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The project takes the advantages of blockchain and aims to meet the needs of a decentralized economy by taking community as the core value to create benefits for investors and players in the world blockchain through the platform called GaFin – Metaverse – GameFi – Guild Gaming all included in GaFin.

So what is GaFin? What are the outstanding features of the GaFin ecosystem? I’m Harry – Let’s learn about GaFin from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • GaFin is a platform that provides a set of solutions for Metaverse – GameFi – Guild Gaming products, and at the same time builds an ecosystem with full features and important pieces such as: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Swap, Defi Earning, NFT Rental, and GaFin Guild Core.
  • GaFin is fully integrated with the most necessary elements and is oriented to develop according to the daily user experience community, bringing many benefits to both Gamers and Gaming Guilds such as: Diverse daily rewards; Support to build and develop the Gaming Guild community; Many big events Airdrop Campaign | Ask & Earn | Learn & Earn | Scholarships | Guild Tournament | Scholars Contest
  • GaFin has a large network of Partners with reputable names in the field of technology and Blockchain Game, including some prominent names such as: TechFarm, Polygon Studios, Ftribe Fighters, Good Games Guild, Hero Arena, Token Play, GES….


1. What is GaFin?

GaFin is a platform that provides a full lifecycle suite of solutions for Metaverse – GameFi – Guild Gaming with a future vision of developing an ecosystem that includes: Gaming + Metaverse + NFT + Guild. Towards the goal of meeting the needs of a growing decentralized economy, the project také community as its core value and creates value for investors and players in the blockchain world.

GaFin’s mission is to create a sustainable decentralized economy that provides a full range of services with the goal of serving the next generation of Blockchain industry as well as Metaverse and gradually approaching the definition of NFT 2.0.

2. What are GaFin ecosystem highlights?

GaFin ecosystem highlights

GaFin wishes to build an ecosystem that helps communities and projects connect with each other through an experience space with full features and important pieces.

The GaFin ecosystem includes:

  • GaFin Launchpad: GaFin Launchpad is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform that allows projects to raise capital and offer for sale as INO IGO, promising safety for early stage investors. All Launchpad projects will be directly moderated by GaFin and supported by the community to make the project more accessible to everyone.
  • NFT Marketplace: Users can buy/sell or exchange NFT items.
  • GaFin Exchange (Swap): A feature that helps convert tokens to another token to help users optimize their portfolio and manage capital with low transaction fees and high liquidity.
  • GaFin Earning: Users can participate in Staking, Farming and Stake NFT to maximize profits for users as well as diversify their investment portfolio.
  • NFT Rental: Based on the DeFi protocol and using GaFin’s NFT Rental, projects can create more value for users’ NFTs while maintaining transparency.
  • GaFin Guild Core: Guild is considered a bridge for many gamers and traditional users to come closer to blockchain products. GaFin Guild Core was born with the mission of connecting Guild Gaming to more users and technology-based GameFi projects to help Guild owners build and develop the community in the best way. Key features GaFin Guild Core offers:
    • Communication Platform: Create an exchange space for GameFi users to connect with each other, increase interaction in and out of the game through Guild activities.
    • Scholars Management: A personalized dashboard for Scholars and Managers will enhance asset tracking, which will help Guild Administrators optimize their community activity and growth based on metrics Specifically.
    • Strengthen Connection: Each Guild Gaming community will have its own detail page to display news and scholarships that Guild Gaming is recruiting. In addition, this detail page will help users reach out to the Guild community that users are interested in.
    • Recruiting Scholars: Users can directly apply for the Scholarship Guild Gaming provided at Guild Core.
    • Game Center: With Guild Core’s “Campaign” feature, Guild Administrators can proactively create programs for their community with support of the GaFin platform and more than 50 different games to be released continuously.
    • Guild Store: Guild Hub is the hub that gathers all the famous gaming guilds. This is the place where users access Guild Gaming or become a Guild Master with GaFin support.
    • Guild Dashboard: is a system that helps users select Guilds with good ratings in the market, Guild Core will have a formula for calculating the overall rating for gaming Guilds.

guild core overview

3. Values ​​that GaFin brings to the community

Values ​​that GaFin brings to the community

  1. User-oriented development

GaFin aims to build an ecosystem around users and based on community as a core value to develop together to create a sustainable decentralized economy and is built by the orientation of always putting value community comes first.

GaFin brings together a team of enthusiastic employees with distinct colors in the blockchain field to build campaign direction, develop content, analyze and measure data.

  1. Various rewards

GaFin provides users with complete knowledge of the blockchain market and earn profit by Staking, Farming, NFT Staking, NFT Rental to get various rewards.

Users can get daily rewards and pool them to get more valuable rewards in different packages, regular contributors will get corresponding rewards.

  1. Support Building and developing the Gaming Guild community

Not only “EARN”, GaFin also connects potential users through GameFi – Metaverse – Guild projects. Providing a building and development platform for Gaming Guilds – which bring Guilds closer to users – and at GaFin, everyone can own their own community.

  1. Many events that are beneficial to the community

Members of the GaFin community have the opportunity to participate in events that bring great benefits such as: Airdrop Campaign | Ask & Earn | Learn & Earn | Scholarships | Guild Tournament | Scholars Contest | Big Launch – GaFin.

4. Roadmap GaFin

gafin roadmap

Phase 1: Entering the market – Q3 / 2022

  • Launch of website gafin.io version 1.
  • Launch of Staking/Farming platform.
  • Launch of GaFin Launchpad.
  • Launch of Learn & Earn event.
  • Launch of Whitepaper.

Phase 2: Growth and development – Q4/2022

  • Launch of the MVP Guild Core platform is the following features: Scholars Management, Recruiting Scholars System, Guild Store, NFT Marketplace.
  • Launch of ROT (Ticket).
  • Launch of Research Academy.
  • Launch of the Affiliate system.

Phase 3: Upgrade – Q1/2023

  • Launch of the NFT Staking platform.
  • Upgrade of Guild Core system, adding features: Game Center, Communication Platform, Guild Dashboard.
  • Launch of MVP NFT Rental.
  • Launch of GaFin Exchange (Swap).
  • Launching Website version 2.

Phase 4: Expansion – Q2 & Q3/2023

  • Launch of Roadmap version 2.
  • Expansion of the Game ecosystem by connecting with the ESPORT e-sports communities.
  • Upgrade of features: NFT Rental, Gaming ITEAM.
  • Establishment of the GaFin Guild Gaming Foundation.
  • Scaling up the Tournament System (Tournament)

5. Backers

5.1. Development team

Currently, information about the GaFin project development team has not been officially announced. But according to the updated information on Social channels, the GaFin team is a collection of experienced members who have achieved certain achievements in the game industry in general and the Blockchain Game field in particular.

GaFin’s advisory board is expected to include the CMO of Wetaps in the coming periods.

5.2. Partners

gafin partners

GaFin has a large network of Partners with reputable names in the field of technology and Blockchain Game, including some prominent names such as: TechFarm, Polygon Studios, Ftribe Fighters, Good Games Guild, Hero Arena, Token Play, GES….

  • TechFarmis a platform providing useful marketing solutions and a global blockchain network to bring the best products and services to the end users. Therefore, through cooperation, both TechFarm and GaFin will have the opportunity to expand the community and optimize the benefits of users, support each other in marketing and give advice, and share resources in the public sector. turmeric.
  • Token Playa platform that connects game publishers on Blockchain with players. Users do not need to open an account and just need to connect to some blockchain-enabled wallet like Metamask to play the game. The most outstanding feature of TokenPlay is that players can easily exchange, buy and sell NFT items in the Game through the Marketplace at a reasonable price, bringing long-term profits to Game players.
  • Hero ArenaOne of the RPG games built on blockchain inspired by the hit game Dota, where everyone can play the game to earn token rewards through the project’s ecosystem (Hero Arena Gamepedia is currently available on the GameAZ homepage).
  • Polygon Studios is a subsidiary of Polygon Network (Matic), a Polygon’s NFT and game development unit. The blockchain platform has a mission to scale for Ethereum.
  • Good Games Guild: As a Game Center that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing the utility of its owned assets to generate maximum rewards, while funding millions of P2E gamers, invest in P2E games along with in-game NFT assets.
  • GES is an e-sports club under the University of Greenwich Vietnam. GES was established with the mission of connecting students who are passionate about Esports by creating a healthy playground, helping students have a good career orientation and changing their perspective on e-sports. GES has successfully organized many large-scale Esports events with the participation of students across the country and brought a lot of value to the Esports community in Vietnam.

6. Community

  • Website: https://gafin.io
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gafin_io
  • Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/GaFinAnnouncement
  • Telegram Community: https://t.me/GaFinGlobalCommunity
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/KvhSV4dnAt
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/gafin.io
  • Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gafin.io

Above is all the basic information about what the GaFin platform is. Hopefully this article will help you have the most general knowledge about this GaFin ecosystem.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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