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Star Sharks will be similar to the predecessor Axie Infinity with the same tactical gameplay, Star Sharks will have different types of sharks including: Tiger, Crocodile, Godzilla, Coryx, Rock, Whale. Each type of shark will have different characteristics in terms of stats and strength.

I’m Harry From GameAZ – Let learn about what is Star Shark from A to Z

1. What is Star Sharks?

Star Sharks is a project developed and supported by Binance Lab. Star Shark is also an outstanding project on the Binace Smart Chain platform, with the integration of different game types as outlined in the team’s development roadmap, which has helped Starshark attract the attention of players and investors. as soon as it’s released. The game allows the player to use his NFT character to enter a specific metaverse, the Shark-metaverse. Here the project allows players to develop together and create the community in the Shark-metaverse.

In Star Sharks players can use their sharks with many different cards, each shark will have 4 cards to use respectively. The game also offers 2 different types of game modes, PvE and PvP, besides daily quests and daily quests.

Different modes offer different rewards, simply with SEA coins earned from PvE or SSS coins (governance tokens) earned from climbing to the top.

what is star sharks

2. Star Sharks Highlights

The difference between Star Sharks and other NFT games is the way the game is promoted and communicated. The referrer feature will be a useful feature for players, motivating them to invite new players.

New borns shark will be stronger because they inherit the traits of the previous two sharks at the same time and hence will also be stronger and have a higher rank. This is somewhat different compared to Axie Infinity as their new born pets, though have the characteristics of the previous two pets, are not necessarily stronger,

3. Features of Star Sharks

3.1. Marketplace system

  • On the Star Sharks game platform, the marketplace is a place that allows players to trade and buy NFTs.
  • To play this game, players need to own their own sharks, NFT and the marketplace is the place for players to find Mystery Box (mysterious chest containing sharks) to participate in the game. then the SSS and SEA tokens will be used to modify and upgrade its NFTs.

3.2. NFT . rental system

In the StarSharks platform, players will provide a system that combines lessor and lessee. Regarding the liquidity and usage of NFT assets, players will be fully enabled by the feature in this StarSharks .

In addition, the NFT rental system will help players bridge the gap between other players who are holding NFT but do not have time to enter the Game and members who often play but do not qualify. , the initial financial ability to buy yourself NFT input.

At the rental system, the player lists the NFTs he has so that other players can rent and set the expected rental income and date. The rental period for a day is limited to 6 hours and if the rental NFTs generate less income than expected, the player can continue to list on the rental market.

In StarSharks there will be some rules when renting:

  • The lessor is not allowed to use the shark he is listing on the rental market.
  • The maximum number of sharks allowed to hire at one time is three
  • Players who rent Sharks to whom the tenant does not use them in the game incurs a certain penalty, a measure designed to protect the interests of the lessor.
  • The distribution of income is regulated by a reward and punishment mechanism to protect the interests of both the lessor and the lessor.


3.3. Star Sharks Warriors game system

The game system in StarSharks is a collection of many different games about the ocean world, so players can find many different forms of play in that game collection. Through playing the game you will earn SEA, NFTs…

With competitive games in the game system, players who win or achieve high rankings in the game’s leaderboard will receive a reward of SSS governance tokens.

3.4. Provide liquidity pools

The platform of the project creates a liquidity pool. At this pool players can stake their SSS tokens in exchange for VeSSS (locked SSS tokens) and become LPs. When becoming an LP, players will be sharing 70% of the platform’s earnings.

3.5. Land Ownership of Star Sharks

  • Land construction and use: Players can buy land under the ocean to build arenas or other structures on the land they own. Players can interact with other players around their land, besides can increase resource output, increase attributes for their NFT Sharks.
  • Land auction: Players can auction their own rare earth pieces or plots on the marketplace as an NFT.
  • Team battle: On their lands, players can team up with each other to defend invasions from other players, they can also initiate attacks with other players to earn more resources. and prestigious awards.

3.6. Cards Star Sharks

  • Mechanism: Use cards for tactics to fight, the more cards the battle will change.
  • Earnings: High ranked players will be rewarded with SSS tokens, and PvE players will be rewarded with SEA tokens.

4. Roadmap Star Sharks


October 2021

Star Sharks title launched in the state. Binance Secret Box – NFT presale will begin.

Official IDO and community building rewards will be launched via airdrop.

November 2021

Start releasing the first PVP/PVE fighting game with NFT shark core.

Officially launch the rental system and introduce on the NFT market.

January 2022

Establish an official support fund to support the construction of gold trading unions in Southeast Asia Africa and other regions.

March 2022

Officially launch the PVP system and start the PVP season.

June 2022

The team released a second shark development game that comes with a shark farming system.

September 2022

The third game with the theme of “land building” is launched. This allows players to buy resources and build on their lands.

December 2022

The fourth game with the theme of parkour racing is released. This allows players with sharks to participate in competitions.

March 2023

The fifth game is themed around launched cards. Players can play this game by staking admin tokens or NFT tokens produced by the family and racing game.

5. Star Sharks token information:

The platform offers two main types of tokens:

  • SSS, governance token
  • SEA, gameplay token

5.1. SEA economic model

Sea is an in-game currency with an endless supply, and balancing supply and consumption is a prerequisite for the release of every game on the platform for token stability.

5.2. SEA offers:

  • Starting with the issuance of 100 million SEA to the platform, besides providing liquidity for the SEA-BNB trading pair on the DEX.
  • Players will usually only receive SEA through games.

5.3. SEA and its stability:

As for supply: The ratio of supply to consumption will be around 0.84 in the first 2 months and reach 1.4 even though the player count will increase, this will always be within the acceptable ratio so the issuer will not need any intervention and will only maintain the stability of the token.

  • According to the publisher team’s calculations, when each player needs at least 3 sharks to participate, the only way to get sharks is to buy Mystery Box from the marketplace. The platform will distribute and keep a small amount of the player’s revenue for fees. 90 percent of SEA tokens collected by the platform from trading will be burned, the majority of the remaining 10 percent tokens will be given as prizes to referers for their contributions.
  • Meanwhile, players will spend a huge amount of SEA to feed their sharks, the SEA tokens that the platform earns from raising sharks will continuously burn.

5.4. SSS token Economic Model

SSS Token is an official multi-functional digital currency used as a medium of exchange between members of the Game StarSharks platform in a decentralized manner. SSS Token provides players with a payment method and will solve all the problems between the participants interacting in the ecosystem on StarSharks without the need for any intermediary unit or management.

This is the governance token of the platform, it gives token holders the right to share the value of the StarSharks IP metaverse via the DAO and have the right to participate in building the future of the StarSharks metaverse.

5.5. SSS allocation and reward schedule

  • Angel Round: 5% , the first payment schedule in 4 months from the first IDO, and the rest will be cyclical every quarter for 11 consecutive quarters of the year.
  • Private Sale: 7% , the first payment schedule in 3 months from the first IDO, and the rest will be cycled every quarter for 11 consecutive quarters of the year.
  • Public Sale: 3% payment schedule based on marketing strategy
  • Company Reverse: 5%
  • Team & Advisors: 15% , disbursement will take 4 years, 5% of the supply for this item will be disbursed in 6 months from IDO, 5% will be disbursed in the next 6 months after first disbursement , and 15% will be disbursed every 6 months for the next 3 years.
  • Liquidity Pool: 1%
  • Marketing Fund: 3%
  • Initial Incentives Pool: 61% , will not be locked and circulated for 10 years.


5.6. How to earn and own SSS tokens

Staking: Users can stake to receive SSS.

Play to Earn: get high ranking position in the game to receive SSS token rewards.

User complete daily mission and get SEA card, winner of PvP/PvE match can also get SEA, top prize winner or top 500 player will have chance to get reward SSS token value.

Users can buy tokens on supported exchanges.

6. Backer

6.1 Development Team

CEO : Franky

Co-founder Producer : Turi

Co-Founder CTO (Chief Technology Officer): Kevin

Co-Founder CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): Vanessa

Information about the team management of Star Sharks is only limited to the role of the management by the project and no longer talks more deeply about each person, so the information is limited.

6.2 Partners and investors

7. Community

You can find out more information about Star Sharks through:

  • Whitepaper : https://static.starsharks.com/whitepaper/StarSharks_WhitePaper_2021.pdf
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarSharks_SSS
  • Discord: http://discord.gg/starsharks-sss
  • Medium: http://medium.com/@StarSharks
  • Facebook: https://facebook.com/StarSharksOfficial/
  • Telegram: http://t.me/starsharks_SSS

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