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Mangamon is a game that combines traditional games and NFTs. Mangamon belongs to the genre of strategy, shooting coordinates, similar to Gunny.

I’m Drake, let’s learn the features of Mangamon from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Obo is a free character gift for players when participating in Manamon; 2 Obo of the same level can be upgraded to 1 Obo with +1 level.
  • Boxes are in-game items that can be obtained when opening a Box such as: Ovum, Potion, FTM Token, $MON
  • NFT Marketplace is where players can make/sell and auction items.

1. Obo

Obo is a character as a free reward that the system will give to players when participating in Manamon. To upgrade Obo to level 2, the user must fuse 2 Obo level 1; to upgrade Obo to level 3, the user will fuse 2 Obo level 2.

These Obos can only participate in the PvE mode in the game, and cannot participate in any other modes.

Ovum will not have levels or any other characteristics; new Ovum will be hatched after 7 days.

The Egg characters in MangaMon will include 10 characters, each of which has his own Egg features, traits, and backstory. Those 10 characters are: Archer, Batman, Cowboy, Fighter, King, Night, Pirate, Samurai, Viking, Wizard.

There are 6 tribe levels, corresponding to 6 different colors:

  • Calcifer Tribe ( Red )

  • Nitonami Tribe ( Blue )

  • Akihiro Tribe ( Green )

  • Ryuu Tribe ( Yellow )

  • Markl Tribe ( Purple )

  • Nito Tribe ( Brown )

Players can only use 2 Eggs of the same color to upgrade.

These NFT Eggs can participate in all modes and features in the game and are not limited like Obo.

2. Boxes

Boxes are in-game items that can be obtained when opening a Box such as: Ovum, Potion, FTM Token, $MON. They all have different levels of probability of opening.

The price of Boxes will alternately change according to the price of MAN after being listed on the floor. The initial price will be:

  • Box lv1: $100

  • Box lv2: $200

  • Box lv3: $400

  • Box lv4: $800

3. Skill system

Each group of characters in the Game will possess different skills.

Breeding: Only native NFT eggs can be crossed and will inherit traits from their parents.

Items: The items in the game are divided into 3 types:

  • Poison

  • Egg fragment

  • Plot

  • Upgrade NFT Eggs

All Eggs can only be upgraded to 6 levels, and the player can only upgrade 2 eggs of the same color.

4. Marketplace

At Marketplace, players can buy/sell and auction items. In addition, it is possible to rent NFT Eggs to other players for profit or to share profits by percentage.

So I have deciphered all the basic features in Mangamon already.

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