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Mones is a game built on the Avalanche network with a modern style and attractive RPG gameplay. The following article will share with you about the basic features included in this game.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

1. Hero system

Coming to the world of Mones, players will experience a game world with a huge number of characters with their own stories. They all are connected in a large plot. The image and graphics of the characters in the game are what the project team pays great attention to.

Mones creates more than 200 different heroes with different ranks from B – B + – A – S – SR with increasing strength and value.

Each Hero will level up to 30 and can be upgraded beyond the limit with Transcendence. Besides, the hero also owns star ranks according to levels from 1 to 5.

Players can own Heroes by hunting from Box Sales, participating in PvE Game mode or can be purchased on the Marketplace.

2. Attributes and Classes

Mones has 6 main attributes: Fire, Earth, Dark, Light, Water and Wind.

Each attribute will possess a different strength stats and there will be 3 types of heroes according to their characteristics, namely Hunter, Warrior, and Mage.

3. Game Modes

  • Duel Arena (PvP)

The PvP combat system is used for a duel between 2 users.

  • Two Tower (PvE)

In this mode, players will try to reach the top floor and get rewards.

  • Raid (PvE)

This is a mode where the player will fight the strongest monster world bosses.

  • The Road of Trail (PvP)

In this mode, players will need to go as far as possible and be careful in their every move.

  • Attribute Dungeons (PvE)

Players will receive evolution cores through attacking dungeons and will be randomly on weekdays.

  •  Temple of the Dead (PvE)

This is a battle against infinite enemies.

  • Material Art Arena (PvP)

This is a tournament for guilds to show off their clan power.

  • Aggression (PvP)

Invade another player’s camp for the purpose of looting goods.

Above are details about the hero system, attributes, and game modes available in Mones. Hopefully the above information will help you get an overview of this game and don’t miss out the part 2 of the Series with more attractive features from this game!

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