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GaliX Universe 2112 is a world on the brink of destruction. After the attack of alien monsters and the disintegration of the nations, the evil forces rise up and fight for the sovereignty of the new age. Endless wars and violence reign, jarring the world with the sound of terror. Every extraterrestrial force wants a piece of cake called Earth. The universe gradually decayed with each passing second due to the competition from foreign and internal enemies.

With your leadership, you can completely turn the tide! You are the Chosen One, talented enough to build a prosperous city, form an army of well-trained elite robots and recruit outstanding heroes. Get ready for a journey to explore worlds, expand territories and fully exploit valuable resources in GaliXCity. Stand up and call on trusted allies, destroy opponents that stand in your way, and claim glory.

So what is GaliXCity ? I’m Harry – Let’s learn this game from AZ!

Key Takeaways:

  • GaliXCity is a RTS Online game project that combines the advantages of Blockchain and NFT. Players become the Chosen One with the goal of building their own city, recruiting talent and keeping their name in the Hall of Fame, and earning considerable value with the help of technology NFT all the way.
  • GaliXCity is a massively multiplayer online multiplayer real-time strategy (MMORTS) game where players can enjoy PvE, Arena (PvP) or massive scale online battles (AvA). Alliance vs Alliance. Free people unleash their creativity, build an army to their liking. GaliXCity will include outstanding gameplay mechanics such as: VR/AR technology integration ; City construction; Joining the Alliance; Recruiting and training Heroes/Robots. 
  • NEMO Platform is a management and operation platform that automates the decentralized digital economy model. The core principle is to use automated tools & technologies to control the value of NEMO tokens. $NEMO Token has many utilities in NEMO Platform such as being used as the main resource of the game in PvE, PvP, Arena activities; to build the city; to upgrade Land or city; as a common co-currency for all projects on the NEMO Platform.
  • GaliXCity development team core has many years of experience in the online game industry, with proven ability through famous online game projects such as: Nine Yin Chan Kinh, Ngoai Kiem Wu Song…
  • GaliXCity receives support, companionship and cooperation from many experienced and reputable partners in the gaming and blockchain fields such as: Gamoni, Game6, Vecom, Mad Monkey Guild (MMG), CoinCu, Beng Beng Gaming, Gihot….

1. What is GaliXCity?

GaliXCity is a RTS Online game project that combines the advantages of Blockchain and NFT. All valuable assets or lands in the game’s universe can be converted into NFTs. Land NFT is one of the most unique elements of this game, they are stored on the blockchain network and represent the ownership and development rights of the Land owner in the game.

Players not only own the Lands in the game, but can also collect resources and convert them into NFTs to trade with other players. All these digital assets are transparently, reliably traded on a blockchain and decentralized system.

The game features a wide variety of modes, from intense PvE campaigns with monsters out of nowhere to real-time “50 vs 50” PvP battles between Legions or Alliances, promising to satisfy even the pickiest players. In the future, more game modes, events, quests, and tournaments will be added to the GaliX universe.

With new content, diverse and attractive gameplay and NFT ecosystem, GaliXCity hopes to bring the best experience to any gamer participating in this world.

galixcity la gi

2. Highlights of GaliXCity

GaliXCity is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game where players can enjoy PvE, Arena (PvP) or online multiplayer battles. massive route (AvA) Alliance vs Alliance. Players are free to choose their own gaming preferences because each level in the game is full of exciting activities.

In the first version of GaliXCity will include the following outstanding gameplay mechanics:

2.1. VR & AR technology integration

In GaliXCity, you can use VR/AR technology to intuitively control the game or experience your city being built to life. Furthermore, several types of technology can be used to recreate your city in the real world.

galixcity tich hop cong nghe VR AR

2.2. City Construction:

You are free to build different buildings in your city. Building structures takes time and abundant resources. The higher the architecture level, the more time and resources required.

galixcity xay dung thanh pho

2.3. Join an alliance: 

If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together. In GaliXCity too, if you want to go further and achieve greater achievements, certainly not “alone” but should join a trusted alliance. 

After you join the alliance, there are many features that you can explore and take advantage of to develop your city such as alliance shops, alliance technology institute, alliance building…

2.4. Recruit and train Heroes and Robots: 

Heroes will help you manage the city, fight in Conquest, fight in PvE, PvP and AvA Campaign modes so players need to take care of them first. head to upgrade them more and more powerful.

2.5. Diverse gameplay modes for gamers to explore and experience

There are many unique activities in each game mode for you to experience in GaliXCity:

  • Participate in conquering PvE and PvP campaigns; 
  • Participate in the conquest of ancient ruins; 
  • Participate in the League of Legends (AvA)

As the game progresses, the developer will continuously update more new and exciting activities to further enhance the gaming experience for gamers.

2.6. “Play to Earn” – Building a new definition for the future GameFi

Most previous Play-to-Earn projects have mainly focused on the “Earn” motivation rather than “Play”. The experience of these projects is like a “money game”, most of the participants are investors and seek to make a profit rather than enjoy the entertainment value of a real game product.

GaliXCity’s team comes from a Game Studio with the desire and mission to be able to create entertainment products that bring exciting, engaging and engaging experiences to players. They wanted GaliXCity to be a combination of both “Play” & “Earn” instead of leaning in only one direction.

Therefore, the term “Play With Earn” was the guiding light of the team in the development of GaliXCity. GaliXCity promises to bring an exciting tactical role-playing world that attracts players to explore and enjoy the game, in addition, this world can also generate income for investors through its economic system.

GaliXCity always wants to bring the best experience to players, with GameFi genres currently hard to reach, only encapsulated in crypto players, understanding that GaliXCity has developed games that are accessible to everyone, spreading the game to everyone, even traditional players. Helping traditional players access GameFi in general and Crypto in particular easily.

3. Roadmap of GaliXCity

Quarter 4 – 2021 (Completed):

  • The core team that founded the game.
  • Project overview plan.

Q1 – 2022 (Completed):

  • GaliXCity game design.
  • Blockchain Research & Development.
  • Building Economy & Developing Tokenomics.

Quarter 2 – 2022 (Completed):

  • Website design + whitepaper.
  • Marketing
  • Plan – Development of PvE mode
  • GaliXCity – Development of PvP mode
  • Development of NFTs (Land & Heroes)

Q3 – 2022:

  • Smart contract testing and development. (Completed)
  • Marketplace Development (Completed)
  • Conducting INO (Land + Heroes NFT)
  • GaliXCity
  • Platform Mainnet Testnet

Q4 – 2022 (In Progress):

  • GaliXCity Gameplay Update.
  • 2nd Game Released
  • Staking Event
  • Marketing Event Launched
  • Governance Module (DAO) Launched

Q1 – 2023 (Tentative):

  • Launchpad
  • Gameplay Update
  • 3rd Game Released
  • NEMO Wallet Launched
  • Tournament Launched

Q2 – 2023 (Tentative):

  • Pool Launched
  • Bridge Cross-Chain Integrated
  • Sidechain Integrated
  • Gameplay Updated
  • 4th Game Released

2023: Fully Decentralized (Tentative)

The long-term goal is to build a metaverse digital universe where gamers can own and thrive!

GaliXCity Metaverse aims to be the hub for all game lovers around the world to make friends and enjoy MMO games. Here are some potential features to be added to support the future direction of the project:

  • GameFi Dashboard
  • Blockchain & dedicated wallet
  • Tokenomics consulting support
  • Game streaming channels integrated 
  • Game marketing tools integrated 
  • Game creator integrated

Note: The details presented in the roadmap above are not final and may change in the future in a favorable direction and in line with the blockchain game industry context, needs and demands of community and the long-term prospects of the project. 

4. Tokenomics $NEMO Token

Tokenomics $NEMO Token

NEMO Platform is a management and operation platform that automates the decentralized digital economy model. The core principle is to use automated tools & technologies to monitor the value of the $NEMO.

First, the $NEMO is valued at the value of another asset, hence the term “stable”. $NEMO Token is valued:

1 NEMO = 0.1$ (USDT)

$NEMO Token is also a currency that is commonly used by all other projects on the NEMO Platform.

galaxcity nemo token

Second, the NEMO platform will have an automatic operating mechanism:

  • Project’s economy monitoring system
  • Deflation/inflation alert tool
  • Automated technology & deflation/inflation regulation fund
  • Supply/demand regulation system in the project

Note: As more projects are added to the NEMO Platform, the DAO will vote to decide whether to increase the supply of the NEMO Platform Governance Token.

4.1. Key metric $NEMO Token

4.2. Phân bổ và lịch trả $NEMO Token

phan bo va lich tra nemo token galaxcity

As described by the NEMO Platform model, the $NEMO Token system will balance the DAO fund and the Reward Pool.

  • Liquid Pool: Used to provide initial liquidity to exchanges.
  • NSF pool: Used to maintain a stable NEMO exchange rate.
  • Marketing: Used to invest in communication activities to promote the project.
  • Reward: Reward fund for in-game activities and projects.

4.3. Tiện ích của $NEMO Token

tien ich galixcity token nemo

When participating in PvE, PvP, AvA activities in the game, it is the main resource of the game, which can be used effectively to build a city, and the player can also receive $NEMO Tokens through the above activities.

This is the most important material for players and Land owners. Because they will need to use $NEMO to upgrade the LAND or the city. The higher the level, the more $NEMO.

Furthermore, $NEMO Token is also a common co-currency for all projects on the NEMO Platform.

4.4. How to get $NEMO Token

Through in-game activities such as: 

  • Reach the required points for daily tasks.
  • Receive Arena rank refund bonus every day.
  • Win 20 Peak Battles 20 to receive a Battle Chest. Open has a rate of getting $NEMO.
  • Beat monsters on the World Map to receive rewards, with a rate of getting $NEMO.
  • Successfully captured the Stronghold player’s Alliance, Fort.
  • Peak Battle ranking summaries for the month will give $NEMO.
  • Rank up in Joint Action activities.

4.5. $NEMO Token

Exchanges GaliXCity has just completed listing $NEMO on Avalanche blockchain’s top 1 dex exchange, TraderJoe. Players can trade the Avax/NEMO pair directly:


Also can trade directly on Nemoverse: NSF Pool – NEMO Platform (nemoverse.io)

5. Backers

5.1. Development team

doi ngu phat trien galixcity

Chuong Dang – CEO:

Chuong Dang has a lot of experience in the Gaming Industry by leading game projects such as: Cuu Am Chan Kinh, Ngoai Kiem Wu Song to success and achieved many achievements, through which he accumulates the ability to deeply understand the needs of his customers.

Harry Nguyen – CTO:

Harry Nguyen’s prowess in software engineering and management allows him to become a skilled game developer.

With more than 6 years of experience in designing and developing online game systems, Harry is currently focusing on the management and development of blockchain game systems, smart contracts and GameFi.

Duong Tran – CGO:

With proven experience in coordinating and developing 2 different GameFi projects, Duong Tran is believed to build a sustainable development roadmap for the project based on 3 factors: Technology, Innovation and Stability.

As a Crypto enthusiast, Duong Tran is always looking to learn more about this field and stay up to date with the latest trends. Previously, he served as Unity Client Leader at Antada and NCT Corporation.

Anh Nguyen – Creative Director:

With 4+ years of experience in the field of graphic design and 3+ years of experience in the field of product management, has demonstrated his ability in developing and designing Visual Art, high quality UI/UX for Mid-Core game creation according to the project’s strategy and product ideas required, Anh Nguyen is currently working as Creative Director at GIHOT.

Thien Phung – Head of Blockchain Development:

Thien Phung has 10 years of experience as a Software Engineer and System Engineer, and 6 years as a Blockchain Researcher and Investor.

He has participated in the development of technology projects such as: web2, cloud computing and CDN, as well as mentoring many Blockchain Games, contributing to the success of many open-source blockchain projects.

5.2. Backers & Partners

backer partner galixcity

GaliXCity receives support, companionship and cooperation from many experienced and reputable partners in the field of games and blockchain such as: Gamoni, game6, Vecom, Mad Monkey Guild (MMG), CoinCu, Beng Beng Gaming, Gihot….

5.3. Advisors

Advisors galixcity

Joe Lee – Chairman of GOSU Corp.

Joe Lee is currently the Chairman of GOSU Online Joint Stock Company and the Founder of 3 studios in Vietnam.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Games on both PC and Mobile devices.

Joe Lee has successfully transferred famous games such as: Crossing Sword Wushuang, Age of Wushu, Cuu Duong Truyen Ky.

Kevin Nguyen – Co-Founder/CTO at GIHOT Studio

With over 20 years of experience in software development. Previously held the position of Technical Leader at CSC VN, IBM VN, Great Eastern Assurance Singapore.

Henry Pham – Project Manager/Game Design Director at GIHOT Studio

He is the Project Manager of famous game projects such as: Cuu Duong Truyen Ky, SK Legend, Ninja Wu Song, Spirit Land Legend.

With 8 years working in the field of Online Game, experienced in planning, contents, design and art.

Lam Nguyen

He has experience in Management, Leadership and Diplomacy cooperation in the field of Technology, business management, consulting and various industries.

He also holds a PhD in Corporate Governance with a specialized focus in Mergers and Acquisitions from the New York Institute of Finance. He is also a Cloud Technology Expert from AWS.

Dr. Rémi Nguyen – Founder and CEO of MLR Advisory Holds

He has a Doctorate of Laws from Center of pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Member of the editorial board of Science and Technology Development Journal: Economics – Law & Management (STDJELM) at Vietnam University of Economics and Law, Ho Chi Minh City.

Fellow of the Asian Contracting Principles academic project, Founder of the Myanmar Law Library and Research Associate at the Institute for Contemporary Southeast Asian Studies (IRASEC).

Quynh Anh Nguyen Dang – Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at GOSU Corp.

Currently holding the position of CSO at GOSU Corp and COO at SPAC3SHIP.

She has held C-level positions at multinational corporations such as Head of Group Operations at Yeah1 Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Yeah1 EDigital, Advisory Director at VIBER Vietnam, Vice President at RIVERORCHILD Vietnam.

She is a strategic marketing expert with 20+ years of experience in advertising technology (adtech), business strategy development and corporate governance.

Currently working intensively in the blockchain industry and in charge of operations as well as taking on the role of marketing strategy consultant for many blockchain projects.

6. Community of GaliXCity

Above is the overview information to answer your questions about what is GaliXCity

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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