[101] GaliXCity: NFT Lands and Resources

by Trung

As we have also learned the basic information of GaliXCity game from previous articles, GaliXCity aims to become a Play With Earn game, so NFT items will be optimized for usability in the game. Besides the NFT Heroes that are the most important thing to have to play the game, gamers also need to know about 2 other NFT items that also help us earn, namely Land and Resource.

I’m Harry from GameAZ, I will bring you detailed information about the NFT Land and Resource integrated in the game so that you can understand their benefits in terms of profits when participating in the game!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 4 main types of resources in the game: Crystals, Metals, Fuel, and Electricity. They can be converted into NFTs and traded on the Marketplace for a profit.
  • The GaliXCity World will be divided into different Lands, with a total of 88 x 88 = 7744 Land, each Land has a size of 4×4 Land plots corresponding to a maximum capacity of 16 Cities. Land is an NFT that represents the player’s ownership of the game. Players who own Land will receive many in-game benefits as well as investments later.
  • Depending on the area and location of the Land on the world map will determine the amount of Resources as well as the default Level of that Land. The higher the level, the more Resources it produces. Players can also upgrade and develop Land to Level to increase the amount of Resources received.
  • Owning Land NFT will give players many benefits of a large amount of Resources, the ability to Earn $NEMO passively and have the right to own Mystery House => a place that allows players to Summon / Recruit NFT Heroes. You can trade on the marketplace and make a profit.

1. NFT Resources:

NFT Resources

GaliXCity is a PWE (Play With Earn) game that gives players many opportunities to monetize their gaming time. One of the key tricks here is being able to convert resources into NFTs.

There are 4 main types of resources in the game: Crystals, Metals, Fuels, and Electricity.

Crystals : Metals : Fuel : Electricity

Once you have accumulated enough of these resources, you can convert them into ERC-721 standard NFT items to trade in the Market. The content of the NFTs package allowed by the system includes:

  • 500,000 resource units.
  • 1,000,000 resource units
  • units 2,000,000 resource units.
  • 3,000,000resource units.
  • 4,000,000 resource units.

2. NFT Lands

NFT Lands

LAND is a tokenized real estate (ERC-721) standard and the building block of the GaliX Universe.

The GaliXCity World will be divided into different Lands, with a total of 88 x 88 = 7744 Land, each Land has a size of 4×4 Land plots corresponding to a maximum capacity of 16 Cities:

  • Level 1: 2560 Lands
  • Level 2: 2048 Lands
  • Level 3: 1536 Lands
  • Level 4: 1024 Lands
  • Level 5: 512 Lands
  • Level 6: 64 Lands

Land is an NFT that represents the player’s ownership of the game. Players who own Land will receive many in-game benefits as well as investments later.

All current Land related operations will be done through the Web: https://marketplace.galixcity.io/land_portal

Note: Land will be released gradually according to the size of the GaliXCity community. Land will be released through INO/IGO rounds on the Gamefi platform. In the first version, only 500 pieces of Lands will be unlocked.

2.1. Some characteristics of Lands:

  • Ownership: The player who owns 1 Land means owns 1 coordinate area on the map, in ALL SERVER.
  • Each person can own many different
  • Lands can be upgraded and resource benefits will be increased: Through in-game activities to be able to receive growth points to help upgrade Land. The higher the level of the land, the greater the resource spawned on the land, the higher the rare resource spawn rate.
  • The more the Land is in the center of the battlefield, the more potential it has (the higher the base level, the higher the starting benefits). Closer to the center of the Land, more quantity and better quality of resources will be spawned.

Some characteristics of Lands

Area map

  • Players who own Land will receive rewards that bring great benefits during Land development. Benefits received include:
    • Reward resources: When the resources on the Land are collected, the owner of the Land will receive a reward of 1 part of that resource.
    • Development Bonus: Owners receive NEMO based on Land’s maturity level.
    • Chance to get Hero NFT: For details see Mystery House section.
  • Only Land that has an owner will receive a maturity bonus and a fixed monthly bonus.
  • Owning Land is equivalent to owning all lands with the same coordinates in the game from all GaliXCity servers. So you not only benefit from the current value of the game, but also contribute to the construction and development of the project in the future.

2.2. Land general stats:

  • Land in the center will have a higher starting level.
  • All Lands have the ability to raise to a maximum level of 8.
  • The level of the Lands near each other will affect the resource spawn in the game.
  • The higher the level of Land, the greater the amount of rewards received.

2.3. Land planning, units on the map:

  • World area is 352×352 = 123904 Land plot.
  • Land: Each Land has an area of ​​4×4 = 16 Land plots => The world map will have 123904/16 = 7744 Land.
  • Position Unit: Each Pos has an area of ​​16×16 Land plots => Each Post has 16 Land => World map has 7744/16 = 484 Position Unit.
  • Zone Unit: Each ZoneUnit has an area of ​​32×32 Land plots => Includes 4 Pos corresponding to 64 Land => World map has 484/4 = 121 Zone Units.

Land planning, units on the map

2.4. Evolve and Upgrade Land:

Each Land shard when spawned will have a default Level:

  • Depending on the location, the initialization level of the Land is specified.
  • Land near the center has a higher default level, the highest default level a Land can reach is 6.
  • All Lands can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 8.
  • Based on the average Level of the Lands close together will produce resources corresponding to that Level.
  • To level up Land requires 2 types of resources: Active Points and $NEMO. The higher the level, the more resources are needed.
  • Cities that are active on the Land for 1 day will generate a certain amount of Active Points. This point will be calculated and added to Land every day.
  • $NEMO can be obtained through participating in PvP, PvE, AvA activities in the game or buying $NEMO through Blockchain trading platforms.

2.5. How to determine the location of Land on the map:

Determine the location of Land based on the Name index in the Land information interface

How to determine the location of Land on the map

land parameter

For example: Land #804 has a Name index of Land Level 2 044036.

  • The sequence of numbers 044036 corresponds to the coordinates (X:044, Y:036) on the in-game map
  • The area of ​​Land #804 will be calculated as follows:
    • From the coordinates (X:044, Y:036) count to the right 4 cells is the width of the Land
    • From coordinates (X:044, Y:036) counted above 4 cells is the height of Land

=> Land area #804 is calculated as 16 land cells containing

land area

2.6. Mystery House:

  • Hero NFT is an extremely rare and valuable item in GaliXCity. Heroes possess special powers depending on the race, playing an important role in marching – conquest and easily turning the battle situation. Only the Land owner can own the Mystery House mechanism, which allows the summoning of NFT Heroes.
  • Land’s level will affect Mystery House’s level. The greater the total level of Land the player owns, the higher the level of Mystery House. When the total Level of Land in the wallet reaches the milestone, it will unlock Mystery House: The only place to receive Hero NFT.
  • The higher the level of Mystery House, the greater the chance of Summoning a rare Hero, the maximum a Mystery House can achieve is Level 10.

Mystery House

  • Summoning an NFT hero here costs $NEMO. After each hero Summon, Mystery House needs time to rest. This break time will depend on the Mystery House’s level.
  • The minted Hero NFT will be transferred to the Metamask Wallet, stored in the Inventory in the Marketplace.

2.6.1. Level Up Mystery House 

The system will calculate the level of Mystery House based on the total level of Land that the Land owner owns

Example: Land owner owns 2 Lands

  • #1234: Level 6
  • Land #1235: Level 4

=> Total level Land = 6 + 4 = 10

=> Mystery House Level = 9

The higher the total Land level, the greater the level of Mystery House, the more benefits

When the total Land level changes, the Mastery House level will also change accordingly. Mystery House level is based on total level Land

Mystery House Level

Total Land Level





















2.6.2. Summon Heroes 

  • The player needs to spend $NEMO to summon a Hero
  • The basic summoning fee is: 18 $NEMO/ turn
  • Base Cooldown duration: 24 hours / turn
  • Mystery House has a higher level, the Cooldown time is reduce.

Summoning time table

Mystery House

Countdown time (hours)

Maximum number of summons/month

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



Hero acceptance rate will be displayed right at the

Hero pick up rate

2.7 Benefits of developing Land:

Benefits of developing Land

Let’s see the benefits we can get from developing Land:

  • Active Points – Active Points: High Land Level will produce rich and valuable resources ( CrystalMines, Metal Mines, Fuel Mines, Power Mines, Monsters…) => Attract more cities and crowded Alliances to your Land => Create more Activity Points/day.
  • Revenue from NFTs Resources: Land owners will daily receive 1% more revenue from NFTs Resources spawned in their Land.
  • Mystery House: Mystery House can be built on Land. After a period of time, the Land Owner can use $NEMO as a fee to generate 1 random Hero NFT.

2.8. Benefits of owning Land NFT to receive Resource and $NEMO rewards:

2.8.1. Resource Reward

  • Land owners will receive 5% of the resources collected on that Land. Only the resources collected in the Resource Mines on the Map are counted, not counting the resources received when fighting monsters, attacking other players.
  • Land owners will receive an additional 1% of resource revenue from Land players mining resources in their cities.
  • Resource rewards will be accumulated every 24 hours, owners can accumulate and mint resources at any time.

2.8.2. Development Bonus:

  • 5% of the project’s NEMO revenue will be added to the bonus fund for the land and then divided among the Land owners.
  • Total NEMO revenue is calculated as the total amount of NEMO that all users have spent on all servers.
  • The amount of NEMO received is based on the amount of Growth Points that Land accumulates. The higher the Growth Score + the higher the land level, the more NEMO rewards you will receive.
Formula for calculating development bonus of Land Development

Bonus = (REV 12 hours ago x Land Reward Ratio x Land’s Dev Point)/ All Land DevPoint


  • REV 12 hours ago: Total amount of NEMO spent is summed up every 12 hours
  • Ratio Land reward: The ratio of NEMO in revenue taken as Land Reward
  • Land’s Dev Point: The growth points that each Land accumulates up to the time of awarding
  • All Land Dev Point: The growth points of all Lands on the map at the total timethe


Land #1234 has accumulated 400,000 Dev Points

Previous 12-hour total spending is 1,000,000 NEMO, assuming the total Growth Points of all Lands is 1,000,000,000

=> Land Development Bonus #1234: (400,000 x 5 % x 1,000,000)/1,000,000,000 = 20 NEMO

Rules of Bonus Distribution:
  • Rewards are distributed every 12 hours (0:00 UTC+7 and 12:00 UTC+7).
  • Rewards if not received will continue to accumulate through bonus rounds.

So we have gone through the most basic information about NFT  Land and NFT Resource of GaliXCity. Stay tuned for the next articles to learn how to play as well as how to make money from this game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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