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To be able to increase the “Earn” profit with the Stellaverse game of GateGame Metaverse, you need to grasp the basic knowledge of NFT items. In the previous article, we learned about the 3 most important items to be able to participate in Stellaverse, so what are the remaining NFT items being integrated in Stellaverse? What specific benefits do they bring to gamers?

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A-Z together!

Key Takeaways:

  • In addition to the 3 NFT items in the previous article, there are other NFT items that also play an important role in Stellaverse such as: Blueprint; Equipment (Weapon, Shield, Armor, Engine); Fragments; Drones; Construction diagram; Collection of NFT images and especially indispensable Pylon – Global NFT of GateGame Metaverse.
  • Each NFT item will play multiple roles and functions in each Arena, Frontier, Factory, Dynasty game in the Stellaverse universe.
  • All of these NFT items can be earned by players throughout the game through: Completing quests or by leveling up specific levels.

1. Blueprint


Blueprint is a multi-functional NFT item in each of the different Stellaverse games:

In Stellaverse: Arena

  • Players can convert their Battleships into Blueprints for use in Frontier or for sale on the NFT market.
  • Players can earn new Blueprints during gameplay.
  • The Blueprint can be converted back into a Battleship depending on the player’s needs.

In Stellaverse: Frontier

  • Players can earn Blueprints during gameplay, or they can purchase them from the NFT Marketplace.
  • Players can use Blueprint to create other Spaceships in their fleet, then upgrade them further by dressing them up with specific Equipment.
  • Owning multiple Blueprints can be combined to create a new, more powerful Blueprint.

In Stellaverse: Factory

  • Players can create a Blueprint if they set their production Factory to “Production Doctrine”.

2. Equipment (Weapon, Shield, Armor, Engine)

Equipment in stellaverse

In Stellaverse: Arena and Stellaverse: Frontier

  • Player’s Battleship can Equip Weapons, Shields, Armor, Engines to become more powerful.
  • Equipment can be obtained during gameplay.
  • Every time a player levels up, they get new, more powerful NFT gear.
  • Equipment can also be combined with a Blueprint to create a “prototype”.

In Stellaverse: Factory

  • Equipment, tools and Weapons can be manufactured in the player’s Factory.
  • When you combine a good planet + focus on production, the result will be a higher rank NFT Equip.

In Stellaverse: Dynasty

  • Players can equip their galactic empire with construction that can be used to generate greater earning potential in the Stellaverse universe and the GateGame Metaverse ecosystem.

3. Fragment


Fragments are the core reward of factory production. Fragments can be exchanged for most other NFT items in the GateGame Metaverse universe.

If the Factory is built on a good Planet and that Planet’s production stats are mainly focused on production, then the Factory will increase productivity to produce more Fragments.

4. Drone


In Stellaverse: Arena

Any Ship controlled by the player can be equipped.

Each player’s drone will have its own specific skill. Some can help repair Battleships , while others are designed to spy on or attack enemy Battleships in the surrounding area.

In Stellaverse: Factory

Factories, materials, weapons, and more for Drones can be produced by the player’s Factory.

Good Planet + focus on production, the result will be the higher rank of Drone NFT.

5. Building Schematic

Building Schematic

In Stellaverse: Frontier

  • Players can earn a Building Diagram during gameplay.
  • A schematic that can be used to build a battle station or sell on the NFT Marketplace for a profit.

In Stellaverse: Factory

  • Players need to own a Building Plan to build a Special Premium Factory or Mining Complex.
  • Players can earn a Building Diagram during gameplay.
  • Building plans can be bought or sold on the NFT marketplace.
  • The highest level Planets can also give you a chance to get high level Building Plans.

In Stellaverse: Dynasty

  • Players will need Building Plans to build special structures such as hotels and stadiums.
  • Building plans can be earned during gameplay, or can be purchased by players in the NFT Marketplace.
  • Use Citizen to knock
  • High quality like Governor or Diplomat can offer the opportunity to own high level Building Plans.

Besides, in order to be able to build bigger and more special works such as Mining Complex, Stadium, players need to own a Certificate.

To be able to earn Certificates, players will need to send Citizens to perform missions in Factory and Dynasty.

6. NFT Image Gallery

Art NFT are NFT items that add color on the cosmic battlefield with banners and decals to convey a certain message of the owner. Since it is also an NFT, it is possible to trade on the NFT Marketplace.

Art NFTs can be earned by playing games or completing quests. Art NFT can be used in GateGame Metaverse multiplayer games.

In Stellaverse: Arena and Stellaverse: Frontier

Art NFT can be used as decal, text message, battlefield print, mock animation.

In Stellaverse: Factory and Stellaverse: Dynasty

Art NFT can be used as decal, text message.

7. Pylon


It is impossible not to mention Pylon, the NFT item system that is integrated on all games in the GateGame Metaverse ecosystem.

Pylon Network is a network of energy towers that “power up” the player, when the player equips Pylon, the Battleship will be increased in combat power with the ability to attack based on the type of Pylon equipped.

More than just upgrades, Pylon can even allow players to change the appearance (Skins) of their in-game items using the “Pylon Morph” ability.

In addition, equipping Pylon also increases the ability to “Earn” the amount of tokens and increases the chance of receiving rare NFT items.

Pylon will have different functions in each different game, for example:

In Stellaverse: Arena

Players can strengthen their Battleships with special elemental attacks based on the type of Pylon equipped.

In Stellaverse: Frontier

Increases the attack damage and attack speed of the Battleship fleet based on the type of Pylon equipped.

In Stellaverse: Factory

Players can fortify their Factory with attributes designed to increase yield reward ratio and mining speed based on the type of Pylon equipped.

In Stellaverse: Dynasty

  • Players can place a special Totem in their space station or space city on Pylon Morph.
  • Increases the player’s chances of getting a high level Citizen.
  • Increases the player’s probability of success in a mission.

We have just learned all the information about Stellaverse’s NFT equipment system, based on the information provided by GameAZ above, hopefully you have been able to choose the right items for the Battleship. as well as his Citizen for the space battles in the Stellaverse.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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