of blockchain and GateGame’s versatile ecosystem and platform advantages, Stellaverse has all the most important features of a “flagship” game. With the theme of building a planet, developing an empire in outer space, and unlimited customization of Spaceships will definitely bring many surprises for you to discover.

So what is Stellaverse? What are the outstanding features of Stellaverse? I’m Harry – Let’s learn this game from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Stellaverse is the Metaverse Game of the GateGame platform, where players can participate in building arenas, factories, playing games, owning spaceships, even owning planets in the form of NFTs and building a whole dynasty of its own.
  • In Stellaverse, players can make their own rules and can play games with RTS (Real-time Strategy), FPS or Factory Building genres which are divided into 4 games with different names as well as gameplay: Stellaverse: Frontier, Stellaverse: Arena, Stellaverse: Dynasty, Stellaverse: Factory.
  • The economy in Stellaverse is operated by Stella Token which has many utilities and applications in the game such as: Upgrade Spaceship, Weapon, Planet; Purchase equipment, Spaceships, Weapons, Planets; Rewards for events and game modes.

1. What is Stellaverse?


Stellaverse is the name of a galaxy containing many planets where players can participate in building arenas, factories, playing games, owning spaceships, even owning planets in the form of NFTs and building an entire dynasty for yourself.

In Stellaverse, players can make their own rules and can play games with RTS (Real-Time Strategy), FPS or Factory Building genres. Players can use factories to craft things like weapons, mutated pets, and more…then can sell them on the marketplace for a profit.

Stellaverse is also a battle on the battlefield between the Metaverse galaxies with the most cinematic graphics. In-depth stats and high-quality special effects provide quick power-specific information not only about individual party members, but also Spaceships and weapons so players can make tactical decisions in a split second to protect yourself, your team, and your planet.

Especially when designing Spaceships, players can customize specific Ship stat attributes to their liking. Players can earn Stellaverse Token in any way they want.

2. What are the highlights of Stellaverse?

Stellaverse Galaxy can be seen as GateGame’s Metaverse Game, divided into 4 games with different names and gameplay:

2.1. Become a Commander in Stellaverse: Frontier

become a Commander in Stellaverse

Stellaverse: Frontier is oriented to become the first Blockchain Game of the AutoChess genre (Tactical Chess). The core gameplay of the game will be modifiable Spaceships with all sorts of perks that will increase their attributes.

Players will engage in a galactic-themed board game as they work through certain mechanics and strategies used in combat, such as modifying the spaceship’s attributes such as power, speed, and power. degree, hit point…

Players can choose from a variety of game modes from normal to hard to play within their abilities to win tokens, Spaceship blueprints, Spaceship equipment or experience to upgrade citizens (Personnel) while playing Stellaverse: Frontier. All are tradable or used to buy/build things in other games in the Stellaverse galaxy.

2.2. Become a Pilot in Stellaverse: Arena

Become a Pilot in Stellaverse

Stellaverse: Arena is an intergalactic 3D shooting game in an open-air arena. Players can have fun with friends or test their limits by participating in an official tournament where they can win rewards such as tokens – which can be traded or used to buy/build anything – or NFT – that can be minted and sold on the NFT marketplace.

In Stellaverse: Arena, players can participate in a game experience that allows them to customize parts of their Spaceship to increase their power, or can change their appearance by turning them into a dragon if they wish.

Players can choose to team up with others or go alone, and can play the way they want like changing roles flexibly from Tank => Assault, Scout => Healer, the choice is yours.

2.3. Build Your Own Empire with Stellaverse: Dynasty

Build Your Own Empire with Stellaverse

Dynasty is home to the power of Arena, Frontier and Factory, all brought together in one Dynasty game for the best galactic gaming experience of all time. Here, players have full control and truly build their own space dynasty. Everything from setting the layout of their own planet, to building networks of factories that act as single space stations.

In Dynasty, players can make their own rules, can use factories to make weapons, spaceships, mutated pets, and more. And when designing a spaceship, players can configure the ship’s specific properties to their liking.

Players can earn more tokens, upgrade Personnel citizenship faster, and get better exclusive NFTs through quests as they progress Dynasty to higher ranks.

At Dynasty, players can also create their own majestic Stellaverse kingdom by building special buildings such as Stadium, Museum, Villa, Garden, Park, Square…and rent them out to other players to use in other Metaverse Games to earn tokens as passive income.

2.4. Become a Builder in Stellaverse: Factory

Become a Builder in Stellaverse

Factories are a great way for players to create their own personalized gaming experience. But players must choose their planet wisely because each planet has its own resources and comes with attributes such as: Number of buildable locations, Population…

In a factory, players can build spaceships, flying cars, mutated pets, weapons, and so on.

Players can earn: Minerals, NFT Items, Tokens, NFT Shards depending on the search intent. And these materials and items can be minted to sell them on NFT Marketplace as NFT for profit.

2.5. Own your own Planet

Own your own Planet

It is entirely possible for players to purchase a Planet and produce their own unique resources. Each Planet has its own abilities that allow the player to build factories to manufacture spaceships, weapons…and use them to protect their own Planet or mint to sell them on the NFT Marketplace.

Owning a Planet comes with perks when leveling up. In addition to just producing resources, players can upgrade the planet for better defense and production, access to more minerals and supplies, thereby helping to harvest more resources.

3. Stellaverse Roadmap

stellaverse roadmap 1

stellaverse roadmap 2

stellaverse roadmap 3

4. Tokennomics

Stellaverse’s economy is powered by the main token, Stella Token.

4.1. Key metric Stella Token

  • Token Name: Stella Token
  • Ticker: STELLA
  • Blockchain: Updating…
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • BSC contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Updating…
  • Maximum Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

4.2. Stella Token allocation and vesting schedule


4.3. Stella Token Utilities

  • Upgrade Spaceships, Weapons, Planets.
  • Buy equipment, Spaceships, Weapons, Planets
  • Rewards for events and game modes.
  • And some other utilities will be updated by the publisher in the future

4.4. How to own Stella Token

There are many ways to earn Stella Tokens! Whether the player is just enjoying the game alone or entertaining with friends, or if participating in a tournament. Stella Tokens can be earned, traded or used to buy/build anything in any Sellaverse game. But there are two basic ways to get Stella Token that are Play-to-Earn and Craft-to-Earn:

  • Play – to – Earn:
    • Earn Stella Token while playing games.
    • Earn Stella Tokens based on your achievements in the game. The harder the challenge, the more Stella Tokens you earn.
    • Win Esport Tournaments. Players can join as a team or solo.
    • Earning social points based on Guild activities can also give Stella Token
    • Get funded in the form of Stella Token by a real company in the Esport environment.
  • Craft – to – Earn:
    • Produce items from your Factory and sell them as NFTs.
    • Harvest Exclusive Resources from your Planet and sell them as NFTs.
    • Rent your Planet on Stellaverse’s NFT Marketplace.
    • Win challenges by producing unique items.

4.5. Stella Token Exchanges


5. Backers

5.1. Development team


5.2. Investors


5.3. Partners


6. Community

  • Website: https://stellaverse.gg
  • Twitter: Updating…
  • Telegram Announcement: Updating…
  • Telegram Community: Updating…
  • Discord: Updating…
  • Medium: Updating…
  • Youtube: Updating…
  • Whitepaper: Updating…

Above is all the basic information about what Stellaverse is. Hopefully this article will help you have the most general knowledge about this metaverse galaxy-building game. Look forward to the next articles of GameAZ about basic features, how to play or how to maximize profits from this exciting game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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