[Basic] My Neighbor Alice: How to Install, Connect and Basic Operation

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After the article My Neighbor Alice: Basic Features, you have also seen a variety of interesting features for players. Below, the GameAZ team will show you how to install, connect the wallet and guide the control operation in My Neighbor Alice..

I’m Steven – let’s learn from A to Z!

Key takeaway

  • Instructions for players to create an account via seed.myneighborALICE.com and install the game launch via Steam.
  • A beginner’s guide to control operations.
  • Instructions for performing the Newbie quest when starting out.

1. To create an account and log in to My Neighbor Alice

Players can use the Metamask wallet, and the Ethereum network to join My Neighbor Alice. For all information on how to use Metamask wallet and how to add it on Ethereum network, players can refer to ( here ).

First you must have a Metamask wallet account and must ensure the balance in the wallet is at least 1 ALICE token or 40 CHR tokens to buy seeds.

Step 1: You access seed.myneighborALICE.com. Then, select Seed to start creating.

Step 2: You tick the 2 squares in the picture, then select Next step until the interface as shown in Figure 5 appears and select Connect Wallet to switch to the creation interface.

my-neighbor-alice-how-to-install-connect-and-basic-operation my-neighbor-alice-how-to-install-connect-and-basic-operation

Step 3: You choose Create new account to switch to the information filling interface.


The information you need to fill in, including: account name, password and password confirmation. Then select Continue.


Step 4: The system will give you 15 secret words. You select the Save icon to download these 15 characters to your device. Note you need to keep it carefully because it will help you to log back in the wallet in case you log out of the wallet from the browser. Then you select Continue to move to the next step.


Step 5: The system will ask you to enter the correct order of 15 words that you previously downloaded to your computer, after entering, select Confirm to continue.

Step 6: Finally, select Authorize to allow the Chromia Vault wallet to connect to the game. So you have created the Chromia Vault wallet.


2. To install and launch the steam game

You need a steam account to download Alice. Download the game by:

Step 1: Add a game

Step 2: Activate a product on Steam

Step 3: Accept and agree to the terms

Step 4: Enter the key in the field to activate the product.


Step 5: Launch the game via Steam or by clicking the Alice icon on your desktop.

Hope the above information will help you to start participating in My Neighbor Alice more easily.

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