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The conflict between blockchains involves a struggle over the user’s perception as much as the technology itself. Users won’t remain loyal to a project or a product simply because you claim it is powerful or advanced; rather, they will only do so if it is genuinely convenient, simple, understandable, and easy to get used to.

To accomplish the aforementioned goal, COGI Chain was created with a complete ecosystem, catering to all user needs, pursuing a decentralized vision and DeFi market, and attempting to provide users with the most accessible way. And NEMO Platform is an important piece to complete the ecosystem.

The combination of COGI CHAIN  and NEMO PLATFORM with a media sponsor from GameAZ with the desire to enhance the user’s experience when accessing Blockchain and services that are integrated into the Blockchain.

1. Detail “Launching Event: COGI Chain & NEMO Platform”:

  • Location: GEM CENTER, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, DaKao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Time: November 5th, 2022 at 02:00 PM (UTC+7)

  • Watch the event livestream at ROXCE Capital Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/RoxceCapitalChannel

You will have the opportunity to hear from ROXCE Capital speakers about the project’s objectives and upcoming development plans at this event.

Project Advisor: Mr. Joe Lee

Mr. Joe Lee is a well-known figure in the Vietnamese online gaming industry and he serves as the advisor for many popular projects. With more than 20 years in the field, this will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated parts of the event.

Mr. Joe Lee will have a speech on the topic: “Current GameFi Market Situation and Next Stage Shifts”.

ROXCE Capital Representative: Mr. Henry Pham

Mr. Henry Pham is the CEO of ROXCE Capital as well as the director of many prominent projects. With 8 years working in the field of online gaming, demonstrating experience in planning, designing, developing content…, he promises to have in-depth sharing about the event’s purposes and orientations.

Mr. Henry Pham will have a speech on the topic: “An overview of COGI Chain and NEMO Platform”.

9D NFT Representative: Mr. Manh Nguyen

Mr. Manh Nguyen currently serves as the operating representative of 9D NFT – The first 3D Martial Art NFT Game in SEA. Coming from a veteran player who spent in 3 years many kinds of games, he has a clear understanding of what the community needs.

Mr. Manh Nguyen will have a speech on the topic: “Conversion from Play To Earn to Play With Earn model”.

Not only gathering excellent speakers but the event is also delighted to welcome prominent guests at the “LAUNCHING EVENT: COGI CHAIN AND NEMO PLATFORM”:

Founder and CEO of BSCStation: Mr. Scofield

With many years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mr. Scofield founded BSCStation in 2021 – one of the leading incubator hubs in the blockchain field.

He has also worked as a Deputy Director at Young Entrepreneur Start-up Incubator, an acting member of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association, established to promote startups based on Blockchain technology application in particular, and 4.0 technology in general.

AIVO Venture Representative: Mr. Remy

Mr. Remy is the AIVO Venture Representative and also the founder and general director of MLR Advisory. He holds a PhD degree in Law from the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

With his extensive background in the economic – law sector, he will undoubtedly provide the project with highly valuable advise based on the growth momentum of the Blockchain industry.

Don’t miss the speeches of experienced speakers in the field with SUPER HOT topics along with outstanding guests on November 5th!!!

2. GameAZ’s role in the event:

As a media partner of “Launch Event: COGI CHAIN & NEMO PLATFORM”GameAZ can connect and spread the event’s message to those who love the Blockchain technology, especially is GameFi. GameAZ will be the bridge to help bring the project to users more easily.

Being a media sponsor for a major Blockchain event like “Launch Event: COGI CHAIN & NEMO PLATFORM” will help GameAZ get closer to the goal set from the beginning: “Building a Game Community Ecosystem become more engaged, enthusiastic and sustainable”.

3. ROXCE Capital – Blockchain technology investment fund from Singapore:

ROXCE Capital is an investment fund established on October 20, 2021, headquartered in Singapore.

ROXCE Capital aims to create a complete ecosystem for projects, products, and services by applying Blockchain technology.

They are striving to offer consultations, support, and promotions to potential start-up teams and their technological initiatives that create breakthroughs and change for a better living, based on a sustainable financial system.

They are taking steps closer to said goals by working together to promote good governance, integrity, and accountability, addressing the underlining obstacles within market practices, structures and regulations.

ROXCE Capital offers 3 main services:


Researching new technological platforms and creating promising Entertainment Products to meet the needs of customers all over the world. Focusing on next-generation gaming trends in the near future.


With abundant financial resources and a team full of experienced advisors, we will aid, advise and support potential projects in these prioritized areas:

  • AI – Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud

  • Data Science

  • VR Metaverse

  • Next-generation gaming trends

As well as connecting your project with our vast ecosystem to increase implementation efficiency and boost brand awareness.


With integrity and responsibility, they are committed to advising, supporting, and helping build projects in a secure and economically sustainable financial system. Such a system would provide responsible long-term investment returns for the community and society as a whole.

Official information channels of ROXCE Capital:

4. GameAZ – GameFi portal from A-Z:

With practical in-game experience, the GameAZ team is proud to bring in-depth useful information about the Game project from basic knowledge to practical investment journey, to help players visualize the overall perspective of the game. Importantly, the information is about how to estimate ROI as well as tips to make money with the fastest payback. Besides, GameAZ also actively contributes to building a cohesive, enthusiastic, and sustainable GameFi community ecosystem.

  • Basic information introduction about the project, including overview information about the project, roadmap, tokenomics, and team.

  • Description of Game project features:

    • Basic Tutorial: Includes instructions for Registration, and log-in; Instructions to play experience the features, and how to make money.

    • Advanced Tutorial: Players can refer to the investment journey or real battle from the AZ team.

  • Experience and optimization: Give tips on each feature to help users optimize profits.

  • News: Summarizes hot news and announcements from Blockchain Game projects.

  • Knowledge dissemination: Coming to GameAZ’s “Knowledge” directory, players will be disseminated the knowledge they need to know from the moment they enter this market, including Terminology, Knowledge for newbies, Exchanges, Publishers, Investment Funds, and Game Guilds.

  • GameAZ brings many benefits to KOLs and game publishers when providing the following items:

    • Support content production, and write professional articles for projects published on GameAZ in both English and Vietnamese.

    • Support communication on GameAZ’s  social channels that have been built such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, etc.

    • Organize activities and programs to attract players for partner games on GameAZ.

Official GameAZ information channels:

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

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