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Grasping the “HOT” development trend from the cryptocurrency industry, So what is Hero Arena? Hero Arena was born and developed as a NFT Turn-Based Strategy RPG, built on blockchain technology and inspired by DOTA with decentralized finance features. The game allows you to build a team that uses a variety of tactics to overcome your opponents.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn about this project from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Hero Arena is a Multiplayer NFT RPG built on Blockchain technology by Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, inspired by the DOTA game with decentralized finance features and designed in the genre of turn-based strategy, giving players full control of each stage of combat and gameplay in the player’s battle.
  • HERA’s gameplay revolves around HERA NFT Heroes, thus creating a world of more than 20,000 Heroes with a Heroes system built on diverse attributes: 5 Rarity, 5 Races, 3 Character Classes, 3 main Stats for 1 Heroes, 7 Skills, 7 Star Rank, Level 1-100.
  • Gameplay has various game modes with competitive and diversified activities: Dungeon; Daily quests; Realtime PvE – PvP mode; AFK feature (no need to log in to the game, but can still earn token passively); Rent NFT feature to play; especially the Free-to-Earn feature that helps players not need to spend the initial investment capital but can still be earn.
  • The main token is $HERA which has many applications in the game: Buy in-game items and pet; Share revenue through Staking and Farming; Stake to improve item skills and stats; Buy Hero Box on Marketplace; Capture ecosystem value; Exchange on the free market; Vote for new game features and settings to earn special rewards.
  • It is received greatly by investment capital sources such as Everse Capital, X21 Digital, DCI Capital, Minted Lab, Basic Capital, Au 21, Gate.io Labs…
  • It has prominent advisors as participants like Phuc Nguyen – CEO of Bunicorn; Ash WSB – CEO of Everse Capital and Lim Lester – Founder of X21 Digital.

1. What is Hero Arena?

Hero Arena is a NFT Multiplayer RPG built on the Blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and inspired by the DOTA game with decentralized finance features to create an unprecedented experience. Coming to Hero Arena, players can own, train heroes, collect items and fight for money.

Hero Arena is designed based on the genre of Turn-Based strategy, eliminating the real-time element. The game allows the player to have full control over each stage of the battle and the gameplay in the battle of the player. The game allows you to build a team that uses a variety of tactics to overcome your opponents.

What is Hero Arena

2. Highlights Hero Arena

2.1 Hera NFT Hero System

HERA’s gameplay revolves around HERA NFT Heroes, thus creating a world of more than 20,000 Heroes with 5 races. Each race will have 8 Heroes with completely different strengths and personalities. The Heroes system is built on the following attributes:

  • 5 Rarity: Common <Rare <Elite <Legendary <Immortal
  • 5 Races: Beast, Elf, Orc, Undead, Warlord
  • 3 Character Classes: Archer, Mage, Warrior

  • 3 Main Stats for 1 Hero: Strength (Health, Defense, Endurance, Critical Negation); Strength (Attack, Critical, Accuracy) and Agility (Speed, Dodge, Attack Stats against Defense)
  • 7 Skills: 1 active skill and 6 passive skills
  • 7 Star Rank: From 1 to 7 stars
  • Levels: 1-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80-100
  • Team components: up to 5 Heras per squad, support team in certain squads

2.2 What is Hero Arena Gameplay

In Hero Arena, players can earn money through various game modes with competitive gameplay and a variety of game activities.

  • Dungeon Mode: Players have 3 times to challenge individually Bosses per day. Each challenge is 8 hours apart. To continue the challenge, you need to use $Hegem to buy more turns. Depending on the level of the character, the difficulty of fighting the Boss is also different. After winning, you will receive Tokens & valuable items.
  • Quests: Players complete daily quests including practicing Heroes and Fighting monsters to get $HERA Token.
  • Free-to-Earn: Instead of losing an initial investment to buy a new NFT character, you can start the game like other NFT games. In Hero Arena, players can start playing completely for free and still receive a small amount of rewards for completing in-game missions.
  • Join realtime PvE-PVP mode: Players will form a team of 3 Heroes to fight with other players that also form a team with the same number of Heroes. To participate, players are required a challenge fee bet. The winning player gets the loser’s fee bet.
  • AFK feature: It’s for earning tokens and increasing experience for Heroes passively without having to log in to the game.
  • Rent-to-Play feature: For NFT Heroes with high rarity and high value, players do not meet the economic conditions but still want to experience ownership to increase the ability to “Earn” in a short time, the Rent feature is extremely suitable. Players just go to the Marketplace and click Rent the type of Heroes that suits your taste. The owner of that rental NFT Heroes will also increase the profit from the Rental fee.
  • Item Casting Feature: Players can use many items of the same type and bring them to Cast to receive items with better power. These new Mint items can be minted into NFT items that can be sold to other players for profit.
  • Staking: After purchasing NFT Heroe, players can Stake. The staking time is proportional to the amount of experience and the increased stats of that Hero. At the same time, the player also receives an additional $HERA Token.

2.3 Marketplace

NFT Heroes can be bought/sold with $HERA Token through the Marketplace. The higher the level of the NFT, the greater the profit value. Heroes and NFT items can be upgraded to increase in value.

Hero Arena’s NFTs Marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs. Not only that, but the game publisher also runs affiliate referral programs when participating in buying NFT with an attractive commission rate for both the advertiser and the referrer.

3. Roadmap Hero Arena

Q3 / 2021

  • Design NFT Heroes (BEP – 721)
  • Develop Heroes Marketplace

Q4 / 2021

  • IDO HERA Token (BEP – 20)
  • NFT Item Design (BEP – 1155)
  • Launch of PvE, PvP, Dungeon mode
  • Launch of NFT Heroes
  • List of transactions on Pancakeswap
  • List transactions on centralized exchanges CEX
  • Enable HERA Token Farming function

Q1 / 2022

  • Launch Mobile version, supporting Android & IOS
  • Launch AFK game mode, World Boss
  • Launch Chat Room
  • Create World Map

Q2 / 2022

  • Launch of PvP & Arena game mode
  • Item and Pet System (BEP – 721)
  • New Character Classes: Undead & Arthus Released
  • Launch of the Guild Battle feature (Guild & Guild Battle

Q3 / 2022

  • Support Multi-chain gameplay on Polygon
  • Restructure new stats and gameplay

4. Tokennomics

4.1. Key metrics $HERA

  • Token Name: Hero Arena Token
  • Ticker: HERA
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: Bep-20
  • Contract: 0x49C7295ff86EaBf5bf58C6eBC858DB4805738c01
  • Token Type: Administration
  • Public Sale Price: $0.1 / HERA
  • Initial capitalization: $445,000
  • Maximum total supply: 100,000,000 $HERA
  • Total circulating supply: 5,743,750 (Updated on July 9, 2022)
  • Initial circulating supply: 4,450,000

4.2. Token Allocation & Vesting Schedule

100,000,000 $HERA is allocated as follows:

  • Seed Sale: 7% | 5% is unlocked at TGE, the remaining of 95% is unlocked in 10 months.
  • Private Sale:13% | 7.5% is unlocked at TGE, the remaining of 92.5% is unlocked in 10 months
  • Public Sale (IDO): 2% | 30% is unlocked at TGE, the remaining of 70% is unlocked in 2 months.
  • Team & Operation (Project Management and Development Team): 15% | It will be locked for 2 months from the time of TGE, unlocked in 730 days
  • Advisor: 5% | Not locked and will be unlocked in 730 days
  • Marketing fund: 7% | 5% is unlocked at TGE, unlocked in 730 days
  • In-game Treasury (Treasury rewards in-game players): 21% | Unlocked in 730 days
  • Liquidity: 10% | Added 20% of 10% liquidity tokens in the first week, 80% of the remaining 10% will be added in the 8th month (from the time of TGE project)
  • Staking & Farming: 20% | Unlocked in 730 days

4.3. Utilities of $HERA

$HERA is the main in-game transaction currency used for operations:

  • Buy in-game items and pet
  • Share Revenue through Staking and Farming
  • Stake to improve item skills and stats
  • Buy Hero Box on Marketplace
  • Administrate
  • Capture the ecosystem value
  • Exchange on the free market
  • Vote for new game features and settings to earn special rewards.

$HERA can be earned through In-Game Missions, Special Events, Tournaments or Purchase on exchanges (currently listed on Gate, PancakeSwap, MEXC, ApeSwap).

4.4. HEGEM Token

Maximum Total Supply: Unlimited

$HEGEM is an important and high-value transaction currency used in Hero Arena actions.

The Hero Arena project publisher does not sell $HEGEM directly. $HEGEM can only be earned through in-game activities and transferred to the player’s wallet. Players can trade $HEGEM on PancakeSwap.

Players can earn $HEGEM through activities:

  • Joining in-game battles like PvE & PvP
  • Arena mode: PvP competition with other players
  • Dungeons Mode: challenge in Dungeons with a chance to get $HEGEM
  • Joining in-game tournaments for great rewards
  • Daily quests help players get equipment and even $HEGEM
  • Joining World Boss mode to get $HEGEM; the more Heroes alive, the more $HEGEM you get
  • Joining in-game events & activities

$HEGEM can be used in actions:

  • Level up & equip to increase Hero’s power stats
  • Unlock new skills: level up to unlock new skills
  • Get more rewards in AFK feature
  • Upgrade Totem to increase Hero’s full power
  • Upgrade items and equipment; used to combine equipment to increase attribute stats.
  • Upgrade stars to unlock Hero’s limit.
  • Create Guild: Build your own Guild, develop a powerful force.
  • Cast equipment, change attributes, improve Hero’s equipment
  • Buy equipment to upgrade Hero
  • Wheel of Fortune: Join the wheel of fortune to get rare equipment and even a Legendary Hero.

5. Backer

5.1. Team

Hero Arena team is a team of many enthusiastic young people and has built a huge community of not only gamers but also Crypto enthusiasts around the world. With the cooperation of experienced investors and partners that put transparency as a top priority, Hero Arena is expected to be one of the top candidates of the new generation in the NFT craze.

5.2. Advisors

Hero Arena has the participation of advisors Phuc Nguyen – CEO Bunicorn; Ash WSB – CEO of Everse Capital and Lim Lester – Founder of X21 Digital. With experience and expertise in the cryptocurrency market, advisors will accompany Hero Arena during project development to provide advice and solutions to problems.

5.3. Backers & Partners

The project is greatly received by investment capital sources such as Everse Capital, X21 Digital, DCI Capital, Minted Lab, HG Venture, Basic Capital, Au 21. The above investment funds not only provide capital for project development but also Guide Hero Arena in the right direction by their advice.

Besides, Hero Arena also cooperates with Verichains to test smart contracts to certify for the whole world that Hero Arena is a reputable project.

In terms of media, there are Coinmarketcap and Minted Lab. This strategic partnership will help expand Hero Arena’s user base.

Hero Arena also cooperates with many potential NFT game projects such as Bunicorn and Tokenplay having a Marketplace that allows displaying and trading NFT Heroes.

6. Community

  • Website: https://heroarena.app/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeroArena_Hera
  • Telegram: https://t.me/heroarenagame
  • Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/heraannouncement
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wzWJrhDkHQ
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeroArena.Hera
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkYvwWzFreokzowE8lO5f4A
  • Whitepapers: https://docs.heroarena.app/document
  • Blog: https://blog.heroarena.app

Hopefully, through the above article, readers have had the most general information about what is Hero Arena project. Let’s look forward to the next article about “Basic Features of Hero Arena” on GameAZ to gain more knowledge about this game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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