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With the basic information about Metabot in the previous article, the next content GameAZ experts will bring you all the information you need to know about NFT items including: Rare Levels; Weapon/Armor System; GateGame’s Robot upgrade mechanism and Pylon/Personnel System are integrated into Metabot to provide you with basic knowledge from this game.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn the NFT item system from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Robots are divided into 5 Rarity Levels: Uncommon, Common, Rare, Mythic, Legendary. The different Rarity Levels will determine the number of Weapons, Equipment, Pylons and Personnel Slots that Robot can equip to increase stats.
  • Each Weapon/Armor equipped to the Robot will help add Speed, HP, DMG stats and have Passive Effects for Skills that increase the % chance of winning the battle.
  • To increase the power, the stats for the Robot player can upgrade Weapons/Armor by using upgrade materials and the combination of equipping Pylon/Personnel will help increase profit, activating the second forth Skill of Robots.

1. Robot Rarity Levels

There are 5 types of Metabot Rarity Levels: Uncommon, Common, Rare, Mythic, Legendary.

Robot Rarity Levels

  • Uncommon: is the most basic Rarity Rank, have the fewest Weapon/Armor slots, and have no Pylon equipment.
  • Common: is a normal Rarity Rank; the number of Slots for equipping is similar to Uncommon. But Common Metabot has slightly better Speed, Health, and DMG than Uncommon by about 3%.
  • Rare: Rare Metabot has 2 Weapon Equip Slots, 1 Armor Slot, and 1 Pylon Slot. Rare Metabot possesses Speed, Health, and DMG similar to Common.
  • Mythic: There are 3 Weapon Slots, 1 Armor Slot, 1 Pylon Slot, and 1 Personnel Slot. Mythic Metabot has about 5-7% higher Speed, Health, and DMG than Common/Rare.
  • Legendary: There are 2 Slots for equipping Weapons, 1 Armor Slot, 1 Pylon  Slot, and 2 Personnel Slots. Legendary Metabot possesses Speed, Health, and DMG similar to Mythic.

The publisher builds the power of the Metabots based on the player’s skills as the focus, so the appearance of the Legendary Robots will not be so important so as to turn the game totally; however the publisher focuses on that enough to show clearly a higher Rarity Rank is stronger than a Low Level.

Players can Upgrade Level for their Metabots by playing, leveling up, and receiving upgrade chips. Another way to quickly Upgrade Level is to directly buy those Upgrade Chips on GateGame Marketplace with $MTD.

The stats and the power disparity are too big to be commented on by the gamers themselves during the game play, which will be continuously recognized and rebalanced by the publisher.

2. Robot Equipment

2.1. Weapons

Robot Stats

  • Depending on the Metabot’s Rarity Rank, it is possible to equip 1 or 2 Weapons.
  • Each Weapon will increase the Robot’s DMG by number (eg +5 DMG) or by % (eg +5% DMG).
  • Some special Weapons can change bullet shape, bullet color (In case that Metabot equips both Weapon and Pylon, Pylon effect will be preferred).

Passive Effect – Passive Effect

Some Special Weapons will have a Passive Effect related to the “shooting” action; for example, having a percentage of firing 2 or 3 bullets at the same time, or increasing the rate of fire.

2.2. Armor

Robot’s Armor Stats

Each Metabot can only equip a maximum of 1 Armor Slot.

Armor will increase the Robot’s HP by number (eg +5 HP) or by % (eg +5% HP).

Some Special Armor can be displayed on the equipped Robot.

Passive Effect – Passive Effect

Some Special Armor will have an associated Passive Effect when Metabot takes damage. Example: Reflects % DMG, or % shoots lightning when hit.

3. Pylon

Pylon is GateGame’s Global NFT system. Equipping Pylon will help players get special upgrades in gameplay, increase the ability to “Earn” as well as add stats for Robot.

Robot Stats

Each Pylon can increase the Speed, DMG, HP of the Robot by 1 % (the higher the level of the Pylon, the larger this number is). Since Pylon’s usage is increased by %, Pylon will always be worth no matter how the Metabot has been Leveled up.

Passive Effect:  a few special Pylons can change Metabot’s effects techniques.


For example:

  • Fire Pylon: Deals large area DMG (AOE) to robots standing close to each other or near bullets will take damage.
  • Lightning Pylon: Has 15% lightning shock that spreads to enemies.
  • Dark Matter Pylon: Has 15% to fire 2 bullets at the same time (Crit x2).
  • Ice Pylon: Has the effect of Slowing down the opponent.

Skin: A very special Pylon that allows the player to change the robot’s form.


  • Pylon  Equipment will increase the ability and number of rewards the player receives.
  • The higher the level of Pylon, the greater the % increase.
  • Some very special Pylons will allow the player the ability to earn the highest level rewards in the game Metabot.

4. Personnel

Similar to Pylon, Personnel is GateGame’s global NFT system. Each Metabot can equip up to 2 Personnels depending on that Metabot’s Rarity Level. Equipping Personnel will help players get special gameplay upgrades.


Bonus Stats: Similar to Pylon, each Personnel can increase the Robot’s Speed, DMG, HP by %, but the number will be significantly less than Pylon’s by 1.

Exp Plus:

  • Personnel equipped when participating in battle will receive more Exp to level up.
  • Once Leveled up, Personnel can increase stats not only for the game Metabot but also for other games in the GateGame Metaverse.

Passive Skills:

  • Special Personnel can have special Skills and will be added to Metabot’s 4th Skill Slot.
  • These skills won’t have as big of an effect as Metabot’s original skills, but will still be very useful.
  • When there are 2 Personnel equipped, the Skill of Personnel will only be used in the Captain position (first Personel on the left).

passive skill

Only Personnel in position 1 (Captain) have additional effects on Metabot’s Skill 4

5. Robot Upgrade Mechanism

The NFTs in Metabot players can buy:

  • NFT Pylon
  • NFT Personnel
  • NFT Weapons and Armor
  • Special NFT Items
  • Upgrade Chip – allows players to Level Up their Metabot
  • Gun/Armor Upgrade – allows player to Level Up Gun/Armor equipment
  • Rare Materials – Can appear when farming bots, or used to reward special quests that take a long time

To upgrade Metabot and Equipment (Guns, Armor – Pylon and Personnel are not upgradeable), players need:

  • Materials for upgrades (Upgrade Chip for Metabot; Gun/Armor Upgrade for Guns, Armor)

  • NFT (Metabot/Gun/Armor)
  • Rare Materials (Optional)
  • $MTD token

When performing an upgrade, there will be “Fail”, “Crit”, “New” rates:

  • Fail means the main NFT remains, but upgrade materials, $MTD token will be lost. If there are rare materials when upgrading, it will never “Fail”.
  • Crit means upgrading beyond level, or getting higher stats than usual. For example: Uncommon=> Rare, or instead of +5% HP will be +7% HP.
  • New means it will be upgraded to rare and high-level items. “New” only happens when there are rare materials..

So we have just finished learning all the necessary information about the NFT items in Metabot. Based on the information provided by GameAZ above, hopefully you have been able to choose Weapons/Armor as well as Pylon/Personnel suits his taste for battles in Metabot.

In the next article, GameAZ will introduce you to the Robot System, Game Modes, and Quest System in Metabot. Follow GameAZ to read the next article that promises to be extremely interesting!

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