[FAQ] Metagear: Maybe You Didn’t Know

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In the process of playing the game, you will surely encounter many difficult questions, but it is very difficult to find a correct answer to answer that problem. Below, the GameAZ team has compiled frequently asked questions and answers to make it easier for you to play the game.

I’m Steven – let’s answer frequently asked questions when playing Metagear!

Key Takeaways : 

  • Game development and updates based on community feedback are frequently asked questions about MetaGear.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions from players:
  • What does the team do to balance the power between NFT items?
  • What does the team do to reduce inflation to avoid depreciating NFT items?
  • What is Metagear’s Metaverse?
  • Plan to use $Gear obtained from selling Box?
  • The fact that the NFT item is too strong causes the price to push up, what will the development team do to reduce the power but not the value game so that the buyer loses?

1. What does the team do to balance the power between NFT items

Based on data through battles, weapons or tools with a win rate, the development team considers customizing the power of that NFT to create a balance in the Game.

2. What does the team do to reduce inflation to avoid devaluing NFT items?

To reduce NFT inflation in the game, our team will develop mechanisms to combine machine parts from many to one, or recycle parts that players don’t need into new high-quality parts. less than.

In addition, we plan to increase the $GEAR fee to increase the probability of success of the above 2 mechanisms => thereby reducing inflation from players plowing NFT and reducing the amount of $GEAR circulating in the market to stabilize the economy.

3. What is Metagear’s Metaverse?

Garage metaverse is a large area where players can move freely. In terms of garage size, there are different large and small garages. The garages in the central areas of the map are more modern.

There are also mini racing tournaments held for all players to earn Fanshard. Garages can be purchased and owned as land NFTs. In this metaverse, there are two types of players: Garage Owner and Car Owner. Car owners can lend parking spaces to Garage owners.

4. Plan to use $Gear obtained from selling Box?

The $Gear earned from the sale of the Box will be burned 100% by our team, all information will be updated on the game’s official pages. Besides, the team also created an event to buy winning tickers, the amount of $Gear used to buy the team ticker will also burn 100%.

5. What do the devs do to reduce the nerf but not reduce the NFT value when the price is inflated too high

The team will collect data on the win rate of that NFT item, the team will discuss with the player, then come up with a flexible way to change and choose to adjust the power reduction of that NFT item in the most reasonable way, so as not to cause the NFT item to lose its value too much.

Hopefully, the above answers from Steven from the GameAZ team will be useful for you when playing Metagear.

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