[Overview] What is beFITTER ($FIU, $HEE)?

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Fitness apps are nothing new. Just opening the app up and letting it track outdoor fitness activities won’t please health enthusiasts. Instead of just running without other purposes that makes them boring, users now have another purpose to run farther and longer thanks to a fitness app that allows them to earn money every day from their steps.

At the core of beFITTER is creating an exciting FitnessFi combined with SocialFi health ecosystem that helps users balance their lives.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn about what is beFITTER from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • beFITTER is a FitnessFi and SocialFi application that aims to build a healthy ecosystem, help users balance life, improve mental and physical health. Many activities that bring economic value to users are integrated such as Jogging, Walking, Cycling, or Swimming and Sleeping (coming soon).
  • The application can be integrated on wearable devices such as Apple Watch for users to optimize their health monitoring.
  • beFITTER has 2 tokens, $FIU and $HEE, both of which are utility tokens in the ecosystem. Particularly $FIU is both a utility token and a governance token.
  • beFITTER’s staff consists of over 40 members, and some of them have many experiences of running Iceatea Labs projects. All of them areexperienced in their fields including software development, community building and have In-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. Some typical representatives include:
  • Ba Nguyen – Co-Founder: Before co-founding beFITTER, she was the appraisal team leader of Icetea Labs, who assessed and consulted for more than 30 projects.
  • Trang Doan – Product Owner: She is a passionate mentor at Mentori which is one of top career-oriented platforms.
  • beFITTER raised $2.25 million in capital with big and reputable names in Blockchain and Crypto fields like Redkite, Icetea Labs, GameFi, DAO Maker, Bybit, Huobi, and Gate.io.

1. What is beFITTER?

beFITTER is a Web3 FitnessFi and SocialFi app that aims to build a health ecosystem that helps users balance their lives.

beFITTER’s aspiration is not to encourage users to run continuously for the purpose of earning money like previous “Move-to-Earn” projects. The most important goal of beFITTER is to create a balanced ecosystem that promotes physical health through proper exercise and rest. Almost all of a user’s daily activities are tracked and rewarded, even while sleeping.

beFITTER also aims to encourage millions of people to have healthier lifestyles, fight against climate change and connect to Web3. In the long run, beFITTER aspires to become a completely new Web3 brand based on user needs.

Users need to be equipped with NFT Shoes to get paid when they walk, run, cycle, and participate in challenging activities with other users. However, if not equipped with shoes, users can still run like other health apps but cannot earn income.

What is befitter

2. Highlights of beFITTER

  • Powered by Icetea Labs, beFITTER is a web3 app of FitnessFi and SocialFi that aims to create an appealing healthy lifestyle.
  • What is beFITTER? beFITTER is a web3 application that is improved and adapted from its predecessors in the same “Move-to-Earn” field.
  • beFITTER is where health comes first and all fitness activities are performed and encouraged by the monetization system. Users will have their NFT shoe collection at beFITTER. Each is uniquely designed and created by using blockchain technology. For example, users can wear NFT shoes to walk down the street to buy a cup of coffee, take short steps across the street, run, or cycle every morning. All have built-in monetization features. To put it simply, every daily fitness activity counts in beFITTER.
  • beFITTER is also a platform for collectors who sell or lend shoes. They can even customize their own unique shoes to sell as NFTs.
  • Many activities that bring economic value to users are integrated such as Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, and Sleeping.
  • The application can be integrated on wearable devices such as Apple Watch for users to optimize their health monitoring.
  • Rental system includes Fixed rent and Profit sharing.
  • There are lots of fun elements in the game. E.g. Virtual Pets act as a companion for players to practice with.
  • SocialFi is not only for athletes but also for anyone who cares about their health.
  • beFITTER users will receive monetary incentives for completing healthy activities, or when participating in challenges with others.
  • Move & Earn system includes equipping NFT shoes and moving outdoors to receive Tokens in beFITTER.

3. Roadmap beFITTER

Early 2022

  • Idea and Project Concept
  • Form core teams includes Art, Business Analysts, Engineers, Business and Developers

May 2022

  • Fundraising
  • NFTs Airdrop Campaign

June 2022

  • Launch Testnet
  • Coop with All-in-one Discovery Gaming Hub

Q3 / 2022

  • IDO & Token Listing
  • Launch Staking feature
  • Launch Mainnet Ver1
  • Release Renting system
  • In-app system optimization
  • Co-branding Partnerships

Q4 / 2022

  • Launch Mainnet Ver2
  • Wearable device supporting sleeping
  • In-app system optimization
  • Launch promotional events

Q1 / 2023

  • Wearables supporting swimming activities
  • Health Analysis System
  • In-app system optimization

Q2 / 2023

  • Training Plan
  • Launch Marathon and Triathlon events
  • In-app system optimization

4. Tokennomics

4.1. Key metrics $FIU

  • Token Name: beFITTER Token
  • Ticker: FIU
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP – 20
  • Contract: 0xef7d50069406a2f5a53806f7250a6c0f17ad9dcd
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Maximum total supply: 1,000,000,000 FIU
  • Current circulating supply: 47,498,130 (Updated on July 22, 2022)

4.2. Token Allocation & Vesting Schedule

4.3. Utilities and how to earn $FIU + $HEE Token

$HEE (Health Token) is a utility token.

$FIU (Social Token) is both a utility token and a governance token.

Utilities and how to earn $FIU

  • Joining the challenge
  • Staking/ Yield Farming
  • Leveling up NFT shoes up to certain levels
  • Minting NFTs
  • Governance
  • Paying a commission in the Renting Feature.
  • Paying for some in-app purchases.
  • $FIU can be earned through Pet mode, Winning Challenges, and Staking/Yield Farming.

Utilities and how to earn $HEE

  • Upgrading NFT shoes
  • Repairing NFT shoes
  • Acting as transaction fees
  • Mintig NFT
  • $HEE can be earned through in-game modes.

5. Backer

5.1. Team

The core team of beFITTER is working hard every day and every hour with the ambition to take the project to the next level. With the extensive experience and expertise of the development team, beFITTER is expected to become the hottest “Move-to-Earn” game on the global blockchain market. Here are the typical representatives:

  • Ba Nguyen – Co-Founder: has previous experience working for notable and prestigious blockchain projects such as PolkaFoundryRed Kite Launchpad, and GameFi.org. Prior to co-founding beFITTER, she was the leader of the appraisal team for Icetea Labs, who accessed and advised on over 30 projects.
  • Trang Doan – Product Owner: with 8 years of experience in large-scale software development, she is a passionate mentor at Mentori which is one of top career-oriented platforms.
  • Thai Trieu – Art Director: Thai has 9 years of experience in the game industry as a concept artist and illustrator. He is also a crypto and NFT enthusiast.
  • Ha Nguyen – Head of Development: He has more than 10 years of experience in developing financial and educational applications with 1 year working in the blockchain industry. He also has outstanding skills in team management and leadership.

With available potential and strong force, beFITTER promises to bring users satisfied experiences with smart applications that help them to earn money from daily activities.

5.2. Advisors

  • Thi Truong: is the founder of Icetea Labs which is a company behind Red Kite Launchpad and GameFi.org. He is also the incubator, advisor, or investor of several blockchain projects such as Faraland, NFTrade, and The Unfettered. Before founding Icetea Labs, Thi worked for Kyber Network and FPT Software.
  • Hatu Sheikh: is the co-founder, chief marketing and strategy officer of Dao Maker. He defines himself as an analyst with the business intuition necessary to analyze growth opportunities. Prior to co-founding Dao Maker, he had years of experience in analytical roles, marketing, management, and entrepreneurial venture.

5.3. Ambassadors & Inspirers

  • Ntando Mahlangu – Brand Ambassador: is a South African Paralympic athlete. Despite being bullied for his disability in his childhood, Ntando Mahlangu has stood up for himself and has become an international symbol when he has consistently won various medals throughout his sports career. His achievements include 2 gold medals at the 2020 Summer Paralympics, 1 silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics, and 2 medals at the World Para Athletics Championships.
  • Femita Ayanbeku is an American Paralympic athlete. Her achievements include 1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games and 1 bronze medal at the World Para Athletics Championships.

With the selection of Brand Ambassador and Inspirer as 2 athletes with physical disabilities, but with extraordinary energy to overcome and achieve many outstanding personal achievements, beFITTER hopes to inspire the community with a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically.

5.4. Backers & Partners

6. Community

  • Website: https://befitter.io
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/beFITTER_io
  • Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/befitter_official
  • Telegram Community: https://t.me/befitter_chat
  • Vietnamese Community: https://t.me/befitter_vietnam
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/hSfajgQkzh
  • Medium: https://medium.com/@beFITTER
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beFITTER.io
  • Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331349062470949
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHlMEIroTPlHS6fukq5pyw
  • Substack: https://substack.com/profile/91558711-befitter
  • Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.befitter.io

Hopefully, through the above article, readers have had the most general information about what is beFITTER project. Stay tuned for the next article on “BeFITTER Basic Features” on GameAZ to gain more knowledge about this game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest

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