[$$$] Metagear: Experience Increases Profits

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After the article [Pro] The journey of investment and payback after only 30 days , in this article I will share some tips when participating in playing Metagear to help you optimize profits when playing Metagear.

I’m Steven – let’s take a look at some tips to increase profits in Metagear!

Key takeaway:

  • Tips when participating in playing Metagear, especially informative tips about the advantages and disadvantages of big wheels and small wheels
  • Sharing experience assembling melee vehicles, long-range vehicles
  • Unique but highly effective tactical tips

1. Some tips when participating in the Game

  • When playing now, NFT items will have permanent durability. However, from NFT 250,001 onwards there will be damage calculated per NFT.
  • Vehicles with a lot of health (HP) often go with a low amount of energy (Energy) do not let high damage weapons combine with powerful special ability tools (stun, speed increase, high health increase) in contrast to low health has great energy combined with a variety of weapons
  • Sometimes your vehicle does not need to be equipped with a high-damage weapon to destroy the enemy, instead you need to assemble a vehicle with high momentum (Kinetic) and heavy mass (Mass) to push the enemy vehicle closer to the gay pulley when out of time you will win
  • Melee weapons should combine tools that are close to the enemy such as anchors that pull the enemy closer or rockets that push your vehicle closer to the enemy vehicle.
  • The way to overcome vehicles with knocking tools is to use weapons capable of attacking the enemy when upside down such as 360 guns, rabbit weapons
  • If you have a lot of capital, you should create 2 vehicles with different fighting styles such as with melee or long-range weapons to counter the opponent.
  • Wheels are a very important piece of equipment
    • Big wheel
    • Pros: Sticking to the road surface is less prone to bouncing when hit by a boom
    • Cons: High chassis is easy to tip over when meeting a vehicle with a flip hook tool
    • Trundle
    • Pros: High health, less bounce from low ground
    • Cons: Extremely slow kinetic vehicles are prone to being shot back by vehicles with special weapons, keeping a distance, making melee vehicles difficult to reach

2. Experience in assembling vehicles:

2.1 Melee vehicles

    • Advantage: High damage
    • Cons: The vehicle needs to be close to the enemy vehicle to deal damage, there are high-damage weapons, but the long cycle is easily countered by long-range guns pushing your car in reverse.
    • Chassis: Should choose low chassis with mid-range weapon placement to avoid countdown. In addition, it is possible to choose a chassis with a high energy that allows special weapon combos and tool combinations.
    • Wheel: If you choose a wheel with a lot of blood, you need to equip a pressure device, and a low-health wheel should upgrade to increase weapon damage
    • Tools: Prioritize the order of usefulness from tow hooks, attack speed boost, stun and knock up
  • Weapons:
    • It is important to note that a straight-through assault weapon combines a chassis with a mid-range weapon position and a low ground clearance. Should combine the hook tool and the wheel with a lot of blood
    • 360 weapon, should choose a tool to increase attack speed, or increase the amount of health, high speed wheel to close to the enemy

2.2 Long range vehicles

  • Chassis: depending on the characteristics of the selected weapon: 360 gun (weak damage) with a high health chassis; gun deals high damage, so choose a chassis that can be equipped with medium-range weapons and a repellant gun, choose a light-weight vehicle
  • Wheel: depending on the weapon, choose the appropriate wheel. For example, a 360 gun should ride on a wheel with a lot of blood
  • Weapons: there are a total of 3 types of guns including Laser guns, 360 guns and knockback guns
  • Tools: Laser guns deal damage over time, so they should go with attack speed tools, 360 guns combine damage boosters, knockback guns give priority to choosing attack speed or stun tools

3. Weird Tactics

  • High HP Chassis combines high damage weapons without tools
  • The chassis has 1 wheel to make it easy to overturn enemy vehicles

Hopefully the tips will be useful for you when playing Metagear. Please always follow GameAZ to regularly update your gaming experiences.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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