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Mangamon Metaverse is a game that combines NFT on the Fantom platform and players can completely experience the game for free.

I am Drake, here I will share with you about the game modes of this game from A to Z!

Main focus:

  • Mangamon has 3 main game modesPVE, PVE and PvP.
  • Boss Hunt: Boss will appear randomly in any land. The winner will receive a reward from the Boss; the loser only loses the participation fee.

1. PVE Free

Players will use their Obo to participate in this mode. Each different Obo level will have a different number of turns. Players can participate in this mode completely free.

Here are the participation turns corresponding to each Level of Obo:

  • Obo Level 1: 10 turns
  • Obo Level 2: 20 turns
  • Obo Level 3: 30 turns

If a player loses in PvE mode, that number of turns will remain the same until the player passes. However, when winning, the number of rewards will be significantly reduced.

2. PVE fight

Players will use one of their NFT Eggs to fight. Each different Egg level will have different turns as follows:

  • NFT Egg Level 1: 10 turns
  • NFT Egg Level 2: 20 turns
  • NFT Egg Level 3: 30 turns
  • NFT Egg Level 4: 40 turns
  • NFT Egg Level 5: 50 turns
  • NFT Egg Level 6: 60 turns

If a player loses during PvE, that turn count remains the same until the player passes. However, when winning, the number of rewards will decrease significantly.

3. PvP

Players will form a lineup of 3 Eggs from different tribes to fight other players in the game. Win/loss will be recorded on the leaderboard and player rewards at the end of the season will be based on this leaderboard.

4. Boss

Boss will appear randomly on a certain land. Players must together form a lineup of 4 members sharing the same tribe, then pay the owner of the Land that the boss appears to fight.

If you win, all 4 members will receive a reward from the boss.

If you lose, you only pay the participation fee.

Above are all the game modes of Mangamon Metaverse, hope the above information will help everyone in their investment process.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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