[FAQ] Mines Of Dalarnia: Maybe you don’t know!

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These are some of the difficult problems that gamers when playing Mines Of Dalarnia often encounter and have to find answers on their own from the game publisher.

Below GameAZ will summarize frequently asked questions along with answering questions for you when participating in playing Mines Of Dalarnia.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find Mines of Dalarnia game?

It is a mining game platform. You can find it on the website https://www.minesofdalarnia.com or at the listing in the CHROME ecosystem https://vault-testnet.chromia.com.

2. Is there any limitation in the Free-to-Play version of the game?

In the version, players will not earn the essential minerals to upgrade beyond level 3.

Free players won’t be able to mine minerals in places other than Terra and they’ll miss out on opportunities to collect special gear.

In this version, the player will not be able to place the essential minerals to create a refinery.

3. What is CHROME Vault Ecosystem?

Chrome vault is our wallet software where your keys will be kept. Chrome will support and manage your tokens. It is different from most of the other wallets that we choose and it is called Vault.

4. What types of game play can I experience?

The game is divided into 2 main types of game play:

Mini game play:

It is a mini game in 2D format so that players can control the characters and be guided through the procedures to exploit the plot levels, dig different minerals of the plot, to explore and collect different minerals of the land.

We collect minerals used for character upgrading to equip digging and character attributes.

Collecting minerals can be used to create oil fields that are required for renting a plot of real estate in the game.

In-game real estate:

As a management style interface, where players will Buy or Rent 1 Plot to dig inside it.

5. I need to register an account on CHROME Vault to play the game

Those who do not have an account on CHROME Vault can still play for free, but there will be limited features in the game.

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