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Metastrike has all the necessary features of a modern FPS game, from Weapons, Equipment to different types of ammunition to help players freely experience many models of guns from Pistols to Shotguns.

Continuing the series of basic features in Metastrike, I am Harry from GameAZ will bring you details about the Guns that are being integrated in the game so that you can make a decision of choosing your favorite gun model as your “pet” before joining!

Key Takeaways:

  • Metastrike Marketplace is a place that allows players to buy, sell and trade NFTs in the game such as: Maps, Weapons, Other in-game items. Besides, it also integrates the Crafting feature of new Weapons and Equipment collected from the NFT Fragments in the game.
  • There are 4 types of NFT Boxes in Metastrike corresponding to the Rare Rank of Weapons/Equipment received when opening the Box: Uncommon, Silver, Gold, Diamond. Each Box will give a percentage of Weapons possessing the Number of Metal Slots to upgrade ranging from 2-6 Slots.
  • Metastrike is equipped with a massive Weapon system with a full range of 5 guns: Pistols, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Rifles and Snipers. Each type of gun will have its own stats that are suitable for the actual characteristics of that gun such as: Damage, Number of Ammo, Stability, Rate of Fire, Range of Fire.

1. NFT Marketplace

metastrike nft marketplace

Marketplace is an important part of the Metastrike ecosystem. Marketplace will create an incentive for players to build maps and bet their investment on rare items/weapons to increase the odds of winning in game modes. This is also a place that allows players to buy, sell and trade in-game NFTs such as: Maps, Weapons, Other in-game items, etc.

Not only a place to trade, players also have a space to test their creativity to create new unique weapon items. After winning the competitive modes, players will own NFT pieces, then bring them to the crafting room on Marketplace to craft Land and in-game items such as: Guns, Knives, Armor, etc.

In addition, in the official version, the publisher will integrate a “design room” – where players can freely create new weapon and equipment designs, then upload them to the website. This “room”, here will take place the votes where the community is the most impartial judges who will choose the best designs for the publisher to put them into practice in the game!

2. Details of NFT Boxes

Details of NFT Boxes

To be able to start Play-to-Earn with Metastrike, the player will need to own a Weapon that is a Gun. Guns can be obtained through direct purchase or opening an NFT Box on the Marketplace.

NFT Box is an advantageous item that gives players the opportunity to get Guns with the same number of Metal Slots (Used to Upgrade Weapons) of high value with a low initial investment, of course the risk is high % of not getting the Gun you need. The rarer the gun, the higher the initial ROI for the player.

In each NFT Box, players will receive 1 Random Gun Type with a % chance of the number of Metal Slots depending on the Rarity of the Box:

  • Uncommon Box: 100% Guns have 4-6 Metal Slots, of which: 20% of 6-Slot one, 35% of 5 Slots one, 45% of 4 Slots one.
  • Silver Box: 20% of 4-Slot one, 80% of 3-Slot one.
  • Gold Box: 30% of 2-Slot one, 70% of 1-Slot one.
  • Diamond Box: has the best Weapon stats as well as Damage, Stability and gives the highest ROI. When you open the Diamond Box, the Diamond Weapon you received will not have a Metal Slot because the Weapon has reached the maximum Level to upgrade.
  • Uncommon Knife Box: This box will provide players with 2 types of KNB  and KNA Knives with Uncommon rarity.

Players can earn NFT Box in 2 ways

3. Metastrike’s Weapons and Equipment System

Metastrike owns a variety of power-enhancing Weapons systems from Knives, Pistols, SMG Machine Guns, Shotguns, Rifles to Sniper Rifles combined with Equipment to increase defense such as: Armor, Helmets. Safety, Gloves, Shoes, etc.

3.1. Weapons

Guns are divided into 4 Rarity Levels that give different looks:

  • Uncommon: Weapons with a variety of appearances
  • Silver: Weapon with the main color being Silver
  • Gold: Weapon with the main color is Gold
  • Diamond: Weapon with the main appearance of Sparkling Diamond

Each type will have its own stats: Ammo Type, Ammunition, Strength, Range, Stability (when firing), Fire Rate and also have many different shapes / skins for players to choose “levels” for their appearance to look “cooler”.

Some of the main basic Weapons in Metastrike we can briefly list:

3.1.1 Pistol

Pistol in Metastrike includes many types of guns, currently the Alpha test is integrating 2 types: GL32 and TT34.

The Pistol has a fast rate of fire and high accuracy, but is limited in Strength, but it is a companion that plays the role of an indispensable Secondary Weapon for Gunners who specialize in using Weapons. It’s the Remote Shotgun.


Pistol GL32


Pros: Fast fire rate; The accuracy is quite good; It possesses a lot of Ammo when compared to other melee weapons.

Cons: Average destructive power; High recoil when firing; Damage diminishes when shooting ranged targets.

3.1.2. Machine gun

The Machine Gun, also known as a submachine gun, is a fully automatic firing mechanism, uses a 9mm Ammunition capable of firing 2 rounds at once and is extremely mobile. There are 2 types of Machine Guns in the current Alpha test: SMG45 and UZI33 with UZI34.

Machine gun 1Machine gun 2

Machine Gun UZI34 vs SMG45


Pros: Suitable for attacks in narrow terrain using Weapons with Close range; Possesses a fast Fire Rate and a large Ammo.

Cons: Stability when shooting is not good and Damage is not high, Shooting Range is close so it will be limited in some conditions in the battle.

3.1.3. Shotgun

Shotguns are guns with tremendous destructive power at close range. But in return they have poor accuracy and slow fire rate. If you know how to use Shotguns wisely, they will be guns that deal critical damage. There are 2 types of Shotguns: M8879 and S1897

shotgun 1shotgun 2

Shotguns S1897 vs M8879


Pros: Great damage at Close range; High Stability => Critical damage with only 1 shot.

Cons: Extremely limited Ammo; Slow Fire Rate; Only shoots best at close range, so the mobility is low.

3.1.4. Rifle


They are the most used guns, the most mobile, the most suitable in all situations on the battlefield. This is also the type of gun that Metastrike integrates with many models in the game, including: AR4, KA47, M416, FNSCAR, M16A4, KA47VAL, KA47U.

AR4 – The Rifle is known as the “Sharp Hunter”, very suitable for the Anti-Terrorist faction.

Pros: Powerful and Accurate; Best Long Range Rifle with High Fire Rate.

Cons: In terms of Damage, it can’t be compared to KA47 and the recoil when shooting is still high.


KA47 is a gun that balances Damage, Accuracy and Fire Rate. So it’s very convenient to finish off multiple enemies at once.

Pros: High base Damage; Fast Firing Speed; Finish the opponent in just a “second”.

Cons: Very high recoil when shooting and low accuracy when shooting at long range.


M416 is well-suited for both long-range and close-range attacks. The weapon is best suited for any battle situation and has a low recoil on fire.

Pros: Balance between Fire Rate, Recoil, Reload Rate.

Cons: Damage is low compared to KA47 or FNSCAR


FNSCAR is a Rifle that has an eye-catching appearance with a large stock, high Damage even for long-range shooting.

Pros: High Fire Rate; Large Ammo Quantity; High Damage at Long Range.

Cons: Poor Stability and no Critical Damage.


3.1.5. Sniper


Sniper Guns are guns with huge Damage and tremendous Armor Piercing Power.

Pros: High Damage; Kill enemies from extremely long range in a flash.

Cons: Limited Ammo; Large recoil; Slow Rate of Fire and Reload.

There are 2 types of Snipers in Metastrike: BAR99B vs KZ15


Sniper BAR99B vs KZ15

3.2. Equipment (expected to be integrated in future official versions)

Metastrike integrates many Equipment to help players increase their chances of survival in a dangerous battlefield, and there are more Accessories for players to decorate to create uniqueness for their own character.

3.2.1. Protective Equipment

Equipment that increases stamina and defense includes: Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Shoes.

  • Each type will have many different shapes and Skins for players to choose from.

  • Each type will also have 1-6 Slots to use Metal upgrade.

  • The one with 1 – 3 Metal Slots will be sold at the Metastrike Marketplace.

  • The one with 4 – 6 Metal Slots will be sold through opening the Box

3.2.2. Accessory

Include: Glasses, T-shirt, Pants……

They do not help add stats to the player’s character, just for the sake of formality, to decorate the character more beautifully.

So we have gone through the most basic information about Weapons, Equipment and Metastrike’s NFT Marketplace. In part 2 of the basic features series, we’ll take a closer look at how to upgrade items and what they can do for players in terms of gameplay and profit.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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