[Overview] What is Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms?

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Three Kingdoms must be a name that is too famous in the world, especially in Asian countries. And Hero Blade: Three Kingdom is the first NFT game project built on this hero story. In this article, GameAZ will share with you all the basic information related to this game.

I’m Drake, let’s explore this project from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Hero Blade: Three Kingdoms is the first NFT game project built on the story of the Three Kingdoms, developed by the Klay Meta Game team on the Klay platform.
  • Game highlights: The project is developed on Klay network exclusively for NFT games and game play as well as player experience are optimized. The project combines a variety of gameplay, with the ability to increase difficulty according to the player’s level to keep the game challenging.
  • Token allocation and Vesting schedule: 1% for TGE, 14% for team, 10% for private sale unlocked within 6 months to 1 year, 44% tokens for play 2 earn.
  • Token utilities: MUDOL2, token is for play 2 earn, staking reward and admin rights.
  • Development team: KlayMeta is from Korea, the team is developed from Klaytn – blockchain dedicated to NFT games, especially games from Korea.
  • Investment fund: Klaytn, Epic league, VistaLab,…

hero blaze three kingdom

1. What is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms?

The project is developed by the Klay Meta Game team on the Klay platform. The game is set in the Three Kingdoms period in the midst of the fiercest war. Players will play the role of one of many generals, holding in their hands separate powers and skills, with the mission to end the war of unification.

Hero blaze three kingdom overview

The game belongs to the RPG genre, combining card gameplay, turn base, and squad arrangement. With diverse gameplay, players can have many interesting experiences. The game also designs gameplay as well as a diverse upgrade system, many options for players, creating excitement when seeing their characters get stronger day by day.

Players can be Free to Play, Play to Earn in the game. The game allows pre-registration to play the game from May 19, 2022 on the Android platform.

2. Highlights of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Players can choose between 200 champions, with distinct skill sets, creating a unique experience for players. In addition, it is possible to combine, upgrade, improve, … the generals to get a group of powerful generals.

Highlights of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Gameplay combines many gameplay such as tactics, cards, arrangement of squads, … making the playing experience can attract players for a long time.

This is a game project released by the Klaytn platform that is optimized between performance and game experience.

3. Roadmap of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Up to the present time, the roadmap of Hero Blaze Three Kingdom is as follows:


  • Release in Korea (Android & iOS)

April 2022:

  • Open the international community

May 2022:

  • Update game content: Arena

June 2022:

  • Introduce MUDOL2 Token
  • Starting in Asia (Android & iOS): New server opening
  • Open the official international website: Exchanging, Staking
  • Update Game Content : Expand Game Training System


  • Expand the global service area including: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, North America,…
  • NFT: Launch of NFT products, trade and exchange
  • Game Content Update: Guild War


  • Market expansion (Market for 3rd party)
  • Game content update: New equipment, Mount system


  • Official international website v2

4. Tokenomics

4.1. Key Matric

  • Token Name: Mudol2 ( MUDOL2 Token )
  • Ticker: Updating
  • Blockchain: Klaytn
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Max Supply: 500,000,000
  • Market Cap:
  • Circulating Supply:

4.2. Token Allocation

The allocation schedule of the $MUDOL 2 token is as follows:


Total Supply



Initial Issuance



Play to Earn



3yr vesting

DAO creator reward



3yr vesting

vMETA Reward



3yr vesting




1yr lock, 3yr vesting

Private Sale



6M lock, 1yr Vesting




6M lock, 1yr Vesting




3yr vesting




allotment of hero blaze three kingdom token

The largest amount of tokens for Play 2 Earn is 44%; the team holding 12% locked for 3 years is a plus.

Private sale accounts for 10% unlocked after 6 months

4.3. Vesting Schedule

Below is the $MUDOL2 Vesting Schedule

Vesting Schedule hero blaze three kingdom token

4.4. Token Utilities

MUDOL2 Token ($MUDOL2) is a governance token, which can be used to convert to MUDOL Stone – an in-game currency. Players can also use MUDOL Stone to convert back to MUDOL2 Token.

Players can obtain MUDOL Stone by completing special missions or through PvP and PvE ranked events.

MUDOL Stone has special important uses in the game. Players can spend time on playing to win MUDOL Stone or can save time by buying MUDOL2 Token and converting it to MUDOL Stone.

MUDOL2 Token can be used for Staking and receiving rewards.

mudol2 token

4.5. How to own Tokens:

Players can own Tokens through 2 ways: trading directly on the DEX at the game website or earning during the game.

5. Backers

5.1. Team

Until now, information about Hero Blaze’s team has not been announced. GameAZ will update this information for players as soon as the official project team is made public.

5.2. Investment funds and partners

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms investment funds and partners can include names such as: KRAFTON, NEOWIZ, alphanonce, AMBER, Trinito, Mil.k, …

investment fund and partner of hero blaze three kingdom

6. Community

  • Medium: https://heroblaze3kd.medium.com/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/HeroBlaze3kd
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/heroblaze3kd
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeroBlaze3k
  • Website: https://heroblaze3kd.io/

Hero Blaze Three Kingdom is a game that is carefully invested and brings high expectations of the team from Kaytn, Korea. The game promises to be a quality product for a volatile NFT gaming market. Let’s wait for the release date and review article about this game from GameAZ!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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