[Overview] What is Karmaverse Zombie ($KNOT, $SERUM)?

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Have you ever thought about playing games and earning money with the SLG (Simulation Game) genre while integrating the large-scale Metaverse? Karmaverse will help you experience that.

So what is Karmaverse Zombie? Karmaverse can be seen as a “House” containing the world of all Metaverse games including toolboxes that allow the community to build similar games on the Karmaverse platform. Players – known as Karmanauts – can use NFTs to transfer assets between games or sell them to other players for a profit.

Karmaverse Zombie was the first game to launch on Karmaverse that ran an Alpha beta on T2/2022.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn the Karmaverse Zombie from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Karmaverse is a multiverse GameFi with many different Metaverse projects, in which Karmaverse Zombie is the first GameFi of SLG (Simulation Game) in Blockchain Game history and also the first project to be launched on this platform.
  • Karmaverse Zombie has 2 tokens, $KNOT and $SERUM.
    • $KNOT plays a governance role, which can be used and traded across all Karmaverse platform games and all in-game resources and transactions.
    • $SERUM serves as a utility token that players can get through activities during gameplay: PvP, Chest Quest, Giant Attack, etc.
  • Before creating Karmaverse, the project development team was behind two of the best-selling SLG games in mobile gaming history, “King of Avalon” and “Guns of Glory”.
  • Karmaverse has raised $8 million from YGG SEA, A&T Capital, TPS, Foresight Ventures, Polygon Studios, Cao Zhen (Partner of Republic), OKX Blockdream Ventures, NFX, Mind Mind Capital, GSR Ventures, HashKey Capital, Fund Basic Labs, Y2Z, L2Y, and Altonomy.

1. What is Karmaverse Zombie?

Karmaverse Zombie is an NFT Game built on Polygon Blockchain technology. The game content is mainly the struggle for survival and domination in a post-apocalyptic world infected by zombies and mutants.

After the spread of a virus that purports to nearly wipe out humanity, zombies and mutants have spread across the Earth. The survivors have trained themselves to become warriors, teamed up to survive in shelters, and worked together to find a way to gradually eliminate the threat called Zombie.

Each player manages a shelter and a Fighter as a unique NFT, which the player can sell, trade, and use in-game. By assembling a powerful team of Fighters, players will be able to create the strongest Fight Club in the land to fight off hordes of zombies and or compete with other players.

The vision of the publisher Karmaverse Zombie is to build a Play-to-Earn game that players not only see as a profitable investment, but also enjoy it as a real game; and the goal of a game is to have fun!

At the same time, we want to create a sustainable and dynamic Play-to-Earn economy that allows players to earn money and do what they want; simultaneously, it encourages online social interactions and building community.

What is Karmaverse Zombie

2. Highlights Karmaverse Zombie

  • It is the first SLG (Simulation Game) GameFi in Blockchain Game history. Karmaverse Zombie is a shortcut for traditional SLG gamers to enter the world of Blockchain Game by following SLG’s classic economic model, thereby leading players to the Play-to-Earn economic model.
  • Player avatars, hundreds of Fighters cards with hundreds of millions of customization possibilities, and rare variations can ensure that every NFT in the Karmaverse Zombie created by players is unique.
  • Rich and diverse Fighters collection: The publisher has been completing more than 340 unique Fighters created every day.
  • The stats of each NFT hero are random, and even if the player has the same card, these stats will be different for each individual. Each player will draw heroes with different star ratings. The same heroes may have different skills, attributes and ingredients. If a hero has a top stat set, it will have super high income value for players.
  • Karmaverse Zombie has a Free-to-Earn mechanic that players can join without investment. Players can create their own NFT resources that can be bought/sold after the player’s duration of investment and gameplay, not only with money.

3. Roadmap Karmaverse Zombie

Q1 / 2022 – Completed

  • Launch the first KARMAVERSE game
  • Release the First NFT Asset
  • Release the game
  • Advertised plots of land
  • Release TGE Token and the 2nd round of NFT sales
  • Expand game function
  • Start community activities
  • Launch the Marketplace

Q2 / 2022

  • Start community tournaments
  • Initiate SLG game elements and test
  • NFT sale
  • Test new version
  • Launch Alliance function
  • Incubate other minigames that launch in-game (In Progress)

Q3 / 2022

  • Continue community activities
  • Continue to decentralize
  • Integrate trading on DEXs

Q4 / 2022

  • Completely SLG online game
  • Continue community activities
  • Continue to decentralize
  • Continue community activities
  • Launch the minigame
  • Balance updates and other updates to SLG gameplay
  • Reveal other game universes and parts of KARMAVERSE to players

4. Tokennomics

4.1. Key metrics $KNOT

  • Token Name: Karmaverse Knot
  • Ticker: KNOT
  • Blockchain: Polygon (Matic)
  • Token Standard: PRC – 20
  • Contract: 0xb763F1177E9B2Fb66FBe0d50372E3e2575c043e5
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Maximum total supply: 210,000,000 KNOT
  • Initial circulating supply: 3,600,000

4.2. Token Allocation & Vesting Schedule

  • Seed funding round: 7.8%, unlock 5% at TGE, lock for 6 months, then unlock in 12 months
  • Private round: 11.7%, unlock 5% at TGE, lock for 3 months, then unlock in 12 months
  • Public funding round: 1.1%, unlock 50% at TGE, unlock the remaining 50% after TGE 30 days
  • Team: 10%, lock for 12 months, then unlock linearly in 12 months
  • Advisory Board: 3%, unlock 5% at TGE, lock for 2 months, then unlock in 18 months
  • Community: 3.8%, unlock in installments over 36 months
  • Ecosystem Fund: 3.4%, unlock  15% at TGE, then unlock linearly in 18 months
  • Liquidity: 5%, distributed monthly for 9 months
  • Play-to-Earn Player Reward: 29%, distributed monthly for 60 months
  • Staking Reward: 25.2%, distributed monthly for 51 months

karmaverse zombie token allocation

4.3. Roles of $KNOT – Governance

$KNOT is the main utility token in the Karmaverse. The token can be used and traded across all Karmaverse platform games and all in-game resources and transactions.

  • $KNOT will have different utilities in each game world, such as being used to mint a new NFT that will consume an amount of $KNOT;
  • As a payment currency in Karma Marketplace;
  • To launch new game worlds (User Generated Worlds);
  • In governance and voting;
  • In Liquidity mining;
  • To be integrated into in-game P2E mechanics;
  • To buy Fighters, Zombies, Materials and NFT items;

Players can earn $KNOT for being in the top 1000 of the Raid Arena Seasonal Leaderboard.

4.4. Roles of $SERUM – Utilities

As a utility token (basically the main token of the game), it helps you earn from the game through gameplay activities: PvP, Chest Quests, Giant Attack, Invite friends to play the game, etc.

*Note: To be able to Earn the full rewards, players are required to have a minimum of 3 NFT Fighters in the team. If you own less than 3 NFT Fighters, the reward of $SERUM will be limited.

5. Backers

5.1. Team

Karmaverse was founded by an experienced team which is also a group of designers behind 2 of the top 10 global simulation games (SLGs) – “King of Avalon” and “Guns of Glory”. Those games generated $2 billion in revenue and 5 million monthly active users, making them the best-selling SLG games in Mobile Game history.

With the team’s solid reputation and experience, it will definitely help Karmaverse Zombie to attract a large number of players and establish a stable loyal player base in the long run.

  • Scott Cheung – CEOis a NFT expert who participated in 3 NFT/GameFi projects built on BSC and Ethereum and is a Co-Founder of the WSB community.
  • Adam Markiewicz – Global Marketing Specialist: is a global entrepreneur and investor. He also co-founded 2 startups, lived on 5 continents, and specializes in NFTs.
  • Jesse Slater – Lead Development Engineer: is a game world architect and story builder, contributing to Dapps which is built on Ethereum since 2018.
  • Kartik Garg – Business Development: is a cryptocurrency adventurer, entrepreneur, and investor, looking to disrupt the status quo of global business operations.
  • Greg Young – Creative Director: is a seasoned gamer, has worked in print, television, and films.

5.2. Backers & Partners

karmaverse zombie backers partners

In early March, Karmaverse raised over $6 million in a Private Round led by A&T Capital. The private round includes the participation of some leading and reputable venture capital firms in the Blockchain Game and Web3 fields such as Foresight Ventures, Polygon Studios, Cao Zhen (Partner of Republic), OKX Blockdream Ventures, NFX, Mind Mind Capital, GSR Ventures, HashKey Capital, Fund Basic Labs, Y2Z, L2Y, and Altonomy.

Earlier in February, Karmaverse closed a Seed Round of $2 million in which Yield Guild Games SEA, IVC, and TPS Capital were leading.

funds and backers of karmaverse zombie

6. Community

  • Website: https://karmaverse.io/karmaversezombie
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Karmaverse_io
  • Telegram News: https://t.me/karmaverse_news
  • Telegram Community: https://t.me/karmaverseofficial
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/jPEcX77teA
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/karmaverse
  • Medium: https://medium.com/@karmaverse.io
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDrmy4bZIzZZrCjeI_BPiwQ
  • Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.karmaverse.io

Hopefully, through the above article, readers have had the most general information what is Karmaverse Zombie project. Let’s look forward to the next article on “Basic Features of Karmaverse Zombie” on GameAZ to gain more knowledge about this game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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