[Overview] What is D.G.Pals ($DGG, $OPL)?

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What is D.G. Pals? This is a project with the goal of building a GameFi platform with many mini-games integrated in an ecosystem called D.G.Verse. Players will collect eggs, incubate and follow the maturation of D.G.Pals virtual animals until they become complete NFTs and can use their NFT D.G.Pals to participate in various games in the D.G.Pals ecosystem. Therefore, you can buy, trade and earn through D.G Verse games!

So what are the outstanding features of D.G.Pals, the development roadmap, the economy and the construction team as well as the “big guys” behind this project?

I’m Harry – Let’s explore this project from A to Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • D.G.Pals is a multi-genre and multi-game NFT GameFi interoperable project. The publisher wishes to build a D.G.Verse universe, allowing independent game developers on the platform.
  • D.G.P: New World and DGP: Legends are two games that mark the beginning of the journey to realize this GameFi platform. Besides, there are 2 projects under development that are expected to be released in the near future: D.G.P: Plaza (December 2022) and D.G.P: Adventure (Q1/2023). Also in 2022, D.G.P: League – a direct NFT rental/rent system between players or Scholarships from Gaming Guilds will be launched and D.G.Marketplace – Integrated NFT trading marketplace on D.G.Verse will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.
  • The economy of D.G.Verse is backed by two tokens, $DGG and $OPL. In which: $DGG is the main token of D.G.Pals that plays the administrative function; $OPL is a token that serves as the common currency in D.G.Pals mini-games. Each token will have different application roles in D.G.Verse to ensure the balance of the economy.
  • The project received the support and led the funding round from Crypto.com Capital – an investment fund of the Crypto.com cryptocurrency exchange holding the top 9 position of the largest centralized exchanges (CEX) in the crypto sector (according to the latest rankings dated August 18, 2022 of Coiningecko.com). Besides, it also received investment from Spartan Group – Asia’s leading blockchain consulting and digital asset management company based in Singapore and Hong Kong, established in 2017.
  • The advisory board includes Brendan Wong, who is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Avocado Guild, along with names such as: Kenneth Tan, Sherwin Lee, Keith Chia.


1. What is D.G.Pals?

D.G.Pals is an interactive multi-genre and multi-game NFT GameFi project that allows players to collect V-Pet virtual pets (also known as D.G.Pals NFTs) to create their own collection for me. Players can gradually complete the collection and let V-Pet fight with opponents to win.

The publisher wishes to build a D.G.Verse universe, allowing independent game developers on the platform, and at the same time, building an ecosystem that creates opportunities for the gaming community to share gaming ideas freely.

D.G.P: New World (Incubator Simulation) and DGP: Legends (5v5 Squad-Battler genre) are two games that mark the beginning of the journey to realize this ecosystem. In addition, there are 2 projects in development that are expected to be released in 2022: D.G.P: Plaza (Virtual town that allows players to exchange, trade and make friends right in the game), D.G.P: Adventure (Genre of simulation game SLG combined with Fort Defense).

There is also D.G.Leaguea direct NFT rental/rent system between players or Scholarships from Gaming Guilds also in development.

overview of dgpals

2. What are the highlights of D.G.Pals?

An integrated multi-game and multi-genre Game NFT platform that allows players to:

  • Hatch and upgrade cute D.G.Pals pets into powerful NFTs.
  • Bring your D.G.Pals into PvP battles and compete with other players.
  • Earn $DGG and $OPL from participating in winning different game modes and missions.
  • Challenge in world events and hardcore modes with your Clan members.
  • Exchange and make friends with other players in real time.
  • Collect and trade D.G.Pal NFT , NFT Equip and NFT Land.

d.g.pals keytakeaways

3. D.G.Pals Roadmap

D.G.Verse is a gaming platform whose goal is to bring gamers from the crypto space together and play games together. In 2022 and 2023, D.G.Pals aims to deliver 5 very different gaming experiences in 6 different game projects:

  1. DGP: New World (Beta Launching)

  2. DGP: Legends (Beta Launching)

  3. D.G.Pals: The Board Game (Scheduled to launch in October 2022)

  4. DGP: Plaza (Q4 – 2022)

  5. DGP: Adventure (Q1 – 2023)

  6. DGP: Explorer (Mobile Games with NFT Land, Q2 – 2023)

From the perspective of a gamer, when deciding to design a Web3 game, D.G.Pals wanted to integrate the most optimal benefits from technology to give players the best game experience.

You can check out the detailed Roadmap below for major upcoming releases and events:

January 2022 (Completed): D.G.P New World launches Close Beta (Only for Investors/Guild).

February 2022 (Completed):

  • D.G.Store works.
  • NFT Limited Edition Collection Sale (Limited to only 200 NFT sold).

March 2022 (Completed): D.G.Eggs Airdrop

April 2022 (Completed):

  • Open sale of the Genesis collection (10,000 sold out).
  • Launch D.G.P: Legends Closed Beta.

May 2022 (Completed):

  • On May 23, D.G.P is launched: New World Beta.
  • On May 31, D.G.P is launched: Legends Beta.

June 2022 (Completed): A limited version of the community designed NFT by Minting 184 NFT.

July 2022 (Completed):

  • Announce First Partner Mighty Jaxx x D.G.Pals.
  • Launch D.G.League Closed Beta (Tension/Scholarship System).

August 2022:

  • August 11th: Special Edition NFTs Daily Bonus opening event.
  • Launch DGP: Legends Ranked game mode.
  • Launch Minting NFT Equip feature.
  • Launch D.G.Marketplace (Certification Pending).

September 2022:

  • Mighty Jaxx Special edition NFTs are minted for sale (2000 pieces, minting date to be announced later).
  • Launch the test version of DGP: Legends Chain War (Cronos VS BNB).

October 2022

  • Kickstarter Campaign (NFT 1,000 Only) of the D.G.Pals Board game.
  • NFT equipment can be used in D.G.P: Legends.
  • Launch official version of D.G.P: Legends Chain War.
  • BNB pre-registration event.
  • Launch official version of D.G.Store.
  • On October 28 to 30, D.G.Pals meets the Filipino community at the ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit) event.

November 2022

  • Launch D.G.Verse Clan.
  • Launch Beta D.G.League.

December 2022

  • On sale Christmas Limited Edition (Only 200 NFT is Minting).
  • Launch the game D.G.P: Plaza.
  • IGO token $DGG, 2% sold in Public round (time will be announced later).

Quarter 1 / 2023

  • Open for sale D.G.Pals NFT Land.
  • Launch Beta game D.G.P: Adventure.
  • Release an update for D.G.P: New World – Integrated Farming (Land NFTs).

Quarter 2 / 2023

  • Release an update for D.G.P: Legends – Added Crafting (Land NFTs) feature.
  • Launch D.G.P: Explorer (With Land NFTs).
  • Release an update for D.G.P: Plaza.

4. Tokennomics

The economy of D.G.Verse is backed by two tokens, $DGG and $OPL. Although both tokens can be obtained through games, players will be able to receive large amounts of $DGG through the Public Sale which is expected to take place in Q4/2022 (Official time will be announced later).

D.G.Gold ($DGG) is the main token of D.G.Pals that serves as the governance for D.G.Verse,=. You will be able to collect these tokens in games or buy them on dex exchanges scheduled on IGO in Q4 year 2022.

Pantera Opal ($OPL) is a token that serves as the common currency in D.G.Pals mini-games, serving the majority of the game’s features. $OPL can be used to trade with other players. In addition, this coin is also used for many other activities.

4.1. Key metric $DGG and $OPAL

4.1.1. About $DGG token

  • Token Name: D.G.Gold Token
  • Ticker: DGG
  • Blockchain: Cronos Blockchain
  • Token Standard: CRC – 20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Maximum total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial circulating supply: Updating…

4.1.2. About $OPL token

4.2. $DGG Token Allocation

dgg token distribution

4.3. Token payment schedule


4.4. $DGG Utilities

$DGG Utilities

  • Buy NFT to start the game.
  • Stake $DGG for $DGG
  • In-game bet to enter a specific feature
  • Buy D.G.Pals eggs (Smashing eggs will get D.G.Pals NFT)
  • Form a Clan
  • Mint NFTs (Applicable for Limited Editions and Special Editions)
  • Get access to exclusive features through this token.

4.5. $OPL Utilities 

$OPL Utilities 

  • Used in most game activities as a reward for participating in mini-games in D.G.Pals
  • Make a fee to Minting Equip NFT
  • Fees to join Ranked mode.
  • Fees to upgrade, develop features in Clan
  • Can unlock some features and content

4.6. How to owns $DGG, $OPL

  • Join the Ranked feature and climb the ranks to get $DGG and $OPL
  • $DGG can be earned through several game modes in 2 games: Adventure, Explorer and can also be used as rewards through community events.
  • Earn $OPL for participating in all D.G.Pals mini-games or competing in competitive game modes

how to own dgg and opl token

4.7. Exchanges

Currently, $DGG has not been released and is expected to open for public sale and transaction list in August 2022.

$OPL has been sold and players can trade through the VVS Finance dex exchange at the link below:


Note: $OPL is built on the Cronos Blockchain so users need to own $CRO as transaction fee and to buy $OPL.

Because $CRO is the token of CEX Crypto.com exchange, to buy $CRO and transfer it to the Metamask wallet of Cronos network that users will create an account and buy $CROhttps://crypto.com/exchange/trade/CRO_USDT

5. Backers

5.1. Team

d.g.pals team

Samson Oh – Business Development / E-Sports

He is an official and prominent entrepreneur in the Esports gaming industry with multiple bases across Southeast Asia and the Europe region.

In 2017, Samson served as Co-Founded Team Flash and turned them into one of the largest esports organizations in the region with multiple championships.

He is also the CEO of a global e-sports media company called GosuGamers. GosuGamers has been one of the most recognized brands in the world of eSports since 2002. It is the official media partner of many Global Brands such as MONTOON Games, IMG, etc.

In addition, he also developed another media agency called MOT Games, founded Dynamite Games and Cargo Studio – Cargo Studio has expanded to Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines.

Jimmy Li – Investment / Strategy / Marketing

Jimmy has 10 years of experience in AI, economics, finance, blockchain, crypto investment, digital currency, IT, E-Commerce, digital media marketing and Supply Chain Management. He has been the CEO of Ads Venture Group since February 2014. Ads Venture Group has exclusive partnerships with Huobi, Binance, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Weibo, Google, Facebook and other digital platforms. .

Jimmy served as Co-Founder of Blockchain Center Pte Ltd in April 2018, providing solutions for Blockchain Consulting Services. He is also the Main Co-Founder of MainNexus Capital in July 2018 – a company that invests in the blockchain project. Jimmy has been Finxpay’s Strategic Advisor since January 2018. Finxpay is a multifunctional digital payment wallet that integrates with Crypto payment solutions, E-Wallets (Alipay, WeChat pay, Grab Pay, etc.) as well as traditional payment methods (Visa).

Kit Wipe – Product Management / Development

With 7 years in the field of Fine Arts and 8 years in the field of game development, in 2018, he served as Co-Founded a game studio called Dynamite Games. Starting with just 7 designers and developers, Kit and Samson have grown their operation to over 100 employees by 2021. The studio is still in operation, building and shipping more than 10 games a year.

In 2020, Kit co-founded Cargo Studio with Samson and continues to develop close relationships with indie game developers to support the development and growth of the indie gaming scene in Singapore. This incubator is currently incubating eight game projects and aims to double its capacity by 2022.

Edwin – Blockchain / Community / Defi

Edwin has over 20 years of experience in Systems and networking, development, casino casino and gaming.

Despite his stellar track record as a problem-solving engineer, Edwin has always stood his ground when it comes to the development of Blockchain technology, NFT and Defi from the very beginning.

With a deep sense of community and tech savvy, he can support any NFT Game project from multiple angles, garnering trust among traditional game developers who are new to the blockchain world.

5.2. Investors

d.g.pals investors

D.G.Pals is mainly supported by Crypto.com Capital – Crypto.com exchange’s investment fund –  which was selected as a shortlist of 9 promising projects out of a total of more than 300 participating projects of the “Cronos Accelerator Program: Cohort 1” with funding worth $100M.

Besides, it also received support from SpartanMighty Jaxx, and FineWill Capital.

5.3. Partners

d.g.pals partners

In addition, D.G.Pals also established partnerships with PathDAO and VersaGames.

pathdao x dgp

5.4. Advisors

dgp advisors

The Advisory Board includes:

  • Kenneth Tan: Kenneth Tan is the Senior Vice President of Technology at MyLearnZone and leads the company’s Metaverse Technology Innovation & Ecosystem Team.
  • Sherwin Lee: An investor and advisor of Algorand.
  • Keith Chia: Partner Manager at DeFi Capital
  • Prominent name on the advisory board is Brendan Wong who is currently the Co-Founder and the CEO of Avocado Guild.

Brendan Wong

6. Community

  • Website: https://dgpals.io
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialdgpals
  • Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/officialdgpals
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/dgpals
  • Medium: https://medium.com/officialdgpals
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialdgpals
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DGPalsofficial
  • Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.dgpals.io

And above is all the basic information about what D.G.Pals project is. Hopefully this article will help you understand D.G.Pals and look forward to the next GameAZ articles about basic features, how to play or how to maximize profits from this project.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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