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What is Bomb Crypto game project that has caused a stir in public opinion in recent times? This is an NFT game of the Play To Earn genre, developed on Blockchain technology, in the game, players will transform into Bomb Heroes, Bombs in the Crypto community that are highly appreciated by experts for this project for its creativity and innovation. flexibility in the game. Join GameAz to learn more about Bomb Crypto.

I’m Steven – let’s learn about the game project from A – Z.

Key takeaway

  • The genre of the game with the style of play is reminiscent of the classic bomb-laying game that was once addictive for generations of 8x, 9x.
  • The game project is developed on Blockchain technology with Play-to-Earn model and NFT trend, operated on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform.
  • The rate of TGE unlocking private tokens is 5.56% for 10 months from 12/2021 – 9/2022. Together with the fact that all tokens of Team and Advisor are locked for 1 year from 10/2021, it implicitly confirms the commitment to long-term project development.
  • The main token is $BCOIN used as a reward for players when completing the Daily Quest; Stake $BCOIN to participate in governance voting; In-game payments. Stake $BCOIN to get $BCOIn.
  • Bomb Crypto was built and developed by Senspark – a game developer founded in 2011, focusing on mobile games on Android, iOS and blockchain platforms with core members with more than 10 years of experience. experience in the field of computer science and blockchain technology such as: Lam Ho – CEO, Thuan Le – Tech Consultant, Hai Hoang – Lead Developer, Khuong Pham – Lead Project Manager, Nhung Vo – Lead Marketing; with an accomplished advisory board: Eric Vuong, Thai Duong, Truong Do.
  • Being invested and connected in cooperation with nearly 20 big-name investment funds in the crypto market such as: Remitano, VNDC Ventures, Launch Zone, Kardia Ventures, CRVN Capital, Wildcat Venture, CoinF Ventures, Monihub, CoinLab, HeroFi… .

1. What is Bomb Crypto game project?

Bomb Crypto is a strategy game, with a Play-To-Earn model, developed on Blockchain technology. Players will transform into Bomb Heroes, participate in battles, adventures, and kill monsters to earn valuable equipment and items for Heroes. In addition, when participating in in-game features, players will earn BCOIN which is the main currency in the game.

what is bomb crypto

2. Bomb Crypto’s Outstandings

Currently, Bomb Crypto are available on Website, Android, and IOS to reach all users. Bom Crypto has demonstrated the convenience in the development of the game, as well as the operation of the game.

BCOIN Token are listed on many different exchanges, users can choose their favorite one to trade on.

Bomb Crypto is inspired by the 8x 9x Bomb Online, which is an accessible, easy-to-use game. Bomb Crypto has developed to optimize the user’s gaming, can profit from the game. With this condition, users can both participate in entertaining games and earn money.

Game modes in Bomb Crypto

  • Treasure Hunt: Players can place purchased NFT Heroes in the mining area. These Heroes will automatically plant bombs and destroy blocks to harvest BCOIN. Each Hero will have a different amount of energy. After running out of energy, it will fall into a resting state to recover. To improve the speed of energy recovery, players can choose to buy a house to increase the charging speed.
  • Adventure: The player chooses a hero for the adventure and destroys all the monsters in the level to win. Players can earn BCOIN by destroying blocks or killing monsters, and the game’s Boss battles can earn a variety of exciting NFT rewards.
  • Battle: This mode allows players to play against other players (PvP). In addition to having a lot of energy for heroes, players need a certain amount of BCOIN tokens to get started. They are like a bet and whoever wins gets that Bomber Coin.

3. Roadmap Bomb Crypto


  • Develop a place to buy heroes
  • Heroes stats and upgrades
  • Heroes rescue mode
  • Buy a house of Heroes
  • Treasure hunting mode


  • More market
  • Add story to the game
  • Add new interface


  • Item for home decoration
  • VIP & Staking
  • More plot more


  • More new battle modes
  • Add leaderboard


  • More diverse missions
  • Achievement Board


  • New NFT Item
  • New level
  • New PvP Map

4. Tokenomics 

4.1. Key metrics

  • Token name: Bomb Crypto
  • Ticker: BCOIN
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D
  • Token Type: Governance, Utility
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000
  • Market Cap: $5,047,887
  • Circulating Supply: 10,775,558.00 BCOIN

4.2. BCOIN Token Allocation & Schedule

  • Private Sale (6%): Lock for 1 month, pay 10% monthly
  • IDO (2%)
  • Listing Pancakeswap (1%)
  • Play To Earn (20%): Released at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021, used as a reward for players.
  • Staking Reward (20%)
  • Ecosystem Fund (6%)
  • Team (25%): Lock for 1 year, gradually open in the next 1 year
  • Advisor (3%): Lock for 1 year, gradually open in the next 1 year
  • DEX Liquidity (5%): Lock for 1 month, pay in installments of 5% per month
  • Reserves (12%).

4.3. BCOIN Token Utitlities

  • Governance: $BCOIN holders will be able to stake their tokens and participate in governance voting.
  • Payment: Players can use BCOIN Token to join the game and make payments.
  • Staking: Players will be able to stake their $BCOIN to earn rewards.

4.4. How to own BCOIN Token

Users can earn BCOIN by experiencing in-game features such as treasure hunting, adventure modes, and arenas.

In addition, BCOIN is now available on exchanges such as: LBank, PancakeSwap, MEXC, Biswap, BKex, players can buy BCOIN Token from these exchanges.

5. Backer Bomb Crypto

5.1. Team & Advisors

Lam Ho (CEO)

Obtaining a degree in Computer Science from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and years of experience in Game development, especially Mobile Game, Lam is currently the CEO. at Senspark, cum the Company’s technology and product development strategist.

Thuan Le (Tech Consultant)

Thuan is an alumnus of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, now Thuan has a master’s degree. Thuan won the national and regional championships in the programming competition when he was only 10 years old, after graduating from school Thuan has 7 years of experience as a lecturer at HCMUT in accordance with his major. Currently, Thuan is a Tech Consultant at Senspark.

Hai Hoang (Lead Developer)

Hai is currently a project developer at Senspark, a former student at Hanoi University of Architecture. Hai has 6 years of experience in the game development industry. In his career, Hai has achieved many successes, and has had the opportunity to work with foreign partners.

Khuong Pham (Lead Project Manager)

Khuong is currently the project manager at Senspark, before that he worked for VNG Corporation in the fields of: customer service, product, market, in charge of games, team leader of many games at VNG.

Nhung Vo (Lead Marketing)

Nhung is currently a Lead Marketing at Senspark, before that she had experience in Digital marketing at VTC Mobile.

5.2. Partners

Bomb Crypto’s current partner names: Remitano, VNDC Ventures, Launch Zone, Kardia Ventures, CRVN Capital, Wildcat Venture, Jade Labs, GD10, Ventures, BAS Ventures, BFRI Capital, CoinF Ventures, Astronaut, Alpha Moon Capital, Monihub, CyclicAds.

6. Community

  • Telegram: https://t.me/BombCryptoGroup_2
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BombCrypto
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/BombCryptoGame
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BombCryptoGame
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGdoNOnb71PB4MvZa9upwg/featured
  • Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bombcrypto_official?
  • Medium: https://bombcrypto.medium.com/
  • Substack: https://bombcrypto.substack.com/

Through the content shared by GameAZ, you must have grasped the detailed information about what is Bomb Crypto project? Developed by a Vietnamese publisher, right?

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