Artyfact: New GameFi AAA Platform on Blockchain.

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A platform devoted to publishing and offering services related to GameFi is called Artyfact. The project is being developed by Unreal Engine 5 on top of the BNB Smart Chain network with the intention of giving the GameFi industry a Grade AAA experience.

Artyfact Overview | Metaverse Game

To enable users to experience Web3 games with the best graphics, quality, addictive gameplay, and the best quality while combining a new ecosystem, the development team behind this project With the model that lets players make money, playing video games is no longer mindless and boring.

NFT and Token of Artyfact

To make sure that the game uses the most recent in game development technology, Artyfact is harnessing UE5’s power. Compared to other projects, this will offer players a more realistic, detailed experience.

The Artyfact ecosystem’s primary in-game and governance token will be $ARTY. Users can participate in managing DAO tasks, earn rewards, or unlock other premium benefits by using this token to purchase game items in NFT format. To accommodate all different types of players, the game also includes multiplayer and money-making modes. Players can earn $ARTY in these PAE modes by taking out other players, and $ARTY will be awarded weekly to the top 100 players on the leaderboard.

Avatars, weapons, clothing, and other assets will all be available as NFTs in Artyfact. Players will have total control over their in-game possessions as a result, and they will always be able to trade NFTs on the Market.

In order to facilitate the transition from conventional video games to those that incorporate metaverse and Game Fi elements, Artyfact aims to become a blockchain gaming platform.

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