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What is Happy Land? Metaverse and gaming have been and are the hottest topics of blockchain right now with a large number of projects growing daily. In today’s article, let’s learn about one of the promising projects, with top-notch art and attractive features, that can satisfy even the most demanding guests: Happy Land

I’m Steven – let’s learn about the game project from A – Z.

Main focus

  • HappyLand is a blockchain-based game that simulates farming activities  similar to Happy Farm .
  • The main token in the game is $HPL with functions such as: Paying players, Private Sale, Stalking, Liquidity, …
  • The amount of Tokens in the game is used 25% for paying players rewards, 23.25% will be for presale and the team keeps only 12.5% of the total amount of Tokens allocated.
  • HappyLand is developed by a team with 7 to 15 years of experience in the software industry, technology and game development, the top 3 can be named as: Khoa Pha, Dinh Le and Minh Nguyen.
  • The project received investment from famous funds such as: Kryptos, SMO Capital, WC Capital, Netvrk, ZBS Capital,…

1. What is Happy land?

As the name might suggest, this project is a farming metaverse game. Specifically, HappyLand is a blockchain-based game inspired by rural Texas. Players in HappyLand will take the role of real farmers and can raise livestock and work on their property. In addition, Players in the HappyLand metaverse will have truly limitless earning potential.

In addition to enjoying farming activities, HappyLand’s farming and city systems (including retail centers, amusement parks, etc.) as well as 3D characters will provide a super diverse experience, enhance the user’s enjoyment of the game.

Finally, users can exchange items for experience and tokens in Farm Order. Players must produce a specific number of products at once to sell in this area.

what is happy land

2. Highlights of the Happy Land project

On HappyLand , each plot is an NFT and there are several types of land, each with its own rarity and yield levels that will affect the quality of the harvest, so how much you can earn. An inexpensive piece of land in the Central Highlands surrounded by mountainous terrain and harsh weather will be difficult to cultivate, resulting in lower yields.

Meanwhile, a fertile Euphoria soil surrounded by lush nature and ideal shade, sunlight and humidity will guarantee large, profitable harvests but require initial investment. head higher to obtain.

3. Project development roadmap

Quarter 3 / 2021

  • Market research, brainstorming & team formation
  • Graphic design for HappyLand
  • Proof-Of-Concept Websites and Games
  • Smart contract development

Quarter 4 / 2021

  • Private Sale, Airdrop Campaign, IDO & Listing
  • Demonstration game
  • Marketing & Collaboration
  • Launch of Testnet (December)

Quarter 1 / 2022

  • Mainnet Launch – Game Version 1 (January 2022)
  • Marketing, partnerships and referring more users
  • Multi-chain research
  • Launch of Marketplace
  • NFT discount

Stage 4:

Second quarter of 2022

  • Improved graphics and user experience
  • Marketing, partnerships and referring more users
  • Game version 2 released
  • More mini games

Quarter 3 / 2022

  • Launched Full HappyLand Metaverse.
  • Game Version 3: 3D, Create Player & Multiplayer Avatars, Hybrid Tech Labs, new seeds for Techlab and upgrades
  • Marketing, partnerships and referring more users

Stage 6:

Quarter 4 / 2022

  • 3D game
  • Marketing, collaborating and referring more users

4. Token information

4.1. Key metrics

  • Name Token: Happy Land.
  • Ticker: $HPL.
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.
  • Standard: BEP-20.
  • Contract: 0x0d0621ad4ec89da1cf0f371d6205229f04bcb378
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000 HPL

4.2. Token Allocation & Schedule

  • Play-To-Earn: 28%
  • Presale: 23.25%
  • Team: 12.5%
  • Marketing & Partnership: 15%
  • Liquidity Pools: 1.25%
  • Staking Reward: 6.25%
  • Ecosystem Reserve: 10%
  • Advisory: 3.75%

HPL . token allocation

4.3. Token payment schedule

  • P2E Reward: Pay rewards to players
  • Private Sale: Unlock 8% at TGE, cliff 2 months. Vesting linear 5%/month for the next 18.4 months and will be claimed on the portal.
  • Public Sale: Unlock 12% at TGE, cliff 2 months. Vesting linear 8%/month for the next 20 months.
  • Team: 1 year course. Vesting linear 5%/month for the next 20 months.
  • Marketing: Unlock 2.5 at TGE, cliff 3 months. Vesting linear, for the next 10 months.
  • Airdrop: Unlock 25% 20 days after listing, then 25% every two weeks.
  • Liquidity: 30% at TGE
  • Stake: Staking bonus will be paid within 3 years.
  • Reserve: 1 year course. Vesting linear 5%/month for the next 20 months to develop the ecosystem.
  • Advisory: 5-month course.Vesting linear 10%/month for the following months.

4.4. How to own tokens

To be able to own HPL Token, investors have 3 ways:

  • Participate in HPL’s ongoing and upcoming Airdrop programs
  • Align the project and buy as IDO.
  • Participate in Testnet Game to get rewards paid in HPL.

5. Backer

5.1. Team

  • Khoa Phan (FOUNDER/CEO) : Co-Founder of VTECH JSC, has 15 years of experience in the field of technology software and game development
  • Minh Nguyen (LEAD DEVELOPER) : has 11 years of experience in software and game development, over 7 years of experience in operating and managing game projects.
  • Dinh Le (PRODUCT LEAD) : has more than 7 years of experience in publishing game products, web applications and surrounding ecosystems

5.2. Advisory Board

5.3. Investors and partners

6. Community

  • Telegram: https://t.me/HappyLand_HPL
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VietNam/comments/me63l0/happyland/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HappyLand_HPL
  • Website: https://happyland.finance/

Above are detailed reviews of what is Happy Land NFT game project is to help provide you with more knowledge about the project.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

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