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Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG role-playing game, with a Play to earn mechanism. Players will have full ownership of the character, and in-game items. Guild of Guardians wants to bring a new breeze to the game market, in addition to playing games to entertain after stressful working hours, players also earn money in this, maybe even the main job for those who like to play games to earn money. So what is Guild of Guardians? Let’s go with GameAZ to learn about GOG.

I’m Steven – let’s learn about the game project from A – Z.

Main focus

  • Guild of Guardians is a blockchain game project of the fantasy RPG genre developed on mobile phones. With P2E mechanism and players will have full ownership of the character as well as in-game items.
  • The main token of the project is $GOG used for functions such as: Administration, Payment, Stalking and participating in the Liquidity Pool.
  • With the amount of 1,000,000,000 GOG , the project will distribute at the following rate: PLAyer Rewards (35%), Community Rewards (28%), Developers (20%), Token Sale (11%) and Guardians Guild Limited (6%) ),
  • The project is developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable. With a team of 20 full-time professionals including artists, developers, designers, core team,…
  • The project’s investors are all famous funds in the Crypto world such as: Immutable, Ubisoft, Sandbox, Naavik,…

1. What is the Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer role-playing game, developed on mobile phones, is a fantasy game, where players will build their own squad to go on missions and compete against other people. Play other clans to earn valuable rewards.

2. Highlights of the Guild of Guardians project

2.1. Play and Earn

The game to play for money is currently very popular, and is played by a large number of players. Guild of Guardians has built the game in a way to play and earn money, it is sustainable in operation, and allows players to play for free, but still earn NFT and GOG Token items.

2.2. Community Driven Incentives

Community is an important part of the gaming ecosystem, and is indispensable. Therefore, the project has given rewards to those who are active in building the community. From there, the value that the community brings will be greater, promoting the development of the game ecosystem.

2.3. Captivating role-playing game experience

Guild of Guardians with its role-playing genre combines action and strategy, bringing diversity to players. In addition, the project also develops an in-game buying/selling channel, making it convenient for players to trade the assets they need and lack.

2.4. Highly Accessible On Mobile

Currently, the game is available on both Android and IOS platforms, which will easily reach new players, because these are the two platforms that almost all mobile devices use. The core technology of the game is developed on Immutable X, bringing fast and free to players.

2.5. Token-powered Economy

In addition to earning GOG and NFT from the task, the fee from these activities is also divided among Staking people. All this, will develop the common ground of the Guild of Guardians. Everyone who participates benefits.

3. Guild of Guardians project development roadmap

Q1 2020

  • Start working on the project. Launched partnership with Immutable and Stepico Games.

Q3 2020

  • Development and design of game interface
  • Deploy game development, art.

Q2 2021

  • Sold out 4.6m Wave 1 Founder NFTs.

Q3 2021

  • Completed in the sale of Founder Sales.
  • Start implementing Trading in Immutable X and Minting.
  • Vote on Proposals with Gems (GOG tokens).

Q1 2022

  • Gradually close the invitation to try the game.

Q2 2022

  • Deploy the project’s alpha
  • Develop GOG Token, as in-game currency

Q4 2022

  • Deploy the project’s beta
  • Develop more skills, features of Heroes in the game

Q2 2023

  • Launching the official version

4. GOG Token Information

4.1. Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Guild of Guardians
  • Ticker: GOG
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Contract: 0x9AB7bb7FdC60f4357ECFef43986818A2A3569c62
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Market Cap: $14,747,919
  • Circulating Supply: 33,500,000.00 GOG

4.2. GOG Token Allocation & Pay Schedule

With the amount of 1,000,000,000 GOG, the project will allocate at the following rate:

  • Player Rewards (35%): 350,000,000 GOG.

In this part, Tokens will be rewarded to dedicated people, based on how active they have played in the past, in terms of gaming behavior, playing time, task completion. Every day, there will be an amount of Tokens dropped through smart contracts.

  • Community Rewards (28%): 280,000,000 GOG.

This is a community bonus. 220,000,000 will be made available from day one and the rest will be distributed according to the roadmap

  • Developers (20%): 200,000,000 GOG.

Unlock for 48 months, gradually unlock in the next 12 months

  • Token Sale (11%): 110,000,000 GOG. In which Public Sale (6%) and Private Sale (5%).

11% will be reserved for sale. Of which, 5% is through individuals, 6% is for public sale.

Privately sold tokens will, unlock for 30 months, gradually open over the next 12 months.

  • Guardians Guild Limited (6%): 60,000,000 GOG.

Unlock for 48 months, gradually unlock over the next 12 months.


4.3. GOG Token Utility

  • Governance: $GOG holders will be able to stake their tokens and participate in governance voting.
  • Payment: Players can use GOG Token to trade in the game, used to buy and mint NFTs.
  • Staking: Players will be able to stake their $GOG to earn rewards.
  • Liquidity: GOG Token is also used in liquidity mining, through staking, players will earn profits

4.4. How to own GOG Token

Users can earn $GOG through doing quests, participating in monster battles, and competing with other players in the game.

In addition, $JEWEL is now available on exchanges such as Coinlist Pro, LBank, Uniswap(v3), SushiSwap, BigOne, FTX, players can buy GOG Token from these exchanges.

5. Backer

5.1. Team

Guild of Guardians is developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable. The combination of expertise and technology on the one hand, the development ability has shown that the game is on the right track.

A team of 20 professionals are working full time, including developers, designers, artists, core team. GOG deeply combines NFT,Blockchain and traditional game.

Stepico Games

Stepico Games is a leading Ukrainian game development studio with more than 80 designers, artists, developers. They have been actively working on the project, the team has developed many mobile titles in strategy and RPG.


Immutable is a Blockchain company with an investment of 17 million USD, supported by investors such as: Naspers, Galaxy Digital, Coinbase.

5.3. Investment funds and partners

6. Community

  • Medium: https://guildofguardians.medium.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guildofguardians
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/GuildOfGuardian
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/UdejGr9Wg7
  • Website: https://www.guildofguardians.com/

Above is an overview of what is the Guild of Guardians project? As well as information about the GOG Token in the game. This is a project built on the Immutable X platform, thereby improving player access as well as ensuring fast transaction processing without gas fees.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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