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When you are new to Metastrike or this is your first time experiencing an FPS genre game, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the gameplay and choice of game modes. There are many things to consider before getting involved. Join and try to find a mode that suits you best.

Some players will be interested in a tactical mode, or some players are simply looking for a low-stress, fun-focused mode….So which Metastrike game mode is the best to start with?

I’m Harry – Let’s learn the gameplay and game modes in Metastrike from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Metastrike is designed as a digital battlefield that allows you to battle friends and enemies across a range of game modes and engaging maps, integrated with Metaverse through VR technology, promoting skill and entertainment elements.
  • Metastrike has 7 Game Modes in the game, including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zombie, Conquest, CFT (Capture the Flag), Rush and Kill Confirmed. Each mode has its own uniqueness; especially Team Deathmatch mode will take players into a fierce battlefield to destroy as many opponents as possible to win for their team. Players who like tactical gameplay can try Conquest and Rush (Place Bombs) that promote the team’s solidarity.
  • There are also Clan modes and Live Tournaments that are expected to be integrated when Metastrike officially launches.

1. Metastrike Gameplay Overview

Metastrike is designed as an open-ended digital battlefield. Metastrike’s development team aims to build features in Metaverse-integrated game modes to deliver unique FPS experiences to players, where the Metastrike universe emphasizes skill, reality elements. , entertainment and most especially enhancing the Metaverse experience through VR technology. This is also considered as Metastrike’s “guidance” when focusing on creating the richest gaming experience for the ecosystem to create long-term attraction and companionship from participants, thereby building up values ​​for the community.

Metastrike lets you battle friends and enemies across a range of game modes and engaging maps, placing you at the “link” of the team – where only your skills can determine the result of the battle. The development team has learned from its predecessors like CSGO or Call of Duty to further develop familiar novel gameplay mechanics including Single Player Mode (PVE) and Multiplayer Mode (PvE & PvP).

When new players start the game, they will have to complete the Training Mode to gain access to the other game modes. Players will be rewarded (token, NFT Box) by completing it. After that, the player will create his character (for a token fee or free for the first time). Each player will have up to 3 characters and each character will have energy and will cost energy to play. Players will receive an NFT Box to open and a Common Weapon/Item to start their journey. Every day, players will have a daily quest (For example: 10 shots of Headshots; 1 time to assist in killing opponents; kill enemies with shotguns…); when completed they will receive rewards.

metastrike game mode overview

2. Basic Metastrike Game Modes

Metastrike has 7 Game Modes in the game, including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zombie, Conquest, CFT (Capture the Flag), Rush and Kill Confirmed.

2.1. Deathmatch


Deathmatch will likely be one of the first modes you get into Metastrike. Enabling multiplayer on a single map, then giving everyone the freedom to choose any weapon is a great way to get players familiar with the weapons in the game.


  • Deathmatch does not require the player to choose either the Terrorist or the Counter-Terrorist (Currently, you can only choose the Counter-Terrorist side in the Open Alpha version).
  • Once you’ve chosen the weapon that’s right for you, you’re free to hunt down the others and fight with all your might to make your name to the TOP of the leaderboard before the match ends.

Deathmatch rules

  • Similar to other modes, killing enemies will give you points; whoever kills the opponent with up to 15 kills in unlimited time will win early in the match.

With quick random respawns after you die, the mode is fast-paced and competitive, making it the perfect mode to play if you like a quick game without any complex constraints or conditions. Consider warming up before tactical Conquest matches by participating in a Deathmatch.

Reward: Winner will get $MTT tokens based on the number of opponents you have destroyed.

2.2. Team Deathmatch

Rule: Team Deathmatch matches are very similar to Deathmatch matches with a few changes.

  • The faction selection is necessary. Team Deathmatch requires the player to choose a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist faction for each team.
  • Minor differences include that you’ll have to eliminate the opposing team’s opponent as soon as possible, and the team that reaches 30 kills first wins the match.
  • Besides, sometimes in the match you will kill your teammates by mistake with the “Friendly Fire” feature that can be optionally turned on or off.

Team Deathmatch

In the future, this mode will integrate a spectator function so that they can watch the match after they die (an official version will be rolled out), and viewers can join live watching everything happen in the game for the purpose of learning skills, or simply cheering for your favorite team. This functionality includes being able to view the opposing team as well as the player’s team from both first-person and third-person perspectives.

Reward: The winning team will receive $MTT tokens based on the number of opponents your team has destroyed.

This is also the most popular game mode in the Open Alpha Event. Playing Team Deathmatch games has many benefits in terms of practicing with your friends or teammates.

To warm up yourself before important matches, consider playing Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch as the fast-paced nature of these two modes will help with your targeting and reactions.

2.3. Zombie

If you are a veteran gamer, it will probably be no stranger to Left 4 Dead – the famous zombie-killing FPS game in 2008-2010 that created a wave of zombie games later. Being placed into a city full of zombies, you and your 3 teammates must find a way to use the limited amount of ammo as well as the limited amount of weapons picked up scattered throughout the city to find a way to escape from the zombies while still preserving their lives. Players will sometimes have to confront big, strong, high HP zombies spraying poison that can make you die at any time if you are careless.

Zombie mode in Metastrike will give you the same experience and feeling as the aforementioned classic game, but this time you will play as special soldiers on duty in a city full of zombies.


  • Before each match, you will have the option to buy support items such as: Medkit Blood Box, Ammunition, etc. Certainly, it will cost a token amount to buy.
  • The match will start with a team of 3 playersafter surviving all the levels and destroying the final Boss Zombie, you and your teammates will win.
  • Depending on the Map, zombies will have different variations and waves of huge numbers of zombies.

Reward: Players will receive $MTT tokens after winning; the more zombies you kill, the more valuable the rewards.

Most especially, this mode has virtual reality integration with VR technology, which adds to the drama when you can feel the reality of survival here!


2.4. Conquest


In addition to Team Deathmatch, Metastrike is perhaps best known for its Conquest mode.


  • In Conquest, there are 3 designated areas on the map that the two teams will attempt to capture and control.
  • After a specific location is occupied by standing inside it without being destroyed for a short time, that area will begin to reward that team 1 point for every second it remains within your team’s control. You don’t have to stay in this zone once you’ve earned a point, but if another team enters the zone, they’ll be able to take it and win points for their team.
  • The more zones a team controls, the more points per second they earn, but it also becomes more difficult to defend all of those areas. When a team reaches 300 points, the team will be the winning team.

Conquest rules

2.5. CTF – Capture the Flag


This mode fits pretty well into Metastrike’s formula as the kill time is a bit longer than most other game modes.


  • First, starting at the base of two teams in Capture the Flag, there is only one flag instead of belonging to either team. It is a neutral flag that appears near the middle of the map.
  • Here, 2 teams of 5 go head-to-head in trying to capture the other team’s flag by grabbing it and running across the map to get it to your own flag position. At the same time, the other team tries to do the same with this flag, forcing both teams to play attack and defense at the same time; you can’t take the opponent’s flag point if your own flag is no longer on your base.
  • The first team placing three flags in your team’s flag position will be the winner or the team that scores the most flags in the 12-minute time limit.

CTF rules

2.6. Rush mode (Put Bomb)

Rush is one of the least popular modes in Metastrike, but that doesn’t mean you should quit through this mode because of its heavy tactical nature.


  • Like a bomb disposal mode, in this game mode, players on both sides will have to place bombs in 2 locations on the map. If those 2 bombs are detonated by the same team (Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist), that faction will win the game.
  • If within the time the bomb explodes, and the player on the opposite team clears the bomb, the game will continue.

Rush mode rules

While other modes such as Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed give players a chance to familiarize themselves with Metastrike with freestyle tactics, Rush mode provides an interesting challenge with interesting bomb disposal situations.

This is not a mode that is beneficial for training or practice purposes for players who want to get used to the initial actions.

2.7. Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed

The Kill Confirmed mode is very similar to Team Deathmatch matches with a few changes.


  • Killing enemies does not preserve your points in this mode; instead, 2 teams need to collect Name Tag to protect their team points. Your team can also keep their name tags of team members when they are destroyed by collecting them.
  • Red Name Tags are Enemy Name Tags , collecting them will give your team points. Blue Name Tags are teammates’ Name Tags , collecting them will help protect your team’s score.
  • The team that collects up to 20 Name Tags (equivalent to 20 points) in a short period of time wins the match.

Kill Confirmed rules

Unlike the other team modes, this one is much busier for players and requires more teamwork than the modes that focus on kill combat and would be a great choice for anyone looking to create the unity of a team to cooperate with.

3. Metastrike Game Modes for Guilds and Tournaments (coming soon)

3.1. Clan War (Guild Mode)

Each Clan will receive their Land from the airdrop / Public Sale / Marketplace. Each Land will have a separate function. By owning land, it will generate passive income by Farming Token. The more valuable the Land is, the more tokens the Clan earns. Clans can increase Land value by building/custom infrastructure (houses, factories, shops, etc) on Land using tokens.

Another way to get more Land is to attack other Clans. Before the match starts, each Clan will bet their Land and the winner will be entitled to claim them. Land has a lot of infrastructure that will give the team more advantage in the game by giving them more gadgets (bombs, ammo, vehicles, etc.), so the Clan should consider carefully before Land betting.

3.2. Online Live Tournaments 

Because of the rich history of FPS games like CSGO or Call of Duty, it would be a waste if Metastrike didn’t expand into eSports tournaments. This is an important aspect for future growth and helps players become united when it comes to live bonuses.

So we have just learned about all the Metastrike game modes and gameplay mechanics in the game. Based on the information provided by GameAZ above, hopefully you have gained more knowledge to understand the most about this project.

In the next article, GameAZ will introduce you to the Metastrike Marketplace and detailed information about the Weapons and Equipment used in Metastrike. Follow GameAZ to read the next article that promises to be extremely interesting!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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