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Taking advantage of blockchain and GateGame platform advantages, Metabot has all the necessary features of a robot-themed Brawler fighting game, from Classification to Specifications of each Robot type. The game has  PvE/PvP game modes in full for you to explore and the simple and accessible Gameplay. It is sure to be a game you shouldn’t miss.

So what is Metabot? What are the outstanding features of Metabot? I’m Harry – Let’s learn about this game from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • “Metabot” is a compound word of Metaverse + Robot, meaning to control + use combat Robots in the GateGame multiverse integrated with virtual reality technology. It is a game with a simple PvP Brawler fighting style and is easy for players to get used to playing. However, it is not easy for them to become a professional without skills and hard practice.
  • Metabot has a diverse Robot system consisting of 5 types of Robots. Each type will have different specifications to classify strengths and weaknesses separately, accompanied by a full upgrade mechanism “toys” for the game. Feel free to increase their power.
  • The economy in Metabot is run by a main governance token, $MTD, which has many applications in the game such as: Buying exclusive items; As a reward for completing the game; Betting, Staking for admin rights.


1. What is Metabot?

Metabot is a fighting game, with the characteristics of three-dimensional space and ballistic simulation. In Metabot, players are assigned to two opposing teams or join multiplayer mode in which players shoot at each other using vehicles known as “Bots” (as Metabot calls them). Each Bot has four types, including “Broonze”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “SS” (Super Special).

“Metabot” is a compound word of Metaverse + Robot. The player’s robots in the game “Bot” will not only play in 1 mode, 1 map or 1 game genre, but can be used in many different modes, like purely combat modes (such as Deathmatch), tactical modes (Capture the Flag, and modes that combine sports + tactics (Football). These “Bots” can even be used in other games in the GateGame universe.

2. Highlights of Metabot

2.1. Simple PVP Brawler Gameplay System

PvP Brawler gameplay is simple with an accessible interface that is suitable for beginners. However, there is no shortage of battles that require skills and tactics for veteran gamers.

2.2. Diverse robot attribute system

The Metabot Robot System is integrated with detailed attributes such as Damage, Speed, and Health and is classified into 5 types, from Tanker with a lot of blood suitable for gamers who like to “put flesh on people” to Sniper to destroy enemies with pellets. fatal bullets.

Combination of the Equip system (Armor) and Weapons having the ability to upgrade helps players to arbitrarily increase the power of their Metabot to meet different harsh conditions in battles.

robot index system in metabot

2.3. Diverse game modes

Metabot has all the basic PvE PvP modes of a Brawler game and various Terrain Maps in one mode, including: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Challenge. In addition to the basic combat modes, Metabot makes a difference when building and developing an entertaining Football mode, suitable for gamers playing with a group of close friends, helping players Experience the true “Play-for-Fun” feeling.

Diverse game modes in metabot

2.4. Pylon item system and character boosts

Of course, the Pylon and Personnel systems are also integrated in Metabot. Pylon and Personnel are GateGame’s exclusive systems that bring many advanced benefits (e.g. Robot power-ups, “Earn” profit optimization) for gamers to experience GateGame-based games.

3. Metabot Roadmap


4. Tokennomics

Metabot’s economy is powered by the main token $MTD – Meta Dollar.

4.1. Key metric $MTD

  • Token Name: Meta Dollar Token
  • Ticker: MTD
  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • BSC contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Administration + Utilities
  • Maximum Supply: Updating…
  • Supply in circulation: Updating…

4.2. $MTD Token Allocation and Vesting Schedule


4.3. $MTD Utilities

  • Purchasing items: Some exclusive in-game items that cannot be purchased with stablecoins (BUSD, USDT) will require $MTD, e.g. Upgrade Chip, or some NFTs in special events.
  • Rewarding: completing missions, playing PvE PvP modes, or achieving certain achievements will give an amount of $MTD.
  • As currency for in-game activities: Some special features in the game will use $MTD, for example: Robot Upgrade Fee, Equipment Upgrade Fee,…and some other utilities will be updated when the game officially launches.
  • Betting: To participate in Challenge and Tournament mode.
  • Governance: Stake $MTD to have the right to vote to choose to comment on building new features or give future development directions for the game.

4.4. How to get $MTD

To be able to start “Earn” with $MTD, players need to own at least 1 Metabot NFT.

  • Completing the mission in PvE mode, PvP will gives $MTD.
  • Winning some matches will give a small amount of $MTD (will be limited by account and by day)
  • Reaching certain achievements (e.g. Completing a match without taking any damage) in Metabot will reward an amount of $MTD.
  • $MTD is used for betting before participating in Challenge mode or betting in Tournaments. The winner will receive the full stake.

4.5. $MTD Exchanges 


5. Backers

5.1. Development team


5.2. Investors


5.3. Partners


6. Community

  • Website: Updating…
  • Twitter: Updating…
  • Telegram Announcement: Updating…
  • Telegram Community: Updating…
  • Discord: Updating…
  • Medium: Updating…
  • Youtube: Updating…
  • Whitepaper: Updating…

Above is all the basic information about what is Metabot. Hopefully this article will help you have the most general knowledge about this fighting robot game. Please look forward to the next articles of GameAZ about basic features, how to play or how to maximize profits from this exciting game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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