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In the 2nd Series of Orbitau’s basic features, GameAZ will continue to analyze in detail about Orbitau game mode, specifically about: PvE, PvP, Infinity Tower, Idle to Earn game modes to give you more information to make money from this game.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z about the gameplay mechanics of the game!

Key Takeaways:

  • Orbitau gives players turn-based gameplay in game modes: PvE Story, PvP, Infinity Tower and especially the new Idle to Earn game mode.
  • PvE mode includes 6 Chapters that challenge the player: 5 Lords Chapters and 1 King Chapters arranged with increasing difficulty levels including Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell.
  • PvP mode is where players match up and fight other players.
  • Infinity Tower Mode challenges the heroes of your team with increasing difficulty of each level; passing each level brings valuable rewards.
  • Idle to Earn mode is suitable for players who have little free time but can still earn extra income while playing entertaining games without performing any controls.


1. Orbitau PvE – PvE Story Mode

PvE Mode is known as Story Mode. Coming to PvE mode, players will be able to conquer Legendary Bosses of each Element of Life and understand the plot of the game.

PvE includes 6 Chapters to challenge players: 5 Lords Chapters and 1 King Chapters arranged with increasing difficulty levels including Easy, Normal, Hard, andHell.

Each Chapters is divided into 10 Stages; in stage 10, players will fight against Boss.

pve mode

Every time you conquer 1 Stage, you will be rated from 1 to 3 Stars.

pve match evaluation results

The more Stars you earn, the more bonuses you will receive from the Reward Box located at the bottom right corner of the Chapters interface.

earn stars to get more bonuses

To get through the Stages you are stuck in, you can replay the previous Stages to accumulate items and upgrade the Orbitau heroes in your team for higher power.


  • Winning each Stage, players can get SoulStone and $uORI.


  • From $uORI, players can freely choose to change to $ORI to upgrade hero power, or exchange for $TAUM.
  • The $ORI ⇔ $TAUM swap rate is 7:1.
  • $TAUM after swapped can be obtained in the player’s wallet.

taum after being swapped

2. PvP Leaderboard Beta Mode

pvp mode

The next Orbitau game mode that you need to know is PvP mode. This is a new mode launched in the Beta version at the beginning of July, organized by each Season announced by the game publisher. Coming to PvP players can:

  • Set up an offensive Orbitau hero lineup – Fight directly with other players’ Orbitau hero lineups
  • Set up a defensive Orbitau hero lineup – Increases team’s resistance to damage when countering the opponent’s lineup
  • Search random matches to find other players and start a battle.
  • Players will not be limited in energy when participating in battles in this PvP Beta mode.
  • Every day, each player’s account will have the right to search and match 10 matches with the opponent. Based on the number of wins, the TOP players will be listed on the Leaderboard and receive real value rewards.

match match pvp

Time: from 4:00 p.m. (UTC +7) on July 8, 2022 to 4:00 p.m. on July 18, 2022

Prizes: The rewards will have practical value and are divided according to each player’s rank achieved on the leaderboard including: USDT; $ORI; SoulStones Level 4.5

There will be 100 random rewards for the lucky players in the top 101 – 1000; each gets 1 POSM gift (random gift from Orbitau publisher) or 10 USDT for players not living in Vietnam.

pvp rewards

3. Infinity Tower Mode

This is an extremely interesting game mode in Orbitau that aims to challenge the strength of the heroes in the player’s team with the difficulty of each floor increasing gradually; passing each floor brings valuable rewards.

3.1. Game rules

The player must destroy all monsters on each Floor, and is limited to a certain number of hits. If the player is not able to destroy all the monsters at the end of the allowed number of turns, the player will lose the game.

You will start from Level 1 and try to win to enter the next Levels. When failing to pass a Level, the user cannot join the higher Levels.

Rules of playing infinity tower mode

Before you start conquering each Level in the Tower, you need to choose a lineup of Orbitau heroes for your battles.

choose squad

After the battle of a Level is over, you may see options to continue to the next Level (if won) or play the Level again (if lost).

infinity tower mode rewards

3.2. Some notes

  • When you lose, your energy will not be deducted
  • The level with a high Boss Level will have a prominent frame that is different from the rest and is usually on the 5th – 10th – 15th -…

a few notes

  • In each Level, information about monsters and rewards will be displayed.

a few notes 2

  • In this challenge, replaying a Level, players can’t get additional rewards (unlike replaying PvE, players still get SoulStone)
  • You can reset the progress beyond the Level at any time once/month, but you cannot accumulate the number of resets for the next month if you “forgot” last month and did not use the reset function.

a few notes 3

  • The more you climb to the Higher Levels in the Infinity Tower, the more valuable rewards you will receive to strengthen your Orbitau hero lineup.

4. Idle-to-Earn Mode

idle mode

It can be said that this mode is suitable for players who both want to play entertaining games, and can earn extra income without losing time.

Orbitau’s Idle-To-Earn game mode will help you earn more without taking any controls.

4.1 Game Rules

You need to have up to 5 Orbitau Heroes and put them in Idle to Earn mode. Keeping the Hero in that mode, after a period of time you will get a reward of $uORI. The longer you keep the Hero in it, the more $uORI you will get.

Each day 1 player’s account is only allowed to “Earn” up to 10,000 $uORI from this mode.

4.2 How to join

Step 1: Click the Idle to Earn button

how to enter idle mode step 1

Step 2: Click the plus button to add heroes

how to enter idle mode step 2

Step 3: Select the heroes you want to put in Idle to Earn mode, then click “Confirm” (The $uORI you can earn in Idle to Earn mode will be updated hourly)

how to enter idle mode step 3

Step 4: Click “Claim” when you want to get $uORI. At the bottom left of the Idle to Earn interface is detailed information including:

  • Amount of $uORI remaining
  • Total Mining Capacity $uORI
  • Mining capacity of Orbitau lineup you add
  • Mining ROI calculated $uORI = $uORI / min

how to enter idle mode step 4

After the series of 2 detailed analyses of the basic features of the game including the character system and Orbitau game mode provided by GameAZ, we can see that this is a turn-based game with many modes, in which The Idle to Earn mode helps players still increase profits without control actions. Hopefully, through these articles, you have been able to grasp the outstanding features of the game Orbitau of the Taureum ecosystem.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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