[Pro] Farm Me: Journey to Breakeven After 2 Weeks

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Follow up our detailed guides of Farm Me, this article goes in depth about the investment process and how to break event I’m Steven – let’s share the real game insights from A to Z! Key Takeaways:

  • Payback in 2 weeks with a starting capital of only $170 and a high ROI of approximately 47%.
  • Best farm build with starting capital by planting onions, potatoes, planting flowers, building bridges, buying eggs and consuming eggs.
  • ROI formula through Leaderboard mode with the indicators of Rank Factor, Available Points, Total Points in the pool, Total Prizes, Investment cost to buy Box to give the highest ROI.

Trick to “Earn” through activities: Land, Hero, Cultivation, time reset to do Daily Missions..

1. Investment Process

To login to the Game, I choose to connect Metamask wallet and use Aurora Network

Week 1

I spent 170$ to buy a Rare Box to open 1 Hero and 1 Land. Start the Game with 10$ME and open the Red envelope to get 33$ME so I have 43$ME.

Because the amount of $Me is low, I can’t buy flower seeds, so I prefer to buy onion and potato seeds to match the capital. However, digging the ground has consumed a lot of energy, so the remaining energy is not enough to do daily tasks anymore.

I wait until the next day so I can harvest onions and potatoes to sell for $ME

(Note: Profit of potato: 1 $ME; onion: 2 $ME).

The initial quests I received were all basic seeds. Fortunately, after changing the mission, I received the seeds of Tulip flowers because the profit from selling the finished flowers was very large (usually over 100 $ME). After harvesting I have a certain amount of capital.

In the last days to race Top to consume $ME, I chose to build bridges, buy eggs and expand land. The result was the top 10 position with 9,000 points, because the difference in points between the Top 10 and the Top 9 is quite different, so I don’t spend $Me to save money to climb the Top next week.

At this point I have saved 3,000 $ME.

Week 2

This week, there will be a race of players consuming the most eggs. When using eggs, you will receive a little energy and 1 point.

Daily mission reset at 7 o’clock, I always watch that time to reset and complete the new task as quickly as possible. With the task of consuming eggs, every 12 hours the system will give the player an egg, and of course I also watch the time so that I don’t miss an egg.

At the end of week 2, I was in the top 2 position with a total of 624 points. In addition, you can also collect yourself Tickers to participate in the winning round, at the present time the reward you receive. will be the token $NEAR.

vong quay farm me

End result:

  • Week 1: The first week I reached the top 10 with a score of 9,000 points. My profit at that time was 5 $NEAR which equals $60 to the present value of $NEAR.
  • Week 2: In this week, with more experience to optimally use $ME to get top racing points. I got 2nd place and got 7$NEAR(~93$) from Top racing and ~30$ from Ticker spinning
  • Total I earned: 60 + 93 + 30 = 183$.

So, after 2 weeks, I got my investment back and profit was 13$ Evaluate:

  • The game depends on your hard work and a little luck
  • The game is quite fun and very addictive for those who like farm games like me, both earning money and having fun while playing.

2. How to Calculate ROI

In Farm Me, players will be placed in groups of 100 others and play together. After every 7 days, rewards will be paid to players based on Leaderboard. The higher the player’s rank, the greater the reward received. The player’s reward will be $NEAR.

The reward received will be calculated as follows: Player’s Points x Ranking Multiplier

Total of all players’ scores multiplied by the respective rank multiplier x Total Prize of the Leaderboard Here are the rewards of the players in Farm me:

Rank Ranking Multiplier
Top 1 2.5
Top 2 2.2
Top 3 1.8
Top 4- 10 1.3
Top 11- 20 1.2
Top 21-40 1.15
Top 40-60 1.1
Top 68-80 1.05
Top 80- 90 1

To make it easier to understand, I will give an example as follows:

The first week, the race ranked in terms of the amount of $ME consumed. For every 1 $ME consumed, you will receive 1 point. Hypothesis: rank # 1

Factors Quantity
(1) Ranking Multiplier 2.5
(2) Current point 5,000
(3) Total point in pool(*) 100,000
(4) Total price 200 $NEAR
(5) Receive: [(1)*(2)*(4)]/(3) 25 Near
(6) Current $Near price 10$
(7)Total $ receive: (5) * (6) 250$
(8) Initial investment to buy Box 170$
(9) ROI: [(7) – (8)]/(8) ~47%

Note: The above ROI will be affected by:

  • Your total received (5) does not include bonuses from in-game events.
  • Current $Near price (6) will fluctuate according to the market
  • (*) will be accumulated over time

The information is from real in-game investment and experience by GameAZ team, however changes and updates in Game mechanics may happen, so you need to research more to have a reasonable investment.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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